Full Highlights: Clippers 101-103 Lakers in 2020 NBA Regular Season
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12:10 AM10 days ago

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12:10 AM10 days ago

Clippers 101-103 Lakers

12:10 AM10 days ago

Lakers Win

LeBron clamps up PG13 and the Lakers win!
12:08 AM10 days ago

Q4 - 0:12

James Tip Layup Shot
12:07 AM10 days ago

Q4 - 0:28

George 3pt Shot
12:02 AM10 days ago


Kawhi Leonard, with his 4th 25-point game of the season against the Lakers, ties the Braves/Clippers franchise record shared by Terry Cummings (1982-83), World B. Free (1979-80) and Bob McAdoo (1973-74) for most 25-point games against the Lakers in a single season.
12:01 AM10 days ago

Less than a minute to go

One possession game!
12:01 AM10 days ago

Q4 - 1:26

James Driving Layup Shot
12:00 AM10 days ago

Q4 - 1:48

George 3pt Shot
11:59 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 2:09

George Driving Layup Shot
11:55 PM10 days ago


The Clippers are +13 in the 24 minutes Kawhi Leonard has played and -18 in the 13 minutes he's sat
11:49 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 4:06

Leonard 3pt Shot
11:48 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 4:59

Caruso Running Layup Shot
11:42 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 6:12

 Beverley Jump Shot
11:42 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 6:29

 Kuzma 3pt Shot
11:41 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 6:52

Beverley 3pt Shot
11:40 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 7:29

George Dunk Shot
11:40 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 7:57

Green 3pt Shot
11:39 PM10 days ago

He has 12 on 4-of-14 shooting

That is LeBron’s 989th consecutive regular season game with at least 10 points.
11:38 PM10 days ago

The King almost with a trip-doub

LeBron is having a rough night (3-13, 5 TOs) and is still nearing a triple-double: 9 pt, 9 rebs, 7 asts
11:38 PM10 days ago

The two best Lakers bench players tonight

Kuzma: 13 pts, 5 rebs, 2 asts, focused defense, +15 Waiters: 11 pts in 18 mins, +15
11:36 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 9:05

Kuzma 3pt Shot
11:33 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 9:41

 Waiters 3pt Shot
11:33 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 9:59

Beverley 3pt Shot
11:31 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 10:49

Waiters Driving Floating Bank Jump Shot
11:25 PM10 days ago

Q4 - 12:00

Last quarter of play starts!
11:25 PM10 days ago


11:24 PM10 days ago

Q3 Ends

Clippers 77-76 Lakers
11:24 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 0:47

Green 3pt Shot
11:23 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 1:23

Coffey 3pt Shot
11:23 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 1:41

Davis 3pt Shot
11:23 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 2:13

Davis 3pt Shot
11:20 PM10 days ago

Beverley mocking LeBron

11:18 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 4:21

Caruso Cutting Finger Roll Layup Shot
11:13 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 6:17

Davis Alley Oop Layup shot
11:13 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 6:54

James 3pt Shot
11:11 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 7:05

Leonard 3pt Shot
11:07 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 7:42

Zubac Cutting Dunk Shot
11:01 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 9:07

George 3pt Shot
11:01 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 9:27

George 3pt Shot
11:01 PM10 days ago

Q3 - 12:00

Second half starts!
10:38 PM10 days ago

Q2 Ends

Clippers 52-54 Lakers
10:37 PM10 days ago

Nice shot by Kawhi

10:36 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 1:22

Patterson Driving Bank Hook Shot
10:34 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 2:13

Davis Driving Dunk Shot
10:34 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 2:37

Leonard Turnaround Fadeaway shot
10:29 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 4:14

Patterson 3pt Shot
10:24 PM10 days ago

Sloppy start

Thirty total fouls in 18 minutes. Fifteen on each team. A slog.
10:23 PM10 days ago

Smart by PG13

10:20 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 7:06

Waiters Driving Layup Shot
10:19 PM10 days ago


10:19 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 7:30

 Kuzma 3pt Shot
10:12 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 9:17

Leonard 3pt Shot
10:11 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 9:57

Waiters Driving Layup Shot
10:11 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 10:10

Shamet Jump Shot
10:11 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 10:15

James Cutting Layup Shot
10:02 PM10 days ago

Q2 - 12:00

Second quarter begins!
10:02 PM10 days ago

Q1 Ends

Clippers 23-35 Lakers
9:57 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 2:14

Davis Tip Dunk Shot
9:56 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 2:49

George Driving Floating Bank Jump Shot
9:54 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 3:25

Kuzma 3pt Shot
9:52 PM10 days ago

Tough finish by AD

9:52 PM10 days ago

Nice move by Reggie

9:49 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 4:20

Green 3pt Shot
9:47 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 6:09

George Driving Layup Shot
9:46 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 6:22

McGee Cutting Dunk Shot
9:38 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 7:30

McGee Driving Floating Jump Shot
9:36 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 8:26

Jackson Driving Reverse Layup Shot
9:34 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 9:08

Davis Driving Floating Jump Shot
9:28 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 10:32

Green 3pt Shot
9:27 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 10:40

George Turnaround Fadeaway Bank Jump Shot
9:26 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 11:40

McGee Floating Jump shot
9:21 PM10 days ago

Q1 - 12:00

Game is underway!
9:20 PM10 days ago

Lakers & Clippers take a knee

9:16 PM10 days ago

Jazz defeat Pelicans in opener

9:15 PM10 days ago

Can't Miss Game

Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, Carmelo Anthony, DeMar DeRozan, among others, are in attendance for today’s Lakers vs. Clippers showdown.
9:09 PM10 days ago


9:06 PM10 days ago

Clippers 5

Reggie Jackson, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Marcus Morris and Ivica Zubac
8:57 PM10 days ago

Lakers 5

LeBron James, Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Anthony Davis and JaVale McGee.
8:57 PM10 days ago

Crazy Scenario

Clippers and Lakers meet for 4th time under circumstances and environment they never could have imagined when they last met.

The previous 3 meetings (season opener, Christmas Day and the last Sunday before hiatus) all had playoff hype and feel to it.

8:56 PM10 days ago

Social Justice Messages on Jerseys

8:37 PM10 days ago

LBJ Looking Ready

8:30 PM10 days ago

KuzControl with the BLM Movement

8:28 PM10 days ago

AD Starts

Lakers big man Anthony Davis will start tonight vs the Clippers
8:27 PM10 days ago

Man In The Arena

7:51 PM10 days ago

Patrick Beverley Will Play

'P-Bev', who was questionable to play, will appear in today's game
7:51 PM10 days ago

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on players kneeling during the anthem

“I respect our teams’ unified act of peaceful protest for social justice and under these unique circumstances will not enforce our long-standing rule requiring standing during the playing of our national anthem.”
7:50 PM10 days ago

Our live coverage begins!

We are less than an hour away from the start of the game!
11:30 PM11 days ago

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NBA Scrimmages Record

LA Clippers: 2-1 (Wins vs Magic & Wizards - Loss vs Kings)

LA Lakers: 2-1 (Wins vs Magic & Wizards - Loss vs Mavericks)

11:28 PM11 days ago

Kawhi On A Mission

Last year's NBA Finals MVP is averaging 26.9 points per game, along with 7.3 rebounds and 5 assists.

11:26 PM11 days ago

Doubleheader on TNT

The Lakers-Clippers matchup is the second game of Thursday's doubleheader, preceded by New Orleans facing Utah.

Both games will be Nationally Televised on TNT.

11:25 PM11 days ago

Getting Shots Up

The frontrunner for DPOTY got some shots up ahead of the 'seeding games' start
11:24 PM11 days ago

'AD' feels confident he'll play

Davis, who left the Los Angeles Lakers’ second scrimmage after getting poked in the eye and didn’t play in the team’s exhibition finale at Walt Disney World, told reporters he will play in the Lakers' game against the LA Clippers.

11:18 PM11 days ago

Previous Meetings

The Clippers are 2-1 against the Lakers this season and have prevailed in 25 of the last 31 matchups.

Still, back in March the Lakers pulled off a great win over Clippers at the Staples Center.

11:17 PM11 days ago

Official status report for Clippers-Lakers

-Lou Williams: Out

-Montrezl Harrell: Out

-Patrick Beverley: Out

-Anthony Davis: Questionable

-LeBron James: Probable

-Kyle Kuzma: Probable

-Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: Probable

11:15 PM11 days ago

How to watch Clippers vs Lakers Live TV and Stream

TV: TNT / NBA League Pass

Internet: VAVEL USA

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