Barnes Donates $200K To Victims Of Police Brutality
via: NBCS Kings.

Sacramento Kings Forward, Harrison Barnes is the latest NBA players to give an incredibly generously donation to charity.

In this case, Barnes and his wife Brittany are donating more than $200K to different nonprofits that were created by the families of victims of police brutality and gun violence, according to Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports.

The couple, who's been married for three years now, has been really outspoke through social media about the social injustice African-Americans go through in the United States. 

''I wanna acknowledge Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Elijah McClain and all of those who have died due to systemic racism in our country,'' Barnes said during a press conference from inside 'the bubble'. ''The opportunity to play in Orlando is a great platform to speak out on these issues.''

Just this past month, Pelicans star Jrue Holiday confirmed he would be donating the rest of this season's salary to create a social justice fund, which could be worth up to $5.3 million.