Full Highlights: Celtics 112-119 Bucks in 2020 NBA Regular Season
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Giannis Antetokounmpo 36 pts
Khris Middleton 18 pts
9:20 PMa year ago

The figure

Giannis put the pedal to the metal at the end and led the Bucks to victory
9:20 PMa year ago


Celtics 112-119 Bucks
9:17 PMa year ago

4Q .37

It came at the right time. Giannis scores a triple and the difference is already six
9:16 PMa year ago

4Q 01:03

Brown gets the foul and scores two. The difference of a single possession
9:14 PMa year ago

4Q 01:28

Giannis makes the free kick and puts the difference of three
9:11 PMa year ago

4Q 01:28

Giannis with the double, but it takes offense
9:10 PMa year ago

2Q 02:11

Theis ties it up
9:05 PMa year ago

4Q 03:39

Time out Bucks
9:02 PMa year ago

4Q 05:03

Matthwes with the triple and the Bucks already winning by five
9:00 PMa year ago

4Q 06:30

Hill with the dribble and basket to retake the lead
8:57 PMa year ago

4Q 06:49

Jayson with the triple and the Celtics turn it around
8:53 PMa year ago

4Q 08:56

Giannis in the one-on-one, don't waste it and put it
8:49 PMa year ago

4Q 09:38

Great move and Giannis nails it
8:47 PMa year ago

4Q 11:13

The first points of the Bucks were courtesy of Giannis
8:46 PMa year ago

4Q 12:00

the last quarter begins
8:43 PMa year ago

Final third quarter

Celtics 87-87 Bucks
8:42 PMa year ago

3Q .27

Lopez from the outside converts from three
8:41 PMa year ago

3Q 01:21

Giannis misses the free throws, even though a double had already been turned
8:39 PMa year ago

3Q 01:56

Smart turned it around with a triple
8:38 PMa year ago

3Q 02:32

The game is already tied at 80 points
8:37 PMa year ago

Stealing the ball

8:34 PMa year ago

3Q 03:20

Time out Bucks
8:32 PMa year ago

3Q 03:27

Lopez converts the shot and extends the gap to three
8:31 PMa year ago

3Q 05:10

Theis only makes one free kick and misses the draw
8:29 PMa year ago

3Q 05:50

Hayward scores and squeezes the difference to two
8:23 PMa year ago

3Q 07:07

Lopez is fouled and converts both free throws
8:22 PMa year ago

3Q 07:38

After several failed attempts, DiVizenzo converts three points
8:20 PMa year ago

The disappointment

Tatum records 18 minutes so far, but only three points
8:18 PMa year ago

3Q 09:34

Brown goes in alone and nails the two points
8:16 PMa year ago

3Q 10:52

Lopez's double that makes good
8:13 PMa year ago

3Q 12:00

the third quarter begins
7:58 PMa year ago

Half time

Celtics 58-64 Bucks
7:57 PMa year ago

2Q .5

Middleton adds three more points and widens the gap near halftime
7:54 PMa year ago

2Q .46

Hayward adds two points and goes to the penalty line
7:53 PMa year ago

2Q 01:12

Giannis with the shot that's good and he scores again
7:50 PMa year ago

2Q 02:49

Brown with the missing middle distance shot
7:44 PMa year ago

2Q 03:27

Strong collision in Giannis' basket, where he is lying with Smart
7:41 PMa year ago

2Q 03:47

Time out Bucks
7:37 PMa year ago

2Q 04:59

Smart got three penalty shots and scored only one
7:35 PMa year ago

2Q 05:08

Theis was fouled when she looked like a clean block
7:34 PMa year ago

2Q 05:55

Smart starts to get desperate and gives away the ball
7:31 PMa year ago

2Q 07:03

Hayward with the half turn and marks double
7:28 PMa year ago

Great plays in the first quarter

7:27 PMa year ago

2Q 08:27

Great shot by three of Giannis that makes them good
7:25 PMa year ago

2Q 09:33

DiVizenzo with the shot of three
7:24 PMa year ago

2Q 10:31

Jayson Tatum almost ties the game from the free throws
7:22 PMa year ago

2Q 10:52

Marcus Smart is fouled and scores a penalty shot
7:20 PMa year ago

start second quarter

Celtics 25-33 Bucks
7:16 PMa year ago

Final first quarter

Celtics 25-33 Bucks
7:14 PMa year ago

1Q 01:01

Korver with three more points
7:13 PMa year ago

1Q 01:42

George Hill with the penalty shots and widens the gap to five
7:11 PMa year ago

1Q 02:30

Sterling Brown misses the three-point shot
7:09 PMa year ago

They're missing the point.

The Bucks started out ahead by 15 and now they're only up by two points
7:07 PMa year ago

1Q 04:15

Return Jaylen Brown to the free line and press the marker
7:05 PMa year ago

1Q 05:07

Jaylen Brown scores the free throws
7:01 PMa year ago

1Q 05:49

Smart with the triple and now the Bucks are asking for a time out
7:00 PMa year ago

1Q 07:12

Hayward with the big basket and the Celtics react
6:57 PMa year ago

1Q 07:31

Matthews takes the three penalty shots
6:55 PMa year ago

1Q 08:17

Giannis with a big basket
6:50 PMa year ago

1q 09:10

Middleton's triple and shot from the line
6:49 PMa year ago

1Q 09:30

two other points of Antetokounmpo
6:48 PMa year ago

1Q 11:01

Matthews opens the score with a triple
6:46 PMa year ago

The game begins

Celtics 0-0 Bucks
6:38 PMa year ago

National Anthem

Scenes from the fight against racism are now being shown and the American anthem will be sung shortly. All wearing the Black Lives Matter T-shirt
6:32 PMa year ago

Minutes away...

We're minutes away from the start of the game. Don't miss out on the details between Celtics and Bucks
6:28 PMa year ago

Alignment ready

These are the elements of the Celtics that will open the game: Hayward, Tatum, Theis, Brown and Walker
6:26 PMa year ago

Alignment ready

These are the five players who will be starting for the Bucks
6:20 PMa year ago

Support from all sides

The MLB Red Sox sent all their support to their hometown team, the Celtics
6:17 PMa year ago

Don't miss it

This was the warm-up for both teams who are now declared ready for their first match


6:10 PMa year ago

No injuries

The full roster is what coach Brad Stevens will have this afternoon
6:08 PMa year ago

They also arrived protected

The stars of the Bucks also arrived with mouth guards and complying with health standards
6:00 PMa year ago

That's how they celebrated...

The Celtics couldn't hide their happiness at being back on the court to play
5:56 PMa year ago

First result

The first game of this Friday was already played with Magic's victory against Nets 128 to 118
5:52 PMa year ago

Celtics Pre-Season

The Celtics only beat the Suns and lost to Rockets and Thunder
5:47 PMa year ago

Bucks Pre-season

The Bucks beat the Kings and Spurs, although they lost in the last game to the Pelicans
5:45 PMa year ago

They don't get left behind

The Celtics through this video showed the special jerseys they will wear in the return of the season
5:39 PMa year ago

That's how they came

Fulfilling the sanitary measures, this is how the Celtics arrived at the stave to face this game
Image: Celtics
Image: Celtics
5:33 PMa year ago


Like many teams, the Bucks will wear these legends on their jerseys


5:32 PMa year ago

The previous

Some previous statistics of this match
5:30 PMa year ago

We start the Celtics-Bucks live

With just over an hour to go before the game starts, we bring you the details of the Celtics' and Bucks' return
1:11 PMa year ago

Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Celtics vs Bucks
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Latest games between Celtics and Bucks

It will be the third time they have met in the season, where they have shared victories. The first was for the Celtics 116-105 and the second for the Bucks 128-123.
1:10 PMa year ago

The last game Bucks

The last game the Bucks played was on March 9th when they lost 109-95 to the Denver Nuggets

1:09 PMa year ago

The last game Celtics

The Celtics had not played a game since March 10 after defeating the Indiana Pacers 114-111

1:08 PMa year ago

These are the phrases and words Bucks players have chosen to wear on their jerseys

Kyle Korver – Black Lives Matter

Khris Middleton – Black Lives Matter

Marvin Williams – Black Lives Matter

D.J. Wilson – Black Lives Matter

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Equality

Thanasis Antetokounmpo – Equality

Pat Connaughton – Equality

Donte DiVincenzo – Equality

Eric Bledsoe – Freedom

Frank Mason – How Many More

Ersan Ilyasova – Justice

George Hill – Justice Now

Brook Lopez – Justice Now

Sterling Brown – Liberation

Robin Lopez – Stand Up

Wesley Matthews – Vote

1:08 PMa year ago

These are the phrases and words Celtic splayers have chosen to wear on their jerseys

Jayson Tatum – Black Lives Matter

Daniel Theis – Black Lives Matter

Gordon Hayward – Education Reform

Javonte Green – Enough

Romeo Langford – Enough

Brad Wanamaker – Enough

Grant Williams – Equality

Carsen Edwards – Equality

Enes Kanter – Freedom

Marcus Smart – Freedom

Jaylen Brown – Liberation

Semi Ojeleye – Love Us

Kemba Walker – Love Us

Tremont Waters – Stand Up

Vincent Porier – Égalité (French for Equality)

Tacko Fall – Liberté (French for Freedom)

1:08 PMa year ago

Keeping the top down

The Bucks are the best team in the Eastern Conference with a record of 53-12. They are already qualified for the playoffs
1:07 PMa year ago

Do not lose third place

In that same conference, the Celtics are third with a record of 43-21, although the Miami Heat is following closely behind them
1:07 PMa year ago

How to watch Celtics vs Bucks Live TV and Stream

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Internet: VAVEL USA

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