Heat Set NBA Finals Clash With Lakers
via: NBA.

Jimmy Butler has come a long way, from a community college in Texas to the NBA Finals. Despite being called a 'bad teammate', the Heat star proved everyone wrong, and has now led his team into the championship series.

The Heat defeated the Boston Celtics in a tight six-game series. Erik Spoelstra's team emerged from the East by toppling the Pacers, the Bucks and the Celtics to the tune of a 12-3 record in these playoffs. They joined past underdogs such as the 1995 Houston Rockets and the 1999 New York Knicks in getting this far.

Miami's '1-2' punch has been outstanding, with both Butler and Bam Adebayo averaging a combined of 39.2 points and 17.1 rebounds through the 15 contests they've played in this year's postseason. 

Many people thought that Miami was one player away from competing for a championship, but the fact that they have so many players who star in their role, has made them have this success. From a rookie in Tyler Herro who's a professional 'bucket' getter to Meyers Leonard supporting from the sidelines, everyone play's a huge role in the team's success.

This ain't no surprise for Udonis Haslem, who pointed out weeks ago that he felt the Heat were "built for the bubble," because of the mental toughness within the group. The veteran will participate in the sixth NBA Finals of his career, which also happens to be the sixth in franchise history.

Miami will now face the Lakers in the Finals. This is a special match-up, as the last time the Heat were in this stage they were led by Los Angeles star, LeBron James.

“It’s been like this for a very long time: If you want to win, you’ll have to go through a LeBron James-led team,” Butler said. “That’s what it normally comes down to... You’re going to get the same test over & over until you pass it. That test is LeBron James.”