Butler Proving Everyone Wrong
via: NBA.

Throughout the years the narrative around Jimmy Butler's career has been negative. Comments such as 'he's a bad teammate' leaked around the media, but now its proven that the way he's in the locker room, is to create a good effect on his teammates. 

Butler has now led the Miami Heat to the NBA Finals in just his first season with the organization. 

The 31 year-old from Houston has defied the odds since his college days, going to a Junior College prior to transferring to Marquette University. Butler has played for four different organizations in the association, and it looks like he has finally found a home in South Beach.

His performances at his previous teams were notable, considering he led the Bulls to their last playoff appearance in 2017, and helped Minnesota to make their first playoff appearance since 2004. Also, last season he brought the 76ers to Game 7 against Toronto in the conference semifinals and now, he's led Miami to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2014.

During the Heat's practices in the Eastern Conference Finals, Jimmy honored his team, as he wore Tyler Herro's high school jersey following his outstanding 37-point performance in Game 5.

After securing their spot in the Finals, Butler also wore Coach Erik Spoelstra's jersey from the University of Portland, school which Spoelstra played for during his college days.

Jimmy 'Buckets' has averaged 20.7 points along with 4.5 assists and 5.7 rebound per contest through the 15 contests he's played in the 2020 NBA Playoffs. Miami's got a 12-3 record in those games. 

Former Miami Heat legend, Dwayne Wade, as well as  Butler's former teammate, JJ Redick, took over social media (NFSW) to express how happy they were for the Texas native, especially after all the negative noise that has surrounded him over the last couple of years.