Toronto Presents New Uniforms
via: Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors will be back next season in a much tougher Eastern Conference. The 2018/2019 NBA Champions fell in the second round of the playoffs this season, and will look to bounce back all 'geared up' with their new threads. 

The team unveiled three of the five uniforms they will wear next season, all of which take some elements from the history of the franchise in their design. 

The team's new Association and Icon Edition uniforms, which are white and red, feature a new chevron across the chest which is meant to "symbolize the north, represent the team’s past achievements, and mark the path forward," according to the Raptors press release. 

Also, the Statement Edition uniforms, which are black with red accents, are meant to bring about memories of the Raptors' old "dinosaur" uniforms with running dark grey jagged pinstripes throughout the design. This will also be be the only one of the five uniforms that has the Jordan Brand Jumpman logo on the right shoulder, replacing the Nike swoosh.

“Uniforms do matter to players. Our team made the choice to wear the Earned jerseys during the 2019 Finals, for example,” Raptors President Masai Ujiri said in a statement. “We want to give our players -- and our fans -- jerseys they’re proud to wear not just because they say Raptors on the front, not just because they’re a symbol of our city and country, but because they also look great. I think that’s what we’ve achieved with these.”

As Official Partner of the Toronto Raptors, Sun Life’s logo will appear on the left shoulder of each of the team’s jerseys for the fourth consecutive season. 

The new threads are comprised of recycled PET bottles, a combination of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester. Each uniform represents approximately 20 recycled bottles.