Ball Family Giving Back to The Community
via: Big Baller Brand. 

People can argue with LaVar Ball when it comes to his shocking comments regarding his three sons, but no one can ever deny the impact he's had in the community and how he's paving the way for the next generation of athletes.

Led by the LaVar and the Big Baller Brand, Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo, along with some members of their family and friends, took over South Central Los Angeles to give back to the community for Thanksgiving.

''The family and I spent the morning giving back to families in South Central Los Angeles,'' LaVar said on social media. ''Love when the family gets together to pay it forward. ''Happy Thanksgiving y’all.''

The 'Grab & Go', which held place at the Community Sports Complex, consisted of multiple brands partnering up to help out families in the Los Angeles community. Along with Big Baller Brand, Chapter Two Inc., Men For Children and Families Inc., Cal Supreme and the BBB Team Sports Coaches Coalition participated in the event. 

Summer 2020 has been big for the Ball family. Despite the pandemic happening, LaMelo joined Lonzo in the NBA and became the first brothers in the history of the league to ever be drafted Top 5. Also, LiAngelo committed to the 'BB' and became the face of the brand.