Highlights and Best Moments: Grizzlies 117-112 Warriors in NBA Play-In 2021
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12:08 AM23 days ago

Highlights over time

12:01 AM23 days ago


Thank you for following the Grizzlies vs Warriors telecast of the 2020-21 NBA Play-In game.
12:00 AM23 days ago

To postseason

The Grizzlies became the only team to win on the road in these Play-Ins and advanced to the Playoffs where they will face the Utah Jazz.
11:59 PM23 days ago

End game

Grizzlies 117-112 Warriors.
11:58 PM23 days ago

OT 00:01

Desmond Bane with the double and sentences the victory.
11:52 PM23 days ago

OT 00:04

Morant with two points and the Grizzlies are going to win this game.
11:50 PM23 days ago

OT 01:17

Xavier Tillman with the triple to regain the lead by one.
11:47 PM23 days ago

OT 02:03

Warriors time out.
11:45 PM23 days ago

OT 03:48

Curry with a double-double and the Warriors take the lead.
11:40 PM23 days ago

Over time

Final after four quarters: Grizzlies 99-99 Warriors.
11:39 PM23 days ago

4Q 00:32

Wiggings with the two-pointer to tie the score.
11:37 PM23 days ago

4Q 01:12

Curry with the two free throws and ties the game.
11:33 PM23 days ago

4Q 02:58

Morant pulls out the magic and puts two more points on the board.
11:31 PM23 days ago

4Q 03:18

Foul and tally for Jordan Poole who continues to leave the Warriors alive.
11:24 PM23 days ago

4Q 05:34

Curry with one more triple to the list.
11:14 PM23 days ago

4Q 08:51

Ja Morant with a triple to regain some advantage.
11:11 PM23 days ago

4Q 10:12

The first points came thanks to Andrew Wiggins in the last period.
11:04 PM23 days ago

End of third quarter

Grizzlies 78-73 Warriors.
11:04 PM23 days ago

3Q 00:11

Curry fantasy makes two more points.
10:57 PM23 days ago

3Q 03:09

Toscano takes advantage of the free throws to make them and reduce the difference to less than 10 for the first time in the second half.
10:54 PM23 days ago

3Q 04:48

Stephen Curry with another triple, the Warriors' most active player.
10:51 PM23 days ago


10:47 PM23 days ago

3q 06:19

Wiggins with the triple to bring Golden State a little closer.
10:42 PM23 days ago

The support of the fans

10:40 PM23 days ago

3Q 08:07

Curry with the single and there is already a 10-point difference.
10:35 PM23 days ago

3Q 11:15

Dillon Brooks with the layup and makes the first points.
10:34 PM23 days ago

3Q 12:00

The second half begins.
10:19 PM23 days ago

Grizzlies 62-49 Warriors.

10:18 PM23 days ago

Half time

Grizzlies 62-49 Warriors.
10:15 PM23 days ago

2Q 01:33

Jordan Poole, despite the mark, takes the shot effectively.
10:11 PM23 days ago

2Q 03:17

Xavier Tillman with a three-pointer to make it a 15-point lead.
10:10 PM23 days ago

2Q 04:33

Another Grayson Allen three-pointer and Memphis takes a 10-point lead.
10:07 PM23 days ago

With permission

10:03 PM23 days ago

2Q 06:16

Mychal Mulder alone and baskets easily.
9:52 PM23 days ago

2Q 10:29

Andrew Wiggins with the float and two more.
9:50 PM23 days ago

2Q 11:45

The first three-pointer of the second quarter by De'Anthony Melton.
9:46 PM23 days ago

End of first quarter

Grizzlies 30-29 Warriors.
9:42 PM23 days ago

1Q 01:20

Curry again from long distance and scores another three-pointer.
9:41 PM23 days ago

1Q 01:26

With all the pushing and shoving, Stephen Curry sinks a three and is fouled.
9:37 PM23 days ago

1Q 03:45

Kent Bazemore with the triple to bring the Warriors closer.
9:33 PM23 days ago

The same as always doing the same as always

9:27 PM23 days ago

1Q 07:23

Stephen Curry pops up with the first points of the night.
9:25 PM23 days ago

1Q 08:05

Dillon Brooks jumps in for another two-pointer to extend the lead to 12.
9:21 PM23 days ago

1Q 08:16

Time out for the Warriors who lose by 10.
9:16 PM23 days ago

1Q 09:16

Foul and a count for Kyle Anderson.
9:11 PM23 days ago

1Q 11:46

Kent Bazemore with the first points of the night for the home side.
9:06 PM23 days ago

1Q 12:00

The game begins.
9:01 PM23 days ago

The starting quintet

8:56 PM23 days ago

We are minutes away

Grizzlies and Warriors define the last Playoff guest. The Warriors want to make their home field stand out.
8:51 PM23 days ago

What happens to the winner?

The winner of this game will qualify as eighth and will face the Utah Jazz starting next Sunday.
8:46 PM23 days ago

Combination of soccer and NBA

8:41 PM23 days ago

Good local

The Warriors had a 25-11 home record in the NBA regular season.
8:36 PM23 days ago

Eyes on Toscano

Due to the relevance he has had, the eyes of many Mexican fans will be on Juan Toscano to advance to the postseason.
8:31 PM23 days ago

They are favorites

According to ESPN's site, the Warriors have a 71% chance of winning and advancing to the postseason against Memphis.
8:26 PM23 days ago

The arrival of Memphis

8:21 PM23 days ago

Memphis jersey

8:16 PM23 days ago

How the Warriors arrived

8:11 PM23 days ago

This is what the Chase Center looks like

8:06 PM23 days ago

Wiggings is already warming up

8:01 PM23 days ago

Last game Warriors

The Warriors had a good game in the first half, but lost by three points to the Lakers in the final minutes.
7:56 PM23 days ago

Last game Grizzlies

The Grizzlies struggled at times but came away with a 100-96 win over the San Antonio Spurs last Wednesday.
7:51 PM23 days ago

We start

Grizzlies and Warriors define the last postseason guest who will face the Jazz next Sunday. We start with the coverage.
7:46 PM23 days ago

Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors match.
7:41 PM23 days ago

Last games

The Warriors have won four of their last five home games against Memphis, including the penultimate game on May 16 in the regular season.

7:36 PM23 days ago

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Key player Warriors

Despite the loss against the Lakers, Curry's game was close to perfection with 41 minutes played for 37 points, seven rebounds and three assists.

7:26 PM23 days ago

Key player Grizzlies

There is no doubt that point guard Ja Morant is the soul of this team where the ball must constantly touch his hands if they want to stay alive in this tournament.

7:21 PM23 days ago

Last Team Warriors

Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, Kevon Looney, Stephen Curry and Kent Bazemore.
7:16 PM23 days ago

Last Team Grizzlies

Kyle Anderson, Jaren Jackson, Jonas Valanciunas, Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks.
7:11 PM23 days ago

Grizzlies: exacting revenge

In the penultimate game of the regular season, Memphis was erratic on both ends of the floor, an issue they will have to fix if they want to play against the Utah Jazz.
7:06 PM23 days ago

Warriors: secure their pass to the next round

The last chance for the Warriors to be in the postseason will be played this Friday and they need to be as focused as possible because, against the Lakers, several moments of carelessness cost them dearly.
7:01 PM23 days ago

Kick-off time

The Indiana Pacers vs Washington Wizards match will be played at the stadium Capital One Arena, in Washington. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
6:56 PM23 days ago

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