Highlights and Best Moments: Suns 125-118 Nuggets in NBA Playoffs 2021
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10:39 PM10 days ago


Thank you for following the NBA Playoffs Game 4 telecast between the Nuggets and Suns.
10:39 PM10 days ago

To the conference final

The Suns swept the series and will now have several days off to find out their future opponent. The Nuggets did more than expected.
10:38 PM10 days ago

End game

Suns 125-118 Nuggets.
10:31 PM10 days ago

2Q 00:38

Booker's second shot makes the basket and settles the series.
10:28 PM10 days ago

4Q 01:42

Chris Paul with the basket and the Suns are close to winning.
10:22 PM10 days ago

4Q 03:17

Paul goes all the way into the kitchen and gets the foul and tally. Suns close to sweeping the series.
10:14 PM10 days ago

4Q 05:35

Gordon with the halfback and Denver surpasses 100 points.
10:11 PM10 days ago

3Q 07:41

Mikal Bridges found the space and tucks the floater to pull away for six.
10:04 PM10 days ago

4Q 08:55

Chris Paul with the basket and the Suns surpass 100 points.
10:02 PM10 days ago

4Q 09:59

Barton under the hoop makes the shot effective with the double.
9:58 PM10 days ago

4Q 11:49

Facundo Campazzo with a three-pointer to open the scoreboard in the last period.
9:54 PM10 days ago

End of third quarter

Suns 96-83 Nuggets.
9:53 PM10 days ago

3Q 00:41

Facundo Campazzo with the long distance triple.
9:48 PM10 days ago

The play of the expulsion of jokic

9:47 PM10 days ago

3Q 02:14

Booker with the floater and the lead is already 13 points.
9:45 PM10 days ago

3Q 03:25

Morris gets into the paint and nails two more.
9:42 PM10 days ago

3Q 03:52

Controversial decision as the referee reviewed the play and sent off Jokic for throwing a punch to the face of the opponent.
9:36 PM11 days ago

3Q 04:34

Chris Paul again with the floater and adds two more.
9:32 PM11 days ago

3Q 07:09

Booker steals the ball and closes the gap to five points.
9:31 PM11 days ago

3Q 08:42

Barton's fierce rebound to put Denver back in the game.
9:26 PM11 days ago

3Q 09:57

When Denver got close, Chris Paul scored two more to make the difference six.
9:24 PM11 days ago

3Q 11:42

Will Barton opens the second half slate with a triple.
9:24 PM11 days ago

3Q 12:00

The second half begins.
9:07 PM11 days ago

End game

Suns 63-55 Nuggets.
9:03 PM11 days ago

2Q 01:55

Nikola Jokic appears with the double.
8:56 PM11 days ago

2Q 04:21

Under the hoop Jokic puts the basket in to get closer.
8:50 PM11 days ago

2Q 05:13

Aaron Gordon steals the ball and makes a basket to bring Denver within two.
8:43 PM11 days ago

2Q 08:16

Sadic twists and shoots from the line for three more points.
8:41 PM11 days ago

2Q 09:25

Facundo Campazzo scores his second three-pointer of the day.
8:37 PM11 days ago

2Q 10:22

Dario Saric scores both free throw points.
8:34 PM11 days ago

2Q 11:35

Michael Porter Jr. with the layup to cut the deficit.
8:30 PM11 days ago

End of first quarter

Nuggets 28-22 Suns.
8:27 PM11 days ago

1Q 01:03

Morris with the two points to score after two and a half minutes.
8:21 PM11 days ago

1Q 03:47

Monte Morris with the triple and puts the Nuggets back in the fight.
8:18 PM11 days ago

1Q 05:17

Mikal Bridges scores both free throws and increases the difference to 10.
8:17 PM11 days ago

1Q 06:32

After the break, Nikola Jokic responds with two more points.
8:10 PM11 days ago

1Q 08:03

Deandre Ayton takes away the opponent and adds two more to the board.
8:08 PM11 days ago

1Q 08:47

Nikola Jokic takes advantage of the rebound and scores two more.
8:06 PM11 days ago

1Q 10:52

Booker makes a three-pointer from the corner to give the Suns the lead.
8:05 PM11 days ago

1Q 11:42

Jokic makes the first points of the game with a floater.
8:04 PM11 days ago

1Q 12:00

The match begins.
8:03 PM11 days ago

To minutes

In seconds, Game 4 of the series between Denver and Phoenix will begin.
8:02 PM11 days ago

In minutes

The Nuggets are finishing their warm-up phase to prepare for the fourth battle, which they hope to win if they don't want to go home quickly.
7:57 PM11 days ago

Denver's lineup

7:52 PM11 days ago

The Suns lineup

7:47 PM11 days ago

Who will take the victory tonight?

7:42 PM11 days ago

A little of what happened in the last game

7:37 PM11 days ago

Denver needs to get the win

7:32 PM11 days ago

Jokic is already warming up

7:27 PM11 days ago

How Denver arrived

7:22 PM11 days ago

Remain outside

Due to a right knee arthroscopy, Abdel Nader remains out of this series.
7:17 PM11 days ago

The house must weigh

Denver will have to call on all the resources at hand, including the crowd and Jokic, to try to win and stay alive.
7:12 PM11 days ago

The series could be over

Compared to the previous three games, should the Suns win, they will be in the conference finals and would have several days of rest to prepare.
7:07 PM11 days ago

We start

The Nuggets will be looking to avoid a series sweep when they take on a Suns team that has no stopping them in this postseason.
7:02 PM11 days ago

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Series Results

Suns 122-105 Nuggets

Suns 123-98 Nuggets

Suns 116-102 Nuggets

6:47 PM11 days ago

Key player Suns

Chris Paul has been formidable in the postseason and in the last game he had 27 points, six rebounds and eight assists.

6:42 PM11 days ago

Key player Nuggets

Despite his triple double with 32 points, 20 rebounds and 10 assists in the last game, Nikola Jokic will have to redouble his efforts to be the guide that Denver needs to avoid a clean sheet in the series.

6:37 PM11 days ago

Last Team Suns

Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, DeAndre Ayton, Devin Booker, Chris Paul.
6:32 PM11 days ago

Last Team Nuggets

Michael Porter, Aaron Gordon, Nikola Jokic, Facundo Campazzo, Austin Rivers.
6:27 PM11 days ago

Suns: to strike the final blow

Beyond the point-scoring machine of Booker and Paul, the Suns are the best defense in the playoffs and will look to continue the same momentum to return to the conference finals.
6:22 PM11 days ago

Denver: for the miracle

Denver needs to call on all the good things they did in the regular season to try to pull out the win that will keep them alive in the playoffs.
6:17 PM11 days ago

Kick-off time

The Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets match will be played at the Pepsi Center, in Colorado. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
6:12 PM11 days ago

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