Summary and highlights of Los Angeles Lakers 97-123 Brooklyn Nets
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6:17 PM14 days ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting final, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡See you all again!
6:14 PM14 days ago

End of the match


6:11 PM14 days ago

4Q 00:34

Travelin Queen recovery and also achieves 2+1
6:08 PM14 days ago

4Q 1:45

Passes by Edwards, so ball for the home team.
6:07 PM14 days ago

4Q 3:13

Ayayi's bad pass and the ball goes out of bounds, the Nets take out the ball after the turnover.
6:04 PM14 days ago

4Q 4:10

Chaundee Brown's triple to end Los Angeles Lakers drought
5:58 PM14 days ago

4Q 5:40

Day' Ron Sharpe hits 2+1 to increase Nets lead
5:54 PM14 days ago

4Q 7:30

McLung is fouled while shooting and will have two free throws.
5:52 PM14 days ago

4Q 8:34

5 consecutive points from Devantoe Cacok to widen the Nets' lead
5:49 PM14 days ago

Brooklyn Nets play


5:46 PM14 days ago

4Q 9:42

Basket by Cacok to take a +10 lead 
5:40 PM14 days ago

3Q 00:00

Malink Monk's triple at the buzzer to close the third quarter.
5:39 PM14 days ago

3Q 00:54

Brown picks up the rebound and basket 
5:31 PM14 days ago

Dwight Howard


5:28 PM14 days ago

3Q 1:50

Los Angeles Lakers number 15 from far away
5:24 PM14 days ago

3Q 2:05

Malik Monk basket to close the gap for the Los Angeles Lakers
5:23 PM14 days ago

3Q 2:10

Free throws for Cam Thomas, hits the first, but misses the second.
5:20 PM14 days ago

3Q 2:20

Non-stop moment where both teams fail to score, high pace in this preseason.
5:15 PM14 days ago

3Q 5:39

Los Angeles Lakers recovery and counterattack that Wayne Elligton completes to bring his team to within two.
5:13 PM14 days ago

3Q 6:35

Los Angeles Lakers' triple is scored by Wayne Ellington
5:07 PM14 days ago

Third quarter starts

The protagonists return to the track
4:53 PM14 days ago


Source: Brooklyn Nets
4:48 PM14 days ago

Talen Hort Mate


4:48 PM14 days ago


The first two quarters ended with 49-57 in favor of the Brooklyn Nets.
4:47 PM14 days ago

2Q 00:00

Talen Horton misses the three-pointer at the buzzer;
4:44 PM14 days ago

2Q 0:45

DeAndre Jordan scores both free throws.
4:36 PM14 days ago

2Q 4:13

Kendrick Nunn's triple to make the score 39-44.
4:32 PM14 days ago

2Q : 7:00

Los Angeles Lakers' time after the Nets' final points
4:24 PM14 days ago

2Q 8:20

Triple by Malik Monk 
4:21 PM14 days ago

2Q 10:13

Austin Reaves' steps for which the Los Angeles Lakers lose possession
4:19 PM14 days ago

2Q 11:24

Dwight Howard scores the first two points in the second quarter.
4:16 PM14 days ago

1Q 00:00

The first quarter ended with the Brooklyn Nets (19-25) ahead on the scoreboard.
4:10 PM14 days ago

1Q 2:07

Ellington will have three free throws after suffering a foul
4:08 PM14 days ago

1Q 2:38

Edward scores both free throws;
4:05 PM14 days ago


Angels close in on the score 13-17 at the moment
4:02 PM14 days ago

1Q 4:13

Talen Horton basket to bring the Angels closer and close the gap on the scoreboard.
3:56 PM14 days ago

1Q 6:36

Talen-Torton slam dunk to close the gap
3:51 PM14 days ago

1Q 7:49

De Andre Jordan loses ball will be possession for Nets
3:47 PM14 days ago

The game kicked off

Los Angeles won in the jump and will have the first possession of the game
3:42 PM14 days ago

Both teams on the track

The two teams are already on the court warming up before the first friendly match.
3:37 PM14 days ago

There is also a quintet in the Nets


3:32 PM14 days ago

Lakers' roster


3:27 PM14 days ago

All set in Los Angeles

Here at VAVEL we can follow the first game of the NBA preseason for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Nets.
3:22 PM14 days ago

Where and how to watch Los Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets?

The match will be played at 15:30 ET. and can be seen on ESPN

However,  a good option is to follow it through ;VAVEL. com.

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What time is the Los Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets game ?

This is the kickoff time for the Los Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets  match on Octuber 3 in several countries:

Argentina: 15:30 AM
Bolivia: 15:30 AM
Brazil: 16:30 AM
Chile: 15:30 AM
Colombia: 14:30 AM
Ecuador: 14:30 AM
USA (ET): 15:30 AM
Spain: 21:30 PM
Mexico: 14:30 AM
Paraguay: 15:30 AM
Peru: 15:30 AM
Uruguay: 15:30 AM
Venezuela: 15:30 AM
England : 20.30 AM
Australia : 05:30 AM
India: 00:40 AM

3:12 PM14 days ago

Last season for the Brooklyn Nets

A good season in the Regular League, finishing second in the Eastern Conference with 48 wins and 24 losses. In the Play-Offs they beat the Boston Celtic 4-1 in the round of 16 in the series, but in the quarterfinals they were eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks 4-3 and in the deciding game they were eliminated in overtime;
3:07 PM14 days ago

Past season of the Los Angeles Lakers

A team that had many setbacks last season due to injuries. In the regular league they finished seventh with 42 wins and 30 losses. They played against the Warrios to qualify for the Play-Off. In the first round of the Play-offs they were eliminated against the Phoenix Sun in a playoff that ended 4-2.
3:02 PM14 days ago

Brooklyn Nets transfer market

A team that has had a lot of movement in the market with 11 additions and 10 losses. They have renewed: Bruce Brown, Nicolas Claxton, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Joe Harris, Kyrie Irving. The signings were as follows: LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre' Bembry (TOR), Devontae Cacok (LAL), Jevon Carter (PHX), Sekou Doumbouya (DET),  Kessler Edwards (N), James Johnson (NOP), Patty Mills (SAS), Paul Millsap (DEN), Day'Ron Sharpe (N), Cam Thomas (N).


2:57 PM14 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers transfer market

Alex Caruso, Andre Drummond, Ben McLemore and Markieff Morris are leaving; Talen Horton-Tucker is re-signed; and Kent Bazemore, Wayne Ellington, Trevor Ariza, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Kendrick Nunn, Malik Monk, Rajon Rondo, DeAndre Jordan and Austin Reaves are new signees.
2:52 PM14 days ago


In the last meeting between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets, the Los Angeles Lakers won 101-126, however in the last four games played in the city of Los Angeles, the Brooklyn Nets have been the ones to win;
2:47 PM14 days ago

Party headquarters

The game will be played in the city of Los Angeles at the Staples Center, which was inaugurated in 1999 and has a capacity of 20,000 spectators;
2:42 PM14 days ago

Preview of the match

The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets will play the first game of the NBA preseason;
2:37 PM14 days ago

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