Full Highlights: Bucks 77-87 Grizzlies in 2021 NBA Preseason
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10:36 PM18 days ago

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The game was cancelled prior to the start of the fourth quarter after a fire alarm went off and fans are players were asked to exit the court
10:01 PM18 days ago

Game canceled

Bucks HC Mike Budenholzer exits the floor. Game looking unlikely to re-start.
9:56 PM18 days ago

Will the game continue?

9:55 PM18 days ago

Ja reppin' Kobe 6s

The Grizzlies guard was rocking some fire sneakers tonight
9:54 PM18 days ago

Game delayed

The Grizzlies-Bucks game has been paused after a fire alarm went off inside FedExForum. Both teams have returned to their respective locker rooms and fans have been told to evacuate the building.

NBA TV reporting that they will 'try' to resume the game after this stoppage.


9:53 PM18 days ago

Q3 Ends

Bucks 77-87 Grizzlies
9:32 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 3:04

J. Morant Shot (27 PTS) (K. Anderson 2 AST)
9:32 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 3:19

S. Adams Tip Dunk (11 PTS)
9:31 PM18 days ago


9:31 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 4:09

J. Morant Layup (25 PTS)
9:28 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 5:18

T. Antetokounmpo Reverse Layup (4 PTS) (S. Mamukelashvili 3 AST)
9:28 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 5:46

B. Lopez Cutting DUNK (9 PTS) (P. Connaughton 3 AST)
9:28 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 6:09

J. Morant Driving DUNK (21 PTS)
9:27 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 9:26

J. Morant Cutting DUNK (17 PTS) (D. Melton 2 AST)
9:27 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 10:31

G. Allen 24' 3PT Pullup (13 PTS)
9:27 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 11:24

G. Allen 26' 3PT (8 PTS) (G. Hill 2 AST)
9:26 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 11:49

D. Bane Driving Floating Bank Jump Shot (10 PTS) (S. Adams 3 AST)
9:03 PM18 days ago

Q3 - 12:00

Second half is underway!
8:59 PM18 days ago

Nwora = bucket

Jordan Nwora leads all Milwaukee scorers with 10 points. 
8:58 PM18 days ago


Bucks 47-55 Grizzlies
8:57 PM18 days ago

Tough move

8:45 PM18 days ago

Q2 - 5:37

J. Morant Running Finger Roll Layup (13 PTS) (D. Melton 2 AST)
8:45 PM18 days ago

Q2 - 6:45

J. Nwora 15' Pullup Jump Shot (7 PTS)
8:45 PM18 days ago

Q2 - 9:36

D. Bane 25' 3PT Running (6 PTS) (T. Jones 3 AST)
8:44 PM18 days ago

Q2 - 10:30

T. Antetokounmpo Cutting DUNK (2 PTS) (J. Nwora 2 AST)
8:44 PM18 days ago

Q2 - 12:00

Second quarter begins!
8:44 PM18 days ago

Q1 Ends

Bucks 23-35 Grizzlies
8:44 PM18 days ago

Q1 - 0:52

S. Mamukelashvili 10' Driving Floating Bank Jump Shot (2 PTS) (J. Robinson 3 AST)
8:43 PM18 days ago

Q1 - 3:26

J. Robinson 25' 3PT (6 PTS) (S. Mamukelashvili 1 AST)
8:43 PM18 days ago

Q1 - 5:18

S. Adams Running DUNK (5 PTS) (Z. Williams 1 AST)
8:43 PM18 days ago

Q1 - 7:50

D. Melton 26' 3PT (6 PTS) (D. Bane 1 AST)
8:43 PM18 days ago

Q1 - 9:30

D. Bane 25' 3PT Running (3 PTS) (D. Melton 1 AST)
8:42 PM18 days ago

Q1 - 9:53

J. Morant 25' 3PT Running Pullup (5 PTS)
8:42 PM18 days ago

Q1 - 11:01

J. Morant Driving Finger Roll Layup (2 PTS)
8:06 PM18 days ago

Q1 - 12:00

Game tips off!
8:02 PM18 days ago

Bucks 5

7:35 PM18 days ago

Milwaukee injury report

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Bobby Portis, Rodney Hood, Semi Ojeleye and Donte DiVincenzo are all out tonight vs the Grizzlies.
7:35 PM18 days ago

Jaren Jackson Jr. getting shots up

7:34 PM18 days ago

Grizzlies 5

Ja Morant, De’Anthony Melton, Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr & Steven Adams.
7:13 PM18 days ago


Three officials have been assigned by the NBA: Kevin Scott, Michael Smith and Matt Kallio.
7:11 PM18 days ago

No Giannis tonight

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the only player to not make the trip to Memphis.

Lots of injury updates for Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer pregame. He did not place a timeline on a return for five-on-fives or playing in preseason for Semi Ojeleye (calf) & Rodney Hood (foot) but "Hopefully it's on the shorter rather than longer for the both of them."

7:08 PM18 days ago

Grizzlies arrive

7:08 PM18 days ago

Our live coverage begins!

We are less than an hour away from tipoff!
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Stay tuned!

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Memphis vs Milwaukee!
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Last Meeting

April 17th. 2021

Grizzlies 128-115 Bucks


6:38 PM18 days ago

Ja Morant and Memphis ready

The Grizzlies are looking forward to another successful season led by 2019 no. 2 pick, Ja Morant. 


6:33 PM18 days ago

Bucks Basketball is Back!

The defending NBA champions will take the floor for the first time in preseason as they visit the Grizzlies at the FedEx Forum.


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How to watch





6:23 PM18 days ago

Time and place

The Memphis vs Milwaukee match is a preseason NBA 2021/22 game. The orange ball goes up at 8 pm ET , at the home of the Grizzlies.
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Hello there, lover of the little orange ball! It's NBA Preseason Day 2021/2022: Grizzlies vs Bucks will go head-to-head in the preseason of basketball's most important league. Follow everything from the duel here on VAVEL USA.