Points and Highlights: Orlando Magic 100-101 San Antonio Spurs in Preseason NBA 2021/22


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Thanks for staying with us and following every moment of Orlando Magic vs. San Antonio Spurs. The visitors beat the Orlando team 101-100 in the NBA Preseason 2021/22 tonight. We're done here. You can follow everything from Brazilian and world sports here on VAVEL Brazil. Thanks for your company and support.
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Wednesday (13)
7 pm ET - Orlando Magic-Boston Celtics (League Pass)

Friday (15)
8:30 PM ET - San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets (League Pass)

Wednesday (20):
8:30 p.m. ET - San Antonio Spurs vs. Orlando Magic (League Pass)

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The Orlando Magic were no match for the Spurs! Despite a magical and masterful start in the last quarter, the team was no match for the might of the San Antonio Spurs. One point difference and a great game in the NBA Preseason 2021/22.

Orlando Magic 100-101 San Antonio Spurs.

8:12 PM5 days ago


Carter tied the game for Orlando, but Bate-Diop took care of hitting a basket for a three! Bamba cut it back again for Orlando with a basket for two, and the game wasn't over yet!
8:05 PM6 days ago


WILL WE SEE A TURNAROUND? Bamba for three and Anthony for two and Suggs with two more cut the lead to just one point! 98 to 97 for the San Antonio Spurs
8:04 PM6 days ago

4Q - 10:00

Forbes and Primo got tired of playing games and started playing seriously! Four points for them and the advantage goes back to 8!
8:02 PM6 days ago


Bamba (3), Terrence Ross (3), Bamba (2), Primo (Spurs - 3), Terrence Ross (3) and Primo (2). What a show of baskets! The lead is down to four with three minutes left in the game! The game is going to be passionate!
7:56 PM6 days ago

4Q - 6:00

Sequences of three-point baskets, what a spectacular quarter!
Cousin for the Spurs, Wagner and Anthony for the Orlando Magic. The score is 79-91!
7:49 PM6 days ago

4Q - 2:00

Hot Hands! Teams get off to a hot start in the final quarter and score five points each! 86 to 69 for the Spurs.
7:46 PM6 days ago


Partial victory for the San Antonio Spurs in the fourth quarter and also in the game. The team started a bit off, but woke up and came out on top in the final stretch. 32 to 24 in the period and 81 to 64 on the scoreboard.
7:43 PM6 days ago

3Q - 11:00

San Antonio Spurs fired up! The team woke up at the end of the third quarter and didn't give Orlando Magic any more chances. The score now 81 to 64 for the visitors, who are heading for a quiet victory.
7:31 PM6 days ago

3Q - 5:00

Harris cut the lead to just one point for the Spurs, but that made the team wake up. Four points, and they already put five ahead again: 59-54.
7:26 PM6 days ago


Terrence Ross leads the way for Orlando and the lead drops to just three points. It had been 13 for the Spurs during the match and now only 3 points separate the teams: 55 to 52 for the San Antonio Spurs.
7:25 PM6 days ago

3Q - 2:00

Four points apiece in this third quarter! Terrence Ross and Harris scored for the Orlando Magic, while Murray and Pöltl hit the basket for the Spurs. 53 to 44 on the scoreboard!
7:20 PM6 days ago


Ball going up for the third and penultimate quarter. Two quarters to go before we know the winner of the match.
7:04 PM6 days ago


End of the second quarter and the Spurs' lead is at 9 points: 49 to 41 after two 12-minute halves. Orlando improved in the second quarter, but could not reduce San Antonio's lead that much.
7:00 PM6 days ago

2Q - 11:00

The game is very balanced in the second quarter, Orlando Magic improved a lot, but the score of the first period has been making the difference. Spurs continue to lead the game: 46-39.
6:53 PM6 days ago


The team improved in the final stretch of the second quarter and cut the lead to just 5 points! Terrence Ross and Wagner scored 8 points in a row and the score is 41 to 36 for the Spurs.
6:52 PM6 days ago


Orlando Magic: W. Carter Jr with 11 points.

San Antonio Spurs: Keldon Johnson with 10 points.

6:49 PM6 days ago

1Q - 6:00

The game becomes more balanced in the second quarter. 15-13 to the Orlando Magic for the score of the period, but the Spurs still have a 9-point advantage: 41-32.
6:42 PM6 days ago


The difference is now exactly 10 points ahead of the Spurs, who continue to dominate the game completely. Johnson scored SIX points in a row and opened 39 to 26 for the visitors.
6:39 PM6 days ago

2Q - 3:00

The second period started as the first ended: with the Spurs dominating the game. Hampton cut Orlando's lead to three points, but Forbes and Lonnie scored six points together for the Spurs to regain the lead: 34-20.
6:37 PM6 days ago


The San Antonio Spurs win by 28 to 17 in the first quarter. Players are already starting to rotate between starters and reserves and are dictating the pace of the game.
6:27 PM6 days ago

1Q - 11:00

7 POINTS! Huge lead for the San Antonio Spurs at the end of the first quarter. Lonnie Walker IV hits a three-ball and now the visitors are leading 24-17. What a first quarter the Spurs are making.
6:22 PM6 days ago

1Q - 7:00

Game improves, Orlando Magic pull back on the scoreboard and get to be two points behind (13-15), but the Spurs started to get their hand right and continue with a 4-point lead (15-19).
6:14 PM6 days ago


San Antonio's dominance continues. Murray has already hit two baskets, adding 5 points. Carter Jr is the one who makes the good one for Orlando. 15 to 9 for the Spurs for now.
6:11 PM6 days ago

1Q - 2:00

The first points are Orlando Magic's. Harris shoots a basket for two to open the scoring. The Spurs respond quickly and hit two baskets for three: 6-2 on the scoreboard.
6:10 PM6 days ago


The game begins. The orange ball has gone up and the teams are already vying for victory in an NBA 2021-22 preseason game.
5:56 PM6 days ago


The orange ball is just around the corner in another NBA Preseason game. Stay tuned! You can follow the game minute by minute in real time here on VAVEL Brazil.
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The Orlando Magic's starting lineups for tonight's game are: Jalen Sugs, Gary Harris, Mo Bamba, Terrence Ross and Wendell Carter Jr.
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Tre Jones OUT (ankle)
Jock Landale OUT (concussion protocol)
Keita Bates-Diop QUESTIONABLE (thigh)
5:12 PM6 days ago


Orlando Magic and San Antonio Spurs are already preparing to dispute point to point in the match of a few minutes and you follow everything here in Vavel.
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  • Domingo (10/10):
Orlando Magic x Spurts - 6 pm ET
Touros x Cavaliers - 7 pm ET
Millwaukee Bucks x Oklahoma City Thunders - 7:30 pm ET
Lakers x Suns - 10 pm ET


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Where and how to watch Orlando Magic vs. San Antonio Spurs on TV and in real time?

NBA Preseason 2021/22

Game: Orlando Magic vs. San Antonio Spurs
Round: Preseason

Date: 10/10/2021

Time: 7 p.m.

Where to watch: NBA League Pass (subscription required)

Real time: VAVEL Brazil

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When is the Orlando Magic vs. San Antonio Spurs game and how to watch it LIVE and in real time?

The game on Preseason NBA will start at 6 pm  ET, being played at the Amway Center Arena in Orlando, and will be broadcast live on NBA League Pass (subscription required). You can check it all here on VAVEL.
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From both teams last NBA season (2020/21): 

Orlando Magic: Terrence Ross (15.6 points average), Markele Fultz (12.9), Cole Anthony (12.9).

San Antonio Spurs: DeMar DeRozan (21.6 points average), Dejounte Murray (15.7), Derrick White (15.4).

4:51 PM6 days ago


In the last two meetings between the teams: Spurs win. On March 12, still in 2021, the team from San Antonio triumphed by 104 to 77. Exactly one month later, on April 12, another victory: this time by 120 to 97. Watch the best shots of the match here:

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Orlando Magic and San Antonio Spurs have faced each other 20 times and the Spurs have won most of the times. There were 13 wins for the San Antonio team against 7 for the Orlando team. This time, another clash to try to extend or shorten the sequence.
4:41 PM6 days ago


Unlike their opponent Orlando, the Spurs have played three times this preseason, aiming to prepare for the NBA 2021-22. The team, however, only won the opening game and lost the other two. In the first game: a 111-85 victory over the Utah Jazz. Soon after, defeat to the Detroit Pistons by 115 to 105 and, finally, another defeat: to the Miami Heat by 109 to 105.
4:36 PM6 days ago


In the first two games of the preseason, the Orlando Magic failed to win. They were defeated in the first game, by a narrow score of 98 to 97 to the Boston Celtics. In the second game they were defeated by the New Orleans Pelicans by 104 to 86. Now against the Spurs they are looking for their first win before the ball officially goes up for the season.
4:31 PM6 days ago


Preseason is when NBA teams meet before the regular season begins. Orlando Magic and Spurs have already played two games in the current preseason of the, but for tomorrow's game we can expect everything! Since it is a preseason, the teams are not 100% ready yet, so anything can happen.
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The Orlando Magic vs. San Antonio Spurs matchup is a preseason NBA 2021/22 game. The orange ball goes up at 6 pm (ET) at the Amway Center Arena in Orlando, home of the Magic.
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Welcome to the Orlando Magic-San Antonio Spurs game

Hello, lovers of the little orange ball! It's NBA Preseason Day 2021/2022: Orlando Magic vs. San Antonio Spurs will go head-to-head in the preseason of the most important league in basketball. Follow everything about the duel between two great basketball teams here on VAVEL Brazil.