Highlights: Boston Celtics 102-103 Orlando Magic in NBA 2021 preseason
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9:44 PM2 days ago


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9:17 PM2 days ago


Boston attempted a three-point shot, but it wasn't enough. ORLANDO MAGIC WINS THE GAME IN THE LAST SECONDS OF THE GAME
9:15 PM2 days ago

4Q 0:02

9:14 PM2 days ago

4Q 0:12

Anthony tries for three, but misses, the rebound doesn't favor the Magic and it will be Celtics ball
9:12 PM2 days ago

4Q 0:54

With one minute left in the game, Orlando refuses to die.
9:10 PM2 days ago

4Q 1:23

Anthony commands Orlando's offense, shoots and misses, but gets the foul.
9:09 PM2 days ago

4Q 2:19

Parker looks for the three-pointer for Boston, but misses. The Magic go for it all
9:03 PM2 days ago

4Q 3:39

9:02 PM2 days ago

4Q 4:31

Pinson gets to the shooting position and is fouled. Ball to Boston
8:59 PM2 days ago

4Q 5:34

Aaron Nesmith has scored 23 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds for Boston Celtics.
8:57 PM2 days ago

4Q 7:22

Anthony gets personal and scores for Orlando, ties the score.
8:53 PM2 days ago

4Q 8:41

8:52 PM2 days ago

4Q 10:08

Theo Pinson scores for Celtics to take nine-point lead
8:50 PM2 days ago

Fourt Quarter begins 🏀

Boston Celtics look to hold on for a home win over the Magic with a big lead
8:46 PM2 days ago

3Q 0:07

Williams is fouled and Boston has control of the ball.
8:45 PM2 days ago

3Q 0:45

Anthony shoots a triple for Orlando and misses
8:42 PM2 days ago

3Q 1:15

Boston Celtics call time out
8:41 PM2 days ago

3Q 1:15

Williams for the three-pointer and yes sir, he scores all three for Boston.
8:38 PM2 days ago

3Q 4:14

8:34 PM2 days ago

3Q 5:49

Personal foul by Langford on Anthony and the Magic will kick off.
8:32 PM2 days ago

3Q 6:47

Big block by Mamba, Orlando looks to score and misses
8:30 PM2 days ago

3Q 8:09

Williams is fouled and Boston will serve
8:29 PM2 days ago

3Q 8:32

Personal foul on Hampton and Orlando has control of the ball.
8:27 PM2 days ago

3Q 9:30

Three points for Orlando Magic to take the lead
8:26 PM2 days ago

3Q 11:34

The visitors look on the offensive, Hasrris steals the ball and Orlando's counterattack arrives.
8:25 PM2 days ago


The Celtics pull out and the third quarter of the game is underway.
8:05 PM2 days ago


With only a one-point difference between the Celtics and the Magic, we go to halftime.
8:03 PM2 days ago

2Q 0:42

Big three-pointer by the Magic with a minute left before halftime
8:01 PM2 days ago

2Q 1:17

Beautiful Celtics' point with Williams III as finisher
8:00 PM2 days ago

2Q 1:50

Wagner personal foul on Nesmith, ball to Boston Celtics.
7:58 PM2 days ago

2Q 2:47

Williams foul on Harris and it will be Orlando Magic's ball.
7:55 PM2 days ago

2Q 3:29

Beautiful Nesmith triple for Boston Celtics as Magic call timeout
7:53 PM2 days ago

2Q 4:00

Mamba walks and the Celtics' backup goes wild
7:52 PM2 days ago

2Q 4:31

Wendell Carter has scored 9 points and grabbed 5 rebounds for Orlando Magic.
7:51 PM2 days ago

2Q 5:42

Mamba looks for Orlando lead, shoots and Langford blocks, Boston offense comes in
7:48 PM2 days ago

2Q 7:22

Williams is fouled and the Orlando Magic will serve
7:47 PM2 days ago

2Q 7:45

Celtics advance with Parker, looks for space, shoots, scores
7:46 PM2 days ago

2Q 8:45

Three-pointer by Ross for Orlando to tie the score
7:43 PM2 days ago

2Q 9:10

Orlando Magic time out
7:42 PM2 days ago

2Q 9:41

Mo Mamba runs the home offense, plays with Moore and it's a tripleeeeee for Orlando.
7:41 PM2 days ago

2Q 9:56

Wendell Carter JR scores two points for Orlando Magic to tie score
7:39 PM2 days ago

2Q 10:43

Hampton is fouled and a free kick is awarded to Orlando.
7:38 PM2 days ago

1Q 11:06

Ross throws for three and misses, Boston's offense is on its way.
7:37 PM2 days ago


With the deficit on the scoreboard, Orlando Magic pulls away for the second quarter.
7:34 PM2 days ago


With a two-point difference in the score, the Celtics win the first quarter 26-24
7:33 PM2 days ago

1Q 0:55

Orlando misses the triple and now Boston goes ahead. Hampton blocks well for the home team
7:32 PM2 days ago

1Q 1:55

Ross' furious offense scores for the home side, crowd thrills to Orlando Magic's double-point
7:30 PM2 days ago

1Q 2:45

Harris foul and the ball goes to the Celtics.
7:27 PM2 days ago

1Q 3:01

Magic call time out
7:26 PM2 days ago

1Q 3:01

Carter streaks, shoots, scores for Orlando
7:24 PM2 days ago

1Q 4:33

For the first time in the game, Boston Celtics take the lead on the scoreboard thanks to a double touchdown by Williams JR.
7:22 PM2 days ago

1Q 5:43

Nesmith shoots for three points as Celtics close the gap
7:20 PM2 days ago

1Q 7:50

Anthony shoots from three-point range and scores, great advance by home team
7:18 PM2 days ago

1Q 8:25

Great start for the Magic, now the scorer is Harris with a nice throw to score another two points.
7:14 PM3 days ago

1Q 11:00

Orlando Magic goes up on Anthony's double-pointer
7:14 PM3 days ago


Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic preseason game kicks off
6:47 PM3 days ago

Boston Celtics Injury Report

Jaylen Brown (Health & Safety Protocols) - OUT

Al Horford (Health & Safety Protocols) - OUT

Josh Richardson (rest) - OUT

Dennis Schroder (rest) - OUT

Marcus Smart (rest) - OUT

Jayson Tatum (rest) - OUT

6:41 PM3 days ago

Orlando Magic lastest news

Matt Lloyd named vice president of basketball operations


- Anthony Parker named assistant general manager


- Adetunji Adedipe named Lakeland Magic general manager/Orlando Magic scout

6:34 PM3 days ago

Boston Celtics coach's statement

“Timeline-wise, it’s going to be very close” regarding the availability of Al Horford (Health and Safety Protocols) on Opening Night. 


He adds, “We should definitely have Jaylen (Health and Safety Protocols) back by then.”

6:28 PM3 days ago

Orlando Magic Starting Line-Up

Cole Anthony

Gary Harris

Mo Mamba

Franz Wagner

Wendell Carter JR.

6:22 PM3 days ago

Boston Celtics Starting Line-Up

Payton Pritchard

Romeo Langford

Aaron Nesmith

Grant Williams

Rob Williams

6:19 PM3 days ago

Minutes left

Everything is ready for the Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic NBA preseason 2021 game to begin
12:18 AM3 days ago

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How to watch Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic live on TV, your options are: ESPN.

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What time is Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic match for NBA Preseason 2021?

Argentina: 20:00 on ESPN
Bolivia: 19:00 on ESPN
Brazil: 20:00 on ESPN
Chile: 20:00 on ESPN
Colombia: 18:00 on ESPN
Ecuador: 18:00 on ESPN
United States (ET): 19:00 hours on CBS
Spain: 01:00 hours on DAZN
Mexico: 18:00 on ESPN
Paraguay: 19:00 hours on ESPN
Peru: 18:00 on ESPN
Uruguay: 20:00 on ESPN 
12:03 AM3 days ago

Last lineup Orlando Magic

Cole Anthony , Jalen Suggs , Terrence Ross , Franz Wagner and Mo Bamba
11:58 PM3 days ago

Last lineup Boston Celtics

Marcus Smart , Aaron Nesmith , Jayson Tatum , Juancho Hernán Gómez and Robert Williams III
11:53 PM3 days ago

Orlando Magickey player

Wendell Carter came to Orlando Magic after performing positively in the Chicago Bulls. The 22 year old center stood out as the Magic's most associative player during the last game played, scoring 14 points, grabbing 3 assists and recording 7 rebounds in 30 minutes played.


11:48 PM3 days ago

Boston Celtics key player

Jayson Tatum is the great figure of the Boston Celtics for this preseason. During his last performance, he scored 20 points, had 7 assists and registered 9 rebounds.


11:43 PM3 days ago

How does Orlando Magic arrive?

Orlando Magic's last game did not have the desired result. The Florida team lost 100-101 against San Antonio Spurs. Now, Orlando Magic plans to get back on track and manage to beat Boston Celtics in their quest to have a good 2021 preseason.
11:38 PM3 days ago

How does Boston Celtics arrive?

The Boston Celtics come into this game after a 113-111 win over the Toronto Raptors, where they were superior in three of the four quarters. Jayson Tatum was the great figure for Boston, scoring 20 points, 7 assists and 9 rebounds. The Celtics plan to continue their good form in the 2021 preseason.
11:33 PM3 days ago

The match will be played at the Amway Center

The Amway Center is one of the most important multi-purpose venues in Orlando, Florida. It is the home of the Orlando Magic and has hosted sporting and entertainment events of all kinds. It has a maximum capacity of 18,500 for basketball games.
11:28 PM3 days ago

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