Highlights: Mavericks 107-117 Bulls in NBA 2021


11:28 PM6 months ago


11:17 PM6 months ago

4 Q 1:00

Steal by Alex Caruso, culminating in a free kick for Dallas to 103 to Chicago's 115.
11:05 PM6 months ago

4Q 7:09

Dallas has been unable to get closer on the board, Luka Doncic has been nullified by Chicago's defense and is costing him minutes on the court
10:55 PM6 months ago

4Q 11:00

Porziņģis collaborates with a triple at the start of the final quarter to close the gap but DeMar DeRozan is on hand to score from a free throw to get to three digits
10:45 PM6 months ago

3Q 3:00

Luka Doncic misses again from the three-point range and Chicago takes advantage of it with the entry of Alex Caruso who scores a triple to make the difference of 10 units.
10:36 PM6 months ago

3 Q 8:00

Bulls have managed to turn it around again and take a six-point lead with a great performance by Lonzo Ball, who scored 18 singles.
10:07 PM6 months ago

2Q 1:09

Lonzo Ball makes a basket from the three-point line to give Chicago the lead back
9:59 PM6 months ago

2Q 4:38

LaVine makes the United Center erupt with a three-pointer that brings the Bulls even at 51-51
9:58 PM6 months ago

2 Q 5:20

LaVine gets partial tie with a double, however, Mavericks retake lead
9:51 PM6 months ago

2Q 9:54

Brunson claims a play by DeRozan that ends up knocking him down. Mavericks and Bulls offer a difficult duel on offense in which Dallas overcomes since the end of the first quarter.
9:41 PM6 months ago

1 Q 0:02

Dallas manages to close the first quarter by turning the score around and has a one-point lead over Chicago
9:37 PM6 months ago

1st Q 1:54

Luka Doncic has left the court to rest and Tim Hardaway Jr. tries to lead Dallas but the slate continues to favor the home side, with Alex Caruso coming in in relief.
9:32 PM6 months ago

1st Q 4:00

Shot! Luka Doncic begins to reflect on the scoreboard and gets a double to bring Dallas closer, The score is 15-24.
9:26 PM6 months ago

1st Q 6:49

DeRozan misses from the free throw line, however, Bulls hold the lead.
Doncic adds two more for Mavericks and reaches 3 singles on the night.
9:19 PM6 months ago

1Q 7:39

Doncic tries to put the Mavericks' offense together but baskets are starting to be denied and the Bulls outscore them 13-8.
9:15 PM6 months ago

1st Q 9:52

Vucevic scores double-double for Bulls to reach 8 points, 1 point difference over Dallas
9:13 PM6 months ago

1st Q 11:40

Dallas scores first two points from the free throw line
9:12 PM6 months ago

1st Q 12:00

Game starts at United Center, Mavericks gain possession of the ball
8:47 PM6 months ago

We start soon

All set for the Bulls and Mavericks kick-off between the Bulls and Mavericks at the United Center, stay tuned for minute-by-minute coverage.
8:42 PM6 months ago

Chicago Bulls starting five

PG L. Ball
SH Z. LaVine
SF D. DeRozan
PF J. Green
C N. Vucevic
8:40 PM6 months ago

Dallas Mavericks Starting five

77 Luka Doncic
11 Tim Hardawey Jr.
10 Dorian Finney Snith
06 Kristaps Porzingis
07 Dwight Powell
8:36 PM6 months ago

Warm up!

DeMar DeRozan is already warming up on the United Center floor.
8:31 PM6 months ago

Play on the horn

This was the play with which the Slovenian player gave the victory over Celtics in the last breath of the game the previous Saturday. 
8:26 PM6 months ago

Dressing room ready!

Everything is ready in the Chicago locker room minutes before the team prepares to take the court. The home team will wear their black jersey; on social networks, the Bulls showed off Caruso's jersey.
8:21 PM6 months ago

Special footwear

Bulls player Zach LaVine took the court wearing the shoes Michael Jordan wore in the movie Space Jam.
8:16 PM6 months ago

In home

The Bulls have made their arrival at the United Center, as the home team arrived at the pavilion in Illinois.
8:11 PM6 months ago

We´re back

Luka Doncic wants to continue breaking records in Dallas, tonight the Mavericks will face the Chicago Bulls who have had a good start to the season and are in second place in the Eastern Conference.
8:06 PM6 months ago

Tune in here Bulls vs Mavericks Live Score

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What time is Bulls vs Mavericks match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Bulls vs Mavericks of 10th November 2021 in several countries:

USA (ET): 21:00 PM 

Mexico: 19:00 PM 

7:51 PM6 months ago

United Center

This match will take place at the United Center, which is a multi-sports pavilion located in the Chicago, Illinois area. Its name comes from its main sponsor, United Airlines, the airline company that pays around 1.8 million dollars a year to name the stadium, and they have a contract until 2014. It is home to the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks and the NBA's Chicago Bulls. It replaces the old Chicago Stadium, which was demolished after the brand new United Center opened on August 18, 1994.

On the east side of the pavilion's exterior is the famous statue of Michael Jordan. The pavilion is often referred to as the house that Jordan built. It boasts the largest enclosed pavilion in the United States, with almost 90,000 square meters of floor space. It has a capacity of 20,500 for ice hockey, 21,711 for basketball and 23,500 for concerts, ranking second only to the Palace of Auburn Hills. It hosts more than 200 events a year, and has been visited by more than 20 million people since its inauguration.

7:46 PM6 months ago

Mavericks' last lineup

10 Dorian Finney-Smith

6 Kristaps Porzingis

7 Dwight Powell

77 Luka Doncic

11 Tim Hardaway Jr

7:41 PM6 months ago

Bulls' last lineup

11 DeMar DeRozan

24 Javonte Green

9 Nikola Vucevic

8 Zach LaVine

2 Lonzo Ball

7:36 PM6 months ago

Chicago Bulls

For this duel where the Dallas Mavericks will host the Chicago Bulls, Luka Doncic arrives leading his team in statistics, converting a percentage of 24.9 points per game and earning about 8.0 rebounds, in addition to adding about 6.7 in average assists. On the Bulls' side the matter is much more distributed, that is, there is a leader in each category, DeMar DeRozan with 26.9, Nikola-Vucevic in rebounds with 11.0 and Lonzo Ball with 4.4 in assists.
7:31 PM6 months ago

Chicago Bulls

For their part, the Bulls are also in third place in their conference with seven wins and three losses. Although Chicago had started their season with a great run, the Sixers slowed down Billy Donovan's team by handing them a couple of consecutive defeats. However, in their favor they have a good season from DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine, who are averaging 26.8 and 26.4 points respectively. Only three other players average more points than DeRozan and LaVine.
7:26 PM6 months ago

Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic continues to break records and make his mark on the Mavericks, according to Basketball-Reference.com the basket obtained against the Celtics at the buzzer this Saturday is the third that Luka has made in that manner, placing him at the same level as Dirk Nowitzki as the maximum in the history of the Mavericks. So far, out of 10 games played, they have seven wins and three losses for a .700 percentage. Ranked third in the NBA's Western Conference.
7:21 PM6 months ago

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