Highlights: Pacers 111-100 Jazz in NBA 2021


12:44 AM6 months ago


12:31 AM6 months ago

Game over!

Although Clarkson had a great closing score of eleven points, Utah was not enough for the comeback and Pacers win by eleven points.
12:20 AM6 months ago

4 Q 2:35

Hassan Whiteside hangs on to score for Jazz in the absence of Mitchell who was sent to the locker room after an altercation on the court
12:14 AM6 months ago

4Q 5:00

Visitors reach triple figures on the board with points from T.J. McConell
12:09 AM6 months ago

4Q 6:40

Kelan Martin reaches 14 points by soaring from the left side of the court and scores to make it 96-89 for Indiana.
12:04 AM6 months ago

3Q 0:10

Malcolm Brogdon was a point for every minute on the court, 28 in total. At the end of the third quarter, the Pacers were eight points ahead 85-77.
11:59 PM6 months ago

3Q 2:20

Donovan Mitchel misses and Gobert gets to push it, Rudy Gobert tricks Chris Duarte well and gets all the way to the center of the basket to make it a two-goal game.
11:54 PM6 months ago

3Q 4:01

McConnel misses a three-point shot to keep him out of 13 personals.
11:49 PM6 months ago

3Q 6:41

Timeout for Utah. The difference by which Pacers beat them is 11 units.
11:44 PM6 months ago

3Q 10:00

Pacers hold lead with Donovan Mitchell on the court, scoring 22 points in 21 minutes
11:39 PM6 months ago

4Q 0:05

Pacers go into halftime with lead, T.J McConnell and Malcolm Brogdon reach 13 and 15 points before halftime to hold Jazz to 9 points
11:34 PM6 months ago

2Q 4:40

Foul on Whiteside who misses both shots from the free throw line and is held to 8 for Pacers contribution.
11:29 PM6 months ago

2Q 8:00

Donovan Mitchell leads the Jazz offense with 11 points so far.
11:24 PM6 months ago

1Q 11:00

Game starts between Indiana and Utah, Jazz leads by 6 over 3 points
11:19 PM6 months ago

Almost ready!

Everything is ready at the Vivint Arena for the start of the Indiana vs Utah, stay tuned here
11:14 PM6 months ago

Pacers starting five

Malcolm Brogdon
Justin Holiday
Chris Duarte
Myles Turner
Domantas Sabonis
11:09 PM6 months ago

Gobert breaks records

Rudy Gobert reached 175 rebounds in the first 11 games of the start of the season, in the last three decades only Andre Drummond, Dennus Rodman and Hassan Whiteside had done so.
11:04 PM6 months ago

Utah updates

Caris LeVert - Out (lower back soreness) Isaiah Jackson - Out (left knee) T.J. Warren - Out (left foot)
10:59 PM6 months ago

Utah is also ready

Utah's team is also on the Vivint Arena floor to prepare for the opening kickoff minutes away.
10:54 PM6 months ago

Pacers make their arrival

The Indiana team has arrived at the Vivint Smart Arena and here are some images of their arrival.
10:49 PM6 months ago

Pacers on a hot streak

Pacers have won three of last five, with last two losses to Raptors and Nuggets
10:44 PM6 months ago

We´re back

The Indiana Pacers host the Utah Jazz. In the last five games, the Jazz have won only twice, both times against the Hawks.
10:39 PM6 months ago

Tune in here Pacers vs Jazz Live Score

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How to watch Pacers vs Jazz Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Pacers vs Jazz live on TV, your options is: ESPN.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services and NBA  app.

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What time is Pacers vs Jazz match for NBA ?

This is the start time of the game Pacers vs Jazz of 11th November 2021 in several countries:

USA (ET): 19:00 PM in CBS

Mexico: 18:00 PM in ESPN

10:24 PM6 months ago

Vivint Arena

The meeting will take place at The Vivint Arena is a sports arena located in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States, owned by Larry H. Miller. It was completed in 1991 and was inaugurated on October 4 of that same year. It is the venue where the Utah Jazz NBA team plays its home games. Several major events have been held there, such as the Western Athletic Conference men's basketball tournaments between 1993 and 1995, the 1993 All-Star Game, the 1999 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, as well as several events of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

In August 1999, the roof of the facility was severely damaged by a tornado, costing nearly $4 million to repair.3

Vivint purchased the rights to the arena name in October 2015 and renamed the Vivint Smart Home Arena. In August 2020, the "Smart Home" title was dropped and it was renamed Vivint Arena only.

10:19 PM6 months ago

Face to face

In the case of the Utah Jazz a funny thing happens, when Mike Conley rests, it coincides with the Jazz slump. Donovan Mitchell has averaged 25.5 points, 7.0 rebounds and 6.5 assists in the pair of losses without Conley, but has not been entirely effective without Conley's company. The Jazz remain in second place in the NBA's Western Conference, just behind Golden State, with eight wins and three losses for a combined .727.

While Indiana Pacers will come in with an average of 109.2 points, Jazz comes in with 111.5. The men to watch on each side are Domantas Sabonis, in the absence of Malcom Brogdon for the Pacers, Sabonis has a less significant average than Malcom B, Domantas adds 19.3.

On the Jazz side, Donovan Mitchell sustains the team's offense with 25.9 points per game.

10:14 PM6 months ago

Indiana Pacers

Covid continues to plague the sports world to this day and NBA franchises are no exception,some franchises have lost players due to the health protocol, however, this time around the Indiana Pacers of Indiana are without their leading scorer Malcom Brogdon due to a sick leave unrelated to Covid 19. Indiana averages 109.2 points per game, 45.7 rebounds, 24.2 assists, 6.0 blocks and 7.3 steals. Malcolm Brogdom is their leader adding 22.3 per game. The Pacers rank 12th with four wins against seven losses while averaging .364.
10:09 PM6 months ago

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