Highlights Charlotte Hornets 106-102 Golden State Warriors in NBA
Golden State vs Chicago Bulls photo //  Source: Golden State Warriors


10:29 PM6 months ago

End of the game

What a game we have lived. Final at the Spectrum Center, the Hornets take the victory over the Warriors. A great performance by Rozier in the last minutes tipped the balance to the home side.
10:24 PM6 months ago

12 seconds left

Twelve seconds left and the Warriors are within four points of their opponent. They're going for a three-pointer and a quick foul. What a game.
10:23 PM6 months ago

Looney mistakes

Looney missed two personal shots. Charlotte is two ahead and looks like a winner.
10:18 PM6 months ago

Green's dunk

What a dunk by Draymond Green, who saw the lane and started running to pound the rim. Tie score. The Ocals call timeout. Less than a minute to go.
10:15 PM6 months ago

Two plus one for Rozier

What a play by Rozier who went up to score from two and draw a foul that he converts into an extra point. The Hornets take the lead, 100-102.
10:07 PM6 months ago

Six minutes left

Wiggins' basket to which Rozier immediately responds. 97-98 points on the scoreboard. What an end of game we are going to have.
9:56 PM6 months ago

Ouvre expelled

The number twelve has protested to the referee, which has cost him a technical and with the accumulation of fouls he is out of the game. Ten minutes to go.
9:53 PM6 months ago

What an end to the third quarter

First Rozier hit a three-pointer, only to have teammate Ouvre hit another three-pointer with five seconds left. When it seemed that the Hornets would go into the last quarter ahead, Curry appeared to make a basket from the center line. 88-87.
9:50 PM6 months ago

Curry's triple

Curry scores from three, after being all alone. The defense did not cover the Warriors player who scored an easy three-pointer.
9:39 PM6 months ago

Bridges' triple

Bridges scores from three for his team to tie, for the moment, the game. Golden State possession, 74-74.
9:33 PM6 months ago

Duel of three-pointers

Both teams started the third quarter well, and a "three-point battle" begins. First Rozier scores for the Hornets, then Wiggins for the Warriors. The visitors call timeout after Plumlee's dunk, 70-70.
9:30 PM6 months ago

Second half begins

The third quarter starts. The home team puts it in play. The last 24 minutes of the game are on the line, who will win?
9:11 PM6 months ago


After Kuminga's shots, the players go to the break with the score tied at 57. Great game that is being lived at the Spectrum Center.
9:09 PM6 months ago

What a mistake by Bridges

The referees are reviewing a possible foul by Bridges on Kuminga who will have three free throws.
9:04 PM6 months ago

Tie at 50

After Kerr's timeout, his team tied the game thanks to two three-pointers, one by Green and the other by Curry.
8:57 PM6 months ago

Charlotte within four points

Kerr called a timeout, as the home team came back from a four-point lead, and now they have a four-point advantage.
8:51 PM6 months ago

Wiggins dunk

Wiggins makes a dunk all alone. The local defense left him a corridor and the Warriors player did not miss the opportunity.
8:45 PM6 months ago

What a great start for Golden

What a start for the visitors, who turned the score around and took a one-goal lead. Borrego calls a timeout after the bad start of his team in the second half.
8:40 PM6 months ago

First quarter ends

The first twelve minutes of this game ends with a three-point advantage for the locals. The scoreboard shows 27-30. What a first quarter both teams have given us.
8:32 PM6 months ago

What a quarter of LaMelo

Another three-pointer by the Hornets' number two, who has already scored fourteen points in this first quarter. With two minutes left in the quarter, the home team leads by four points, 22-26.
8:20 PM6 months ago

LaMelo on fire

And again another three-pointer for the Hornets, and again LaMelo. He received alone and just as he received he made the shot. 16-15. The first timeout of the game is called.
8:16 PM6 months ago

LaMelo of three

What a start to the game, where the scoreboard showed 9-8.  LaMelo brought his team closer with a triple. What a good start for both teams.
8:14 PM6 months ago

The meeting begins

The game starts at the Spectrum Center. Golden State wins the first possession, in which Poole takes advantage to score his first three-pointer. The visitors start the game with a 7-3 advantage.
8:05 PM6 months ago

Charlotte Hornets lineup

For his part, James Borrego has released the following quintet, which is composed of Hayward, Bridges, Plumlee, Rozier and Ball.
8:01 PM6 months ago

Golden State lineup

Steve Kerr already has his starting lineup. This is the starting five: Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and Kevon Looney.
7:57 PM6 months ago

We already have quintets for both teams

With fifteen minutes to go before kickoff, both coaches have already decided on the five players who will start this match. These are the line-ups.
7:47 PM6 months ago

Maximum attendees

The most assists players of these two teams are Green and LaMelo Ball. The Golden's player, besides being the one who grabs the most rebounds of his team, is also the one who assists the most, as he averages 7.2 assists per game, just like his rival from Charlotte who has the same average of assists.
7:44 PM6 months ago

Maximum rebounders

In terms of defensive solidity, Green and Plumlee are the most outstanding players on their teams. Golden's player averages 8.3 rebounds per game, while the Hornets' player averages 7.8 rebounds per game.
7:35 PM6 months ago

Top scorers

The scorers averaging the most points this season on both teams are:

On one side, Stephen Curry on the Warriors, who averages 28.4 points per game.

On the other, Miles Bridges who averages 21.5 points per game for the Hornets.

7:30 PM6 months ago

The referees of the match

The referees selected to officiate this game between Charlotte Hornets vs. Golden State are: David Guthrie, Mark Lindsay and JD Ralls.
7:27 PM6 months ago

The players are already at the stadium

The Spectrum Center saw its protagonists arrive two hours ago to the pavilion to play this great game between two teams looking for victory.
7:25 PM6 months ago

We are already here

Welcome back to VAVEL's online coverage of Charlotte Hornets vs Golden State Warriors at the Spectrum Center. There is less than an hour left until kickoff.
12:24 AM6 months ago

Hornets vs Knicks

Charlotte Hornets vs New York Knicks photo // Source: Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Hornets vs New York Knicks photo // Source: Charlotte Hornets
12:19 AM6 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Charlotte vs Golden State live here

In a few moments we will share with you the Charlotte vs Golden State live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Spectrum Center. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
12:14 AM6 months ago

Lows of the game

Golden State will be the most disadvantaged for this game, as they will have three absentees for this game, and all three due to injury. The Warriors will be without Lee (hip injury), Thompson (knee injury) and Wiseman (knee injury). Porter will be a doubt for this game. The Hornets will be without Washington due to an elbow injury.
12:09 AM6 months ago

Charlotte's final lineup

For their part, the Hornets came out in the previous game against the Knicks with the following lineup: Hayward, Ball, Bridges, Rozier and Plumlee. 
12:04 AM6 months ago

Golden's last five

In the previous game against Chicago, Golden State Warriors went with the following lineup: Stephen Curry, Poole, Wiggins, Green and Looney. 
11:59 PM6 months ago

How are they coming?

Golden State comes in first in the conference with a great record of 10 wins and just one loss so far this season. However, the Hornets rank 10th in the conference with seven wins and seven losses.
11:54 PM6 months ago

Match Schedule

This is the start time of the game Charlotte vs Golden State of 15th November 2021 in several countries:


Argentina: 20:00 PM,

Bolivia: 19:00 PM.

Brazil: 20:00 PM.

Chile: 19:00 PM.

Colombia: 18:00 PM.

Ecuador: 18:00 PM.

USA (ET): 19:00 PM.

Spain: 01:00 AM,

Mexico: 18:00 PM.

Paraguay: 16:00 PM.

Peru: 18:00 PM.

Uruguay: 16:00 PM.

Venezuela: 19:00 PM. 

11:49 PM6 months ago

Hornets' last five home games

The last five home games, Charlotte has won three times against the Knicks, Portland and Indiana. And they have stopped two games, against Cleveland and Boston. 
11:44 PM6 months ago

Last five Warriors visits

In the Warriors' last five visits the results have been spectacular as they have won the last five visits. The opponents were: Oklahoma, Sacramento, Lakers (twice) and Portland. 
11:39 PM6 months ago


The last ten meetings between these teams have ended with six wins for the Hornets and four for the Warriors. The last meeting was won by Golden State by a 124-92 score.
11:34 PM6 months ago

Last game for the Hornets

However, the Hornets beat the New York Knicks by eight points at their home arena. James Borrego's team had to come back from an 18-34 deficit in the first quarter. In the end, the game ended with a favorable result for Charlotte, 104-96. The best player of the game was Bridges, who scored 24 points, four rebounds and four assists. 
11:29 PM6 months ago

Last meeting of the Warriors

In the previous game, Steve Kerr's players defeated the Chicago Bulls at the Chase Center, 119-93. In a game where the Warriors went from less to more. Kerr's players did not start well, as they lost the first quarter, 23-29, but from then on they grew.  The best of the game was Curry who scored 40 points, four rebounds and five assists. 
11:24 PM6 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of this Golden State Warriors vs Charlotte Hornets, corresponding to the thirteenth game of the NBA 2022 at the Spectrum Center. The game will start at 19:00 (ET). Follow the online broadcast on VAVEL.