Highlights: Clippers 106-92 Spurs in NBA
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12:55 AM19 days ago

Best performances

Clippers: Paul George (34 pts, 9 rebounds), Ivica Zubac (8 pts, 13 rebounds), Reggie Jackson (21 pts, 6 rebounds, 4 assists), Brandon Boston Jr. - from the bench (13 pts, 4 rebounds)

Spurs: Dejounte Murray (26 pts, 12 rebounds, 9 assists), Derrick White (19 pts), Thaddeus Young - from the bench (10 pts, 4 rebounds, 5 assists)

12:49 AM19 days ago

Game stats

Clippers x Spurs
FG: 44% x 43.2%

3PT: 31.6% x 22.7%

FT: 90.9% x 71.4%

Rebounds: 59 x 46

Assists: 16 x 26

Turnovers: 21 x 16

Fouls: 13 x 17

12:46 AM19 days ago

Game over

Clippers win by 14 and reach 9-5 in the season, same as Utah and Denver, 4th and 5th in the West. Meanwhile, Spurs go 4-10, stay at 13th in the same conference and are still trying to recover.
12:35 AM19 days ago

Reggie Jackson

The PG comes back from the time out with two for threes in a row and opens up the lead for the home team agains
12:30 AM19 days ago

Time out Clippers

Spurs cut down the difference to 9 and Ty Lu stops the game again
12:23 AM19 days ago


The SG steals the ball on defense, advances fast to the attack and goes to the layup avoiding the block attempt from McDermott
12:12 AM19 days ago

End of 3rd quarter

Clippers take a good sequence at the end of the quarter and lead by 12
12:08 AM19 days ago

Time out Clippers

Tyronn Lue stops the game after another turnover from the home team. They have 17 so far against 11 from the Spurs.
12:03 AM19 days ago

Paul George

Clippers' SF reaches 30 points so far
11:54 PM19 days ago

Great play, but invalid

Eubanks throws the ball in the air after getting a foul and before hitting the floor, and it gets in. However, the referees call the foul before the throw and the points are not counted.
11:49 PM19 days ago

Second half begins

Third quarter in action
11:40 PM19 days ago

Key players so far

Clippers: Paul George (24 pts)

Spurs: Dejounte Murray (20 pts, 7 rebounds, 5 assists)

11:38 PM19 days ago

First Half stats

Clippers x Spurs

FG: 48.8% x 48.9%

3PT: 21.1% x 22.2%

Rebounds: 27 x 22

Assists: 8 x 14

Steals: 5 x 7

Turnovers: 12 x 9

Fouls: 5 x 10

11:34 PM19 days ago


Clippers lead by 4
11:31 PM19 days ago


Johnson stops Bledsoe throw with a block presioting the ball against the backboard
11:15 PM19 days ago


The Clippers guard fakes a throw, makes a spin and then goes for two again in a beautiful play
11:09 PM19 days ago


Clippers 6 x 3 Spurs
11:04 PM19 days ago

End of the first game

Clippers 25 x 20 Spurs
11:03 PM19 days ago

White misses pass

Spurs' PG tries a quick back pass to Johnson, but throws it to the sideline
10:55 PM19 days ago

Paul George

The veteran player already has nine points in the game
10:51 PM19 days ago

Touch defense

The game starts with good disputes in the lane and great defense from both sides
10:41 PM19 days ago

And the game begins

Here we go
10:38 PM19 days ago

Spurs starting five

Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Doug McDermott, Keldon Johnson and Drew Eubanks
10:30 PM19 days ago

Clippers starting five

Reggie Jackson, Eric Bledsoe, Paul George, Nicolas Batum and Ivica Zubac
9:47 PM19 days ago

Good evening

At 10:30 PM (ET), the ball will go up for Spurs x Clippers
9:55 AM19 days ago

Tune in here Clippers vs Spurs Live Score

The ball goes up at 10:30 PM (ET). Do not miss a detail of the match Clippers - Spurs live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
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How to watch Clippers - Spurs Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to directly stream the game: NBA Game Pass.
If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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What time is Clippers-Spurs match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Clippers vs Spurs of 16th November 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 0h30 PM (Thursday to Wednesday) in NBA Game Pass
Bolivia: 11h30 PM in NBA Game Pass
Brazil: 0h30 PM (Thursday to Wednesday) in NBA League Pass
Chile: 0h30 PM (Thursday to Wednesday) in NBA Game Pass
Colombia: 10h30 PM in NBA Game Pass
Ecuador: 10h30 PM in NBA Game Pass
USA (ET): 10h30 PM in ESPN
Spain: 4h30 AM (of Wednesday) in NBA Game Pass
Paraguay: 0h30 PM (Thursday to Wednesday) in NBA Game Pass
Peru: 0h30 PM (Thursday to Wednesday) in NBA Game Pass
Uruguay: 0h30 PM (Thursday to Wednesday) in NBA Game Pass
Venezuela: 8h30 PM in NBA Game Pass


9:40 AM19 days ago

Clippers vs Spurs Prediction

The Los Angeles Clippers are the clear favourites on this one, considering the roster, the campaign so far and the home field advantage. However, the Spurs already managed some unexpected wins, against the Bucks in away game fo example, and we always have to remember that Greg Popovic is in the sideline.
9:35 AM19 days ago

Latest games between Clippers vs Spurs

The Clippers have won the last two matchups between the teams, in March 24th and 25th, with both of them happening in Texas within the previous regular season. The first one had a 33 point lead for the victorious side and the other, a 13 difference.
9:30 AM19 days ago

Key player of San Antonio

Dejounte Murray. The young man of 25 years old is the main "to-go" guy for the Spurs so far. He leads the team in average points (18.4), assists (8) and steals (2.1); he is also in second in rebounds per game (7.8), only behind the team's center, Jakob Poeltl (9.7).
9:25 AM19 days ago

Key player of Los Angeles

Paul George. Without Kawhi, in theory, the veteran already was the expected leader of the team, and in reality it's exactly what is happening. He leads the team in average points (26.5), FG (9.8), assists (5.2) and steals (2.2).
9:20 AM19 days ago

Probable lineups of Clippers vs Spurs

Los Angeles: Reggie Jackson, Eric Bledsoe, Paul George, Nicolas Batum and Ivica Zubac

San Antonio: Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Doug McDermott, Keldon Johnson and Drew Eubanks

9:15 AM19 days ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The referees for this game are yet to be revealed by the league. As soon as it gets out, we will update this post.
9:10 AM19 days ago

Out for the Spurs

G-League: Devontae Cacok, Joshua Primo and Joe Wieskamp

Others: Zach Collins (left ankle fracture), Jock Landale (Covid-19 protocols) and Jakob Poeltl (reconditioning).

9:05 AM19 days ago

Clippers report

Out: Keon Johnson, Kawhi Leonard, Marcus Morris Sr and Jason Preston (injuries); Serge Ibaka (G-League assignment)

Questionable: Terance Mann (injured)

9:00 AM19 days ago

The match will be played at the Staples Center

The Clippers vs Spurs match will be played at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, with a capacity of 20,000 people. This is the sixth home game in a row for the Clippers, and last one before taking the road. They won the first four and lost the last game for the Bulls.
8:55 AM19 days ago

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