Baskets and Highlights of Bulls 107-112 Trail Blazers on NBA 2021
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12:39 AM12 days ago

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The best of the match

LaVine became the MVP of the game with 30 points scored by him in total.  This was one of his best plays:


12:35 AM12 days ago

4th Quarter 0:00

The game ended with an incredible comeback by the Trail Blazers over the Bulls. 
12:13 AM12 days ago

4th Quarter 3:34

Great three-point basket with which Lillard gives his team a four-point lead and surpasses 100 points in the game. 
12:07 AM12 days ago

4th Quarter 6:38

McCollum gets an incredible three points to give Portland the lead. 
12:06 AM12 days ago

4th Quarter 8:26

Great shot by Lillard who makes a three-pointer to even the score for the first time in the game. 
11:47 PM12 days ago

3rd Quarter 00:18

Two points from Simons, essential for the quest for a comeback. 
11:43 PM12 days ago

3rd Quarter 2:16

The fans are on fire and the Blazers are off trying to catch Bulls on the scoreboard with a tremendous play. 
11:42 PM12 days ago

3rd Quarter 4:20


Great basket by Lillard from three-point range that gives Portland life. 

11:38 PM12 days ago

3rd Quarter 7:43


Good basket by Bradley to help the Bulls keep the lead. 

11:08 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 0:00


The first half of the game ends and the victory momentarily goes to the Chicago team. 

11:04 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 1:45


The Bulls already have more than 60 points thanks to Green's great dunk. impressive game! 

11:00 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 3:23


Again the Bulls score three points thanks to an impressive shot by DeRozan. 

10:54 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 5:32


Powelll brings the Blazers closer despite being fouled hard.

10:51 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 6:48


New basket by Lavine from three-point range who made an impressive backwards jumper. 

10:45 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 9:35


Great counter-attacking score by Green, who with great technique left the ball in the basket with one hand. 

10:38 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 0:00


The first quarter ends with the score in favor of the Bulls.

10:27 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 4:14


Lavine makes another three-pointer for the Bulls. 

10:26 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 06:30


Caruso scores one and misses one from the foul zone. 

10:22 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 12:00

The game begins 
10:18 PM12 days ago

The match will start in a few moments

Both teams are already on the court ready for tonight's game, where the favorite could be considered the Chicago team due to the good moment they are going through, but Trail Blazers will play a game that could surely change things.
10:10 PM12 days ago

Trail Blazers starting lineup

The Portland team will take the field with these men to take advantage of the locale: 

0. D. Lillard, 3. C. J. McCollum, 24. N. Powell, 33. R. Covington and 27. J. Nurkic. 

10:07 PM12 days ago

McCollum's cabal

Great way to jump on the court by the Portland player, unparalleled images.


9:38 PM13 days ago

Bulls starting lineup

These will be the men who will start on the field in Portland:

2. L. Ball, 8. Z. Lavine, 11. D. DeRozan, 6. A. Caruso and 13. T. Bradley.

9:33 PM13 days ago

He is back

Coby White is already warming up on the field, after having been absent all season and part of last season due to shoulder surgery.

9:17 PM13 days ago

Favorable percentage for Chicago

The Bulls' DeRozan is averaging 26.9 touchdowns per game, which could only be matched by McCollum, who currently has 21.3 touchdowns per game.
9:07 PM13 days ago

Live broadcast begins

Live broadcast begins In a few moments we will present all the details of the game, the starting lineups, news and much more on VAVEL USA.
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Stay with us

We'll be back with you in a few moments to bring you all the details, news and minute-by-minute updates of the Bulls vs Trail Blazers game live from Portland City.
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How and where to watch Bulls vs Trail Blazers

The game will be broadcasted through NBA League Pass.

If you prefer to follow the game live online, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option. 

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Last Game Bulls vs Trail Blazers

The last game played between these teams was on January 30 of the current year, which ended with a close victory in favor of Portland with a score of 123-122.
11:37 PM13 days ago


A pair of very mismatched teams; they are second place in the Eastern Conference, against ninth place in the Western Conference. 
The Bulls have a total of 10 wins and only four losses, while the Blazers are outscored in losses with a 7-8 record. 
11:32 PM13 days ago

Key player of Blazers

C. J. McCollum has had a great season for Portland, being a reference in counterattacks and scoring several points from three-point range. 

Just look at what he did in the previous game, when he scored a total of 29 points, six assists and three rebounds, numbers that he will look to improve in order to defeat the Bulls and their good streak.

11:27 PM13 days ago

Bulls key player

DeMar DeRozan gave an impressive scoring lesson in the last game against the Lakers, with a total of 38 points, but not only that, he was also the second best assist of the game with six passes for his teammates to score baskets. 

Now, he will be a key player for the Bulls to get a win in Portland. 

11:22 PM13 days ago

Portland wants to improve

The Trail Blazers beat the Raptors in the previous game, with a score that ended 118-113 and that gave them the pass to arrive with a positive streak to a quite difficult test tonight, where they will have to do things in a better way to get out of the mid-table in the Western conference.  
11:17 PM13 days ago

Bulls as the second best team

The Chicago team has had a very good rhythm this season, and tonight they will arrive with a two-game winning streak after beating the Lakers in the previous game with a convincing score that ended 121-103, making clear their good momentum against the Los Angeles team.
11:12 PM13 days ago

The match will be played at the Moda Center


The Bulls vs Trail Blazers match will be played at the Moda Center, in Portland, USA with a capacity of 19,980 people. 

Known until 2013 as Rose Garden Arena, it is a sports arena located in Portland, Oregon. 

It is the main one in the city and is owned by Vulcan Sports and Entertainment, a company run by Paul Allen, and is currently managed by Global Spectrum, a company that runs sports facilities.

The first tenant of the pavilion was the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, owned by Paul Allen. Currently, besides the Trail Blazers, the Portland Winter Hawks of the WHL and the Portland LumberJax of the NLL also have their home there.

11:07 PM13 days ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the NBA 2021 match: Bulls vs Trail Blazers Live Updates!


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This time we will have a match between two teams that on paper arrive with a very marked disparity; the Bulls, who are leading the Eastern Conference, will visit Portland in a not very favorable situation.