Highlights: New Orleans Pelicans 98-113 Miami
Heat in NBA 2021
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Final summary

9:57 PM12 days ago

End of match

The game concludes at the FTX Arena in Miami.

Convincing victory for the Heat, who get their 10th win of the season.

New Orleans will have to keep working to recover a project of young talents.

9:54 PM12 days ago

02:00 of the last quarter

Last moments of a match that was leaning towards the home team since the second half.
9:49 PM13 days ago

04:00 of the last quarter

The visitor's hoop closes and after being very effective from the 3's line, the team fell down and did not come back.
9:45 PM13 days ago

06:00 of the last quarter

Miami gets just under 20-point lead and controls the fate of the game, Pelicans had a terrible second half
9:39 PM13 days ago

08:00 of the last quarter

Great start to the last quarter for Miami and it looks like they will hold the lead to reach their 10th win.
9:34 PM13 days ago

10:00 of the last quarter

The home team now holds a 10-point lead in the game and will be looking to maintain it.
9:32 PM13 days ago

12:00 of the last quarter

With Miami leading by 11, the final quarter begins at FTX Arena.
9:28 PM13 days ago

End of third quarter

Florida team got back in the game and started to show its power, Pelicans need to wake up after a bad third quarter
9:23 PM13 days ago

02:00 of the third quarter

Jimmy Butler led the game in points with 25 followed by Josh Hart of the visitors with 12.
9:18 PM13 days ago

04:00 of the third quarter

After 2 interruptions for review, Miami begins to set the pace of the game thanks to Herro and Butler.
9:08 PM13 days ago

06:00 of the third quarter


The teams take turns leading the game but the momentum appears to be with Miami to come from behind.

9:01 PM13 days ago

07:22 of the third quarter

For the first time in the game, Miami leads the game and forces a timeout from the visiting bench
9:00 PM13 days ago

08:00 of the third quarter

The game closes with a great start for the Miami Heat led by Jimmy Butler.
8:57 PM13 days ago

10:00 of the third quarter

long distance shots for both teams again, the visitors still narrowly ahead
8:55 PM13 days ago

12:00 of the third quarter

Action resumes at FTX Arena in Miami, Heat lose by 5 vs. Pelicans
8:39 PM13 days ago

End of second quarter

We go to halftime with a surprising visitor who, thanks to long distance shots, take a 5-point lead.
8:36 PM13 days ago

02:00 of the second quarter

Pelicans maintain a good offensive rhythm and look to close the fourth quarter with a lead
8:28 PM13 days ago

04:00 of the second quarter

Heat foul trouble

PJ Tucker 3

Dewayne Dedmon 2

Gabe Vincent 3

8:25 PM13 days ago

06:00 of the second quarter

Miami manages to regain Pelicans lead to within 10 points
8:19 PM13 days ago

08:00 of the second quarter

Foul trouble for the visit

Valančiūnas 1

Alexander-Walker 3 

Jones 2

8:15 PM13 days ago

10:00 of the second quarter

The same dynamic of the first quarter continues with the Pelicans getting baskets from the 3" line
8:12 PM13 days ago

12:00 of the second quarter

Action resumes at Miami's FTX Arena
8:09 PM13 days ago

End of first quarter

With a great performance from distance, the Pelicans go ahead by a score of 34-21.
8:05 PM13 days ago

02:00 of the first quarter

Nickeil Alexander leads the Pelicans in points with 9, followed by Devonte Graham with 3.
8:00 PM13 days ago

04:00 of the first quarter

Los Pelicans mantiene su ventaja y comienzan a despegarse del Heat
7:56 PM13 days ago

06:00 of the first quarter

The time out helped the visitor who has found the net of the basket
7:51 PM13 days ago

08:00 of the first quarter

First time on the court for Miami to stop New Orleans' long-range shooting.
7:50 PM13 days ago

08:00 of the first quarter

4 of 5 from 3 for the visitors, who dominate the beginning of the game.
7:46 PM13 days ago

10:00 of the first quarter

Foul trouble for P.J. Tucker who has 2 fouls and has to go to the bench, the visitors start strong from the 3" line.
7:43 PM13 days ago

Game starts in Miami

Hostilities get underway as Heat host Pelicans
7:22 PM13 days ago

All set at Miami's FTX Arena

All set in Florida for tonight's game between the New Orleans Pelicans vs Miami Heat, two contrasting teams that promises to be a great game.
7:18 PM13 days ago

The Pelicans' big loss: Zion Williamson

Without a doubt, New Orleans' casualty is the injury suffered by their great young star Zion Williamson at the beginning of the season, although he was already allowed to train and will return in December. 
7:14 PM13 days ago

Tonight's NBA games

Tonight's games in the United States are Pistons vs Pacers, Hornets vs Wizards, Hawks vs Celtics, Nets vs Cavaliers, Knicks vs Magic, Heat vs Pelicans, Bucks vs Lakers, Thunder vs Rockets, Timberwolves vs Kings, Suns vs Mavericks and Trail Blazers vs Bulls.
6:52 PM13 days ago

New Orleans Pelicans Upcoming Games

After tonight's game, New Orleans will host the Clippers, visit the Pacers and again at home against the Timberwolves.
6:52 PM13 days ago

Upcoming Miami Heat games

After facing the Pelicans, the Heat will host the Wizards tomorrow to pay a visit to the U.S. capital on Saturday, followed by visits to Detroit and Minnesota. 
6:44 PM13 days ago

The FTX Arena, the Miami Heat's home arena.

The formerly known as American Airlines Arena opened on December 31, 1999 at a cost of $175 million and has a capacity of 19,600. 
6:39 PM13 days ago

Last game for the visiting team

The Pelicans come to Florida after losing by only 5 points against a surprising Wizards, where the best was Brandon Ingram with 31 points in 32 minutes.
6:34 PM13 days ago

Last game of the home team

Miami comes after getting its ninth win of the season as a visitor against the Thunder by a score of 103-90 with Tyler Herro as its best player with 26 points in 37 minutes and 7 assists. 
6:29 PM13 days ago

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What time is Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans match for NBA?


This is the start time of the game Miami Heat vs New Orleans Pelicans of 17th November in several countries:


Argentina: 09:30 PM in NBA League Pass

Bolivia: 08:30 PM in NBA League Pass

Brazil: 09:30 PM in NBA League Pass

Chile: 08:30 PM in NBA League Pass

Colombia: 7:30 PM in NBA League Pass

Ecuador: 7:30 PM in NBA League Pass

USA (ET): 7:30 PM in TNT

Spain: 1:30 AM (16th November)

Mexico: 6:30 PM in NBA League Pass

Paraguay: 09:30 PM in NBA League Pass

Peru: 7:30 PM in NBA League Pass

Uruguay: 09:30 PM in NBA League Pass

6:19 PM13 days ago

Keep an eye on this Pelicans player.

Despite his team's poor performance, Brandon Ingram has 25 points, 6.5 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game, and even if it's not enough to have more wins, many teams would surely want Ingram in their ranks. 
6:14 PM13 days ago

Watch out for this Heat player

The great leader of the Miami team is undoubtedly Jimmy Butler. He leads his team with 23.6 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game, being a fundamental part of the Heat's success.
6:09 PM13 days ago

Last five of New Orleans Pelicans

3 Josh Hart, 14 Brandom Ingram, 17 Jonas Valanciunas, 4 Devonte Graham, 6 Nickeil Alexander-Walker
6:04 PM13 days ago

Last five of Miami Heat

55 Duncan Robinson, 17 P.J. Tucker, 21 Dewayne Dedmon, 14 Tyler Hero, 7 Kyle Lowry.
5:59 PM13 days ago

New Orleans' last results

With 6 losses in their last 7 games, the Pelicans are in a deep crisis that does not seem to have an end, now they will visit Florida to try to win and surprise a Heat that comes with a good momentum.
5:54 PM13 days ago

Miami latest results

The Heat come in with two consecutive away wins, as after losing three in a row to the Nuggets, Lakers and Clippers, Miami defeated the Jazz and Thunder.
5:49 PM13 days ago

The Pelicans' project is faltering

With young players with a bright future but poor results, New Orleans will be struggling all season to avoid being the worst team in the league.
5:44 PM13 days ago

Miami a reality to be a contender in the East

After being finalists in the Orlando bubble and a bad last season, Miami came back with a great level and will continue to confirm the good expectations while moving up positions.
5:39 PM13 days ago

A game of contrasts in Florida

While the home team remains at the top of the Eastern Conference with a record of 9 wins and 5 losses, the New Orleans Pelicans are second to last in the Wild West with a record of 2 wins and 13 losses.
5:34 PM13 days ago

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