Plays and Highlights Golden State Warriors 104 - 89 Cleveland Cavaliers in NBA
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11:14 PM6 months ago

Highlights of the game

The best plays Golden State won vs Cavaliers 
10:52 PM6 months ago

Full time

The game ends at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse the Warriors take the victory with a great game by Curry with 40 pts. Garland scored 25 points being the best player on the team.
10:47 PM6 months ago

00:58 4Q

Curry leaves the court Chris Chiozza enters
10:44 PM6 months ago

1:00 4Q

Great play by Curry and jams the ball 99-88 double digit lead
10:43 PM6 months ago

2:30 4Q

Triple by Curry to put distance from 9 to a few seconds to conclude the game
10:38 PM6 months ago

4:00 4Q

Time out Golden State
10:37 PM6 months ago

4:00 4Q

Nemanja Bjelica misses triple
10:34 PM6 months ago

5:14 4Q

Time out Cleveland
10:34 PM6 months ago

5:44 4Q

Damion Lee scores triple and maintains lead for Golden State 90-86
10:31 PM6 months ago

6:00 4Q

15-0 in the middle of this fourth quarter in favor of Golden State
10:29 PM6 months ago

8:00 4Q

8 of 12 3-pointers for Stephen Curry certainly a great game for number 30
10:28 PM6 months ago

8:00 4Q

Time out for Cavaliers
10:26 PM6 months ago

9:00 4Q

Damion Lee makes layup the score is 81-81
10:25 PM6 months ago

9:24 4Q

Third consecutive triple for Curry and the run is 9-0 in the fourth quarter
10:22 PM6 months ago

10:15 4Q

Time out Cleveland
10:21 PM6 months ago

10:15 4Q

Triple scores consecutive triples and Golden State begins to get closer on the scoreboard
10:19 PM6 months ago

11:27 4Q

Curry scores triple to close the gap
10:17 PM6 months ago

12:00 4Q

The last 12 minutes begin at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse to find out who will win the game
10:15 PM6 months ago

00:00 3Q

Finish 3rd quarter in favor of Cavaliers 81-68
10:11 PM6 months ago

1:20 3Q

2 of 6 triples in this quarter for the Warriors team is one of the reasons they are losing the game at the moment.
10:08 PM6 months ago

2:26 3Q

Away team changes to cut distances
10:06 PM6 months ago

4:00 3Q

Run of 4-13 in the last minutes in favor of Cavs the score is 65-74
9:58 PM6 months ago

6:04 3Q

2 minutes without Golden State points worries his coach and asks for a timeout
9:56 PM6 months ago

8:00 3Q

The game turned even with few points at the moment following the advantage of 1 possession in favor of Cavs
9:48 PM6 months ago

10:00 3Q

Golden State's fierce start and takes advantage at the moment 57-56
9:46 PM6 months ago

12:00 3Q

The second half begins with a Cavs advantage
9:32 PM6 months ago

00:00 2Q

The first half ends with alternate dominance in the game, the score is Golden State 51-54 Cleveland Cavaliers.

7 of 15 triples for Golden State

8 of 15 from long distance for Cavs



9:27 PM6 months ago

2:00 2Q

Another time Garland has all day and scores one more triple to his account
9:23 PM6 months ago

3:50 2Q

Golden State timeout the score is Warriors 42-46 Cavaliers
9:20 PM6 months ago

5:00 2Q

Davies' great layup and takes slight advantage, they take turns the advantage in the match
9:17 PM6 months ago

7:05 2Q

Mistakes  of both teams maintain the same score 35-35
9:14 PM6 months ago

7:59 2Q

Time Out of Golden State
9:13 PM6 months ago

8:00 2Q

Bad start the Cavs have only scored 2 pts in 3 minutes
9:11 PM6 months ago

10:03 2Q

Curry takes advantage of the space and gets another triple to increase the advantage, good game by Curry
9:09 PM6 months ago

11:45 2Q

Golden State Warriors take advantage for the first time in the game 30-29
9:05 PM6 months ago

00:00 1Q

The first quarter ends very close with a score of 27-29 in favor of the Cavaliers
9:04 PM6 months ago

1:10 1Q

The Warriors defense does a great job and keeps the Cavaliers offense scoreless in 1 minute
9:00 PM6 months ago

2:21 1Q

Time Out Cleveland Cavaliers the difference is only 1 long possession 21-24
8:55 PM6 months ago

3:16 1Q

Good shot from Bjelica who scores from long distance, the difference is shortened to 5 points.
8:50 PM6 months ago

3:56 1Q

What a forceful long-distance Cavaliers 4-of-6 so far.
8:45 PM6 months ago

4:52 1Q

The Golden State Warriors have only 1 triple of 5 attempted
8:40 PM6 months ago

5:53 1Q

2 offensive failures by Warriors, capitalized by the Cavs with 3s by Wade and Garlan put the score 9-22
8:35 PM6 months ago

6:36 1Q

Great penetration by Green and the distance is shortened, 9-14 in favor of Cavaliers
8:30 PM6 months ago

7:35 1Q

Rubio goes to the free throw line and scores 1 of 2
8:25 PM6 months ago

8:53 1Q

Curry play and scores his first triple
8:20 PM6 months ago

9:08 1Q

Time out for Golden State Warriors
8:15 PM6 months ago

9:20 1Q

Great start for Cavaliers with score of 10-0
8:10 PM6 months ago

Start the game

Start the game at the Rocket Mortage Fieldhouse
8:05 PM6 months ago

The next games for Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers will have very difficult games in the following week, as they will host the Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic and visit the Dallas Mavericks
8:00 PM6 months ago

Old acquaintances

In 2016, these 2 teams met in the NBA finals, the Golden State team won all 4 games in a row and were crowned NBA champions. Game 1: 124-114 Game 2: 122 - 103 Game 3: 102-110 Game 4: 85-108
7:55 PM6 months ago

Cavs warm-up

The Cleveland cavaliers already warm up at home before the start of the game.


7:50 PM6 months ago

Warriors warm-up

The Golden State Warriors are already warming up at the Rocket Mortage Fieldhouse.


7:45 PM6 months ago

Lineup for away team

The Golden State Warrriors present this fifth


7:40 PM6 months ago

The lineup of Cavaliers

The lineup for Cavaliers


7:35 PM6 months ago

The last game

The last game between both teams ended with a score of 109-99 in favor of Golden State
7:30 PM6 months ago

Injuries players for Warriors

The warriors present injured players for this game such as: Thompson and Wiseman
7:25 PM6 months ago

Injurie players for Cavs

The cavs present injured players for this game such as: Sexton, Mobley and Makkanen
7:20 PM6 months ago

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Games Between

A clear dominance of Golden State over the Cavaliers in their last 11 games all have been won by the Warriors and the last victory of the Cavs was in 2017
7:05 PM6 months ago

Key player Cavs

Darius Garland averages 16.6 pts. per game, 2.2 rebounds, and 6.7 assists, he will be the man in charge of leading Cleveland's team.
Photo: Getty images //  Michael Reaves
Photo: Getty images // Michael Reaves
7:00 PM6 months ago

Key player Warriors

Stephen curry averages 28.7 pts. per game, 6.3 rebounds and 6.6 assists. Without a doubt the most important player in Warriors. On Tuesday, Curry played 29 minutes, scoring 37 points on 12 of 19 shooting from the field. The two-time MVP has led Golden State to a 12-2 record, the best in the league to open the season.
Photo: Getty images //  Ezra Shaw
Photo: Getty images // Ezra Shaw
6:55 PM6 months ago
6:50 PM6 months ago

Probable lineup for home team

Probable lineup for CLE: Ricky Rubio, Darius Garland, Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade and Evan Mobley.
6:45 PM6 months ago

Probable lineup of away team

Probable lineup for GSW: Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and Kevon Looney
6:40 PM6 months ago

Cavs to improve their basquetball

The Cavs will be looking to reclaim themselves after a few loose games, he is 2-3 in his last 5 games. The Cavs have played a slow-paced style of basketball this season, ranking 26th, but may be forced to play a bit faster due to front court injuries and the Warriors' offensive prowess.
6:35 PM6 months ago

Golden State to still on the top.

The Warriors will seek to remain the best team in the west and comes with 4 wins in their last 5 games. After making a statement with a 117-99 win over Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets, the Golden State Warriors will move into the third game of their four-game swing Thursday against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To end their tour, the Warriors will play back-to-back, starting with the Cavaliers on Tuesday and the Detroit Pistons on Friday.

Heading into a showdown with the Cavs, the Warriors could be without a couple of key contributors. After an impressive performance against the Nets, Steph Curry appears questionable with a bruised left hip. If Curry stays out, Damion Lee, Gary Payton II and Jordan Poole could see a bigger role in Steve Kerr's rotation.

6:30 PM6 months ago

The match will be played at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

The Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers match will be played at the stadium Mortgage FieldHouse, Cleveland , in Ohio, USA with a capacity of 14,432 people.
6:25 PM6 months ago

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