Highlights and Best Moments: Lakers 108-130 Celtics in NBA Season
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Thank you for following the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics NBA game.
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End game

Lakers 108-130 Celtics.
10:00 PM10 days ago

4Q 02:32

Payton Pritchard with a three-pointer to further widen the gap.
9:55 PM10 days ago

4Q 04:46

Al Horford with the two free throws and the difference is already 20 points. The Celtics will reach eight wins.
9:50 PM10 days ago

4Q 05:02

From the corner, Tatum with the flash to make another three-pointer.
9:45 PM10 days ago

4Q 06:00

LeBron being LeBron with the long shot to make his sixth triple of the night.
9:40 PM10 days ago

4Q 06:59

Jayson Tatum with foul and tally, Celtics cruise to victory.
9:35 PM10 days ago

4Q 08:21

Anthony Davis takes advantage of the rebound and scores two more points on the board, reaching 29 points in his personal account.
9:30 PM11 days ago

4Q 10:01

Jayson Tatum with the two free throw points and the Celtics surpass 100 points.
9:25 PM11 days ago

4Q 11:51

Russell Westbrook opens the scoring in the final period with a spectacular three-pointer.
9:20 PM11 days ago

End of third quarter

Lakers 82-93 Celtics.
9:15 PM11 days ago

3Q 01:23

Al Horford scores from the foul line to bring his personal tally to 16.
9:10 PM11 days ago

3Q 02:44

Al Horford with a double-double and the difference is already 14 points.
9:05 PM11 days ago

3Q 04:42

Josh Richardson grabs the rebound and scores the double-double.
9:00 PM11 days ago

3Q 06:18

LeBron James with the half-around and makes two more points.
8:55 PM11 days ago

3Q 07:37

Jayson Tatum scores both shots from the free throw line.
8:50 PM11 days ago

3Q 08:47

Jayson Tatum again beats LeBron one-on-one and scores two more points.
8:45 PM11 days ago

3Q 09:44

LeBron James makes a comeback with a double-double for the Lakers.
8:40 PM11 days ago

3Q 10:57

Marcus Smart with the triple to open the second half slate.
8:35 PM11 days ago

3Q 12:00

The second half begins between Lakers and Celtics.
8:30 PM11 days ago

Half time

Lakers 61-60 Celtics.
8:25 PM11 days ago

2Q 00:16

LeBron James steals the ball and makes the foul and it counts.
8:20 PM11 days ago

2Q 01:51

Lebron despite the mark makes the jumper and adds two more.
8:15 PM11 days ago

2Q 02:42

Carmelo Anthony with the three-pointer that tied the close game.
8:10 PM11 days ago

2Q 04:43

Jayson Tatum under the backboard scores both points and the Celtics are already up for the first time on the night.
8:05 PM11 days ago

2Q 06:43

Despite the double-team score, Anthony Davis makes both points with a pump shot.
8:00 PM11 days ago

2Q 07:38

Dwight Howard takes advantage of the rebound to make the double-double in favor of the Lakers.
7:55 PM11 days ago

2Q 08:59

Dennis Schroder with a double-double and the Celtics close to within three.
7:50 PM11 days ago

2Q 11:42

Dennis Schroder opens the second half scoring with a double-double.
7:45 PM11 days ago

End of first quarter

Lakers 38-30 Celtics.
7:40 PM11 days ago

1Q 00:44

Malik Monk with the spectacular three-point shot that goes in off the bounce.
7:35 PM11 days ago

1Q 02:40

Marcus Smart comes through again with yet another double-double.
7:30 PM11 days ago

1Q 03:23

Marcus Smart's double to reduce the difference to just seven points.
7:25 PM11 days ago

1Q 05:01

Good jumper by Josh Richardson to put in the double in favor of the hosts.
7:20 PM11 days ago

1Q 05:47

LeBron James reappears on the board with a long double-double to cut the Celtics' streak short.
7:15 PM11 days ago

1Q 06:13

Now from the free throw line Talen Horton scored both goals.
7:10 PM11 days ago

1Q 08:17

Anthony Davis with the two free throw points to increase the lead.
7:05 PM11 days ago

1Q 10:10

Great long-range shot for Avery Bradley to convert the triple.
7:00 PM11 days ago

1Q 11:44

From the free throw line, Anthony Davis scores the first two points of the game.
6:55 PM11 days ago

1Q 12:00

The game between Celtics and Lakers begins.
6:50 PM11 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game at Staples Center between the Lakers and Celtics.
6:45 PM11 days ago

Lakers starting lineup

The Lakers' starting lineup is ready, where the return of King, LeBron James, stands out.
6:40 PM11 days ago

Celtics starting lineup

This is the lineup that coach Ime Udoka will send to the field:
6:35 PM11 days ago

Upcoming Celtics games

The Celtics begin a four-game home-and-home series in a row as they face the Thunder tomorrow, the Rockets on Monday and the Nets on Wednesday.
6:30 PM11 days ago

Upcoming Lakers games

The Lakers still have three more visits in a row when they play Sunday against the Pistons, Tuesday against the Knicks and Wednesday against the Pacers. They will be back home until next Friday.
6:25 PM11 days ago

The status

Two Celtics players who were questionable will not play, but one more was able to recover and will see action on Friday:

Jaylen Brown - OUT

Dennis Schröder - AVAILABLE

Robert Williams - OUT

6:20 PM11 days ago

Fine-tuning your aim

The Lakers are already warming up at the TG Garden, where Russell Westbrook is already sharpening his aim for this game.

6:15 PM11 days ago

How are the Celtics coming along?

The Celtics have a losing record of seven wins and eight losses, coming off a loss last Wednesday at home to the Atlanta Hawks.
6:10 PM11 days ago

How are the Lakers coming along?

The Lakers come in with two consecutive losses in their visits to the Bulls and Bucks, so they need to win to put themselves with a positive record, remembering that they have a record of 8-8.
6:05 PM11 days ago

In the controversy

This week, LeBron James entered the controversy and not because of something he said or did, but because of Scottie Pipen's statements where he affirmed that Michael Jordan did not do basketball any good and considers that the current Lakers player is a better player.

"I'll go so far as to say that Michael Jordan has ruined basketball. In the '80s, on school playgrounds, everybody played by moving the ball, passing it to each other to help the team. In the '90s that ended," he said.

6:00 PM11 days ago

Not confirmed

LeBron James is on the court and taking some practice shots, but it is not yet confirmed if he will play this Friday after missing several games due to injury.
5:55 PM11 days ago


The two winningest teams in NBA history meet for the first time this season when the Los Angeles Lakers visit the Boston Celtics. We begin our coverage of the game.
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What time is Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics of 19th November in several countries:

Argentina: 9:35 AM in NBA Game Pass

Bolivia: 8:35 PM in NBA Game Pass

Brazil: 9:35 AM in NBA Game Pass

Chile: 8:35 PM in NBA Game Pass

Colombia: 7:35 PM in NBA Game Pass

Ecuador: 7:35 PM in NBA Game Pass

USA (ET): 7:35 PM in ESPN and NBA Game Pass

Spain: 1:35 AM

Mexico: 6:35 PM in ESPN and NBA Game Pass

Paraguay: 9:35 AM in NBA Game Pass

Peru: 7:35 PM in NBA Game Pass

Uruguay: 9:35 AM in NBA Game Pass

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Last games

The series has been very even in the last five meetings in any field with a balance of three wins for Boston and two for Los Angeles, highlighting that these two franchises are the winningest in NBA history.

Boston Celtics 121-113 Los Angeles Lakers, 2021

Los Angeles Lakers 96-95 Boston Celtics, 2021

Boston Celtics 112-114 Los Angeles Lakers, 2020

Los Angeles Lakers 107-139 Boston Celtics, 2020

Boston Celtics 120-107 Los Angeles Lakers, 2019

5:35 PM11 days ago

Key player Boston Celtics

In only two games this season has he been able to surpass 30 points, but he comes from doing in the loss to the Hawks. As long as Jayson Tatum shows up with freedom, the Celtics will have good chances to take the win at home.

5:30 PM11 days ago

Key player Los Angeles Lakers

It has been difficult for him to adapt, but Russell Westbrook needs to start playing a more important role on the court, noting that he has not scored more than 30 points in a game this season and in 36 minutes against the Bucks he scored just 19 points.

5:25 PM11 days ago

Last lineup Boston Celtics

0 Jayson Tatum, forward; 12 Gran Williams, forward; 42 Al Horford, center; 36 Marcus Smart, center; 71 Dennis Schroder, point guard.
5:20 PM11 days ago

Last lineup Los Angeles Lakers

5 Talen Horton-Tucker, small forward; 7 Carmelo Anthony, small forward; 3 Anthony Davis, center; 0 Russell Westbrook, point guard; 20 Avery Bradley, point guard.
5:15 PM11 days ago

Boston Celtics: Offensive production

The Boston Celtics have lost two of their last three games, including Wednesday's 110-99 away loss to the Atlanta Hawks, where the main feature has been that they have been unable to surpass 100 points in those games, which is why they will need to sharpen their shooting, mainly on three-point shots.
5:10 PM11 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers: getting into rhythm

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a lot of trouble getting into a rhythm at the beginning of the season, with losses and victories in between. The good news for them is that there is hope that LeBron James could be back on the court for this game, after not being active since the beginning of November; they are coming off a loss as visitors on Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks.
5:05 PM11 days ago

Kick-off time

The Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics match will be played at the TD Garden, in Boston, United Statas. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:35 pm ET.
5:00 PM11 days ago

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