Highlights Boston Celtics 111-105 Oklahoma City Thunders in NBA
Photo of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs Brooklyn in the NBA // Source: Oklahoma City Thunder


9:43 PM15 days ago

End of the game

The game ended at the TD Garden. The last play didn't work out for Oklahoma and Boston Celtics got a victory in their stadium by six points. That's all for today, until next time.
9:39 PM15 days ago

Missing Tatum

Oklahoma fouls Tatum, who will have two personal shots. The American scores the shots. Six points of advantage and 10 seconds left. Oklahoma calls timeout
9:34 PM15 days ago

One minute to go

Last minute of the game at TD Garden. The score is 98-109 in favor of the Celtics. It seems that the game is going to be won by the locals.
9:32 PM15 days ago

Less than three minutes

There are three minutes left in the game at TD Garden. Boston leads by ten points, can Oklahoma come back?
9:27 PM15 days ago

Errors in Boston

What a chain of errors now in the defense of the locals. The local defense loses the ball at the start, and it costs them two points. Immediately, Udoka calls time-out.
9:22 PM15 days ago

Less than seven minutes to go

Less than seven minutes to go, and the home side is up by 16 points. Oklahoma wants to but can't.
9:14 PM15 days ago

Triple by Wiggins

Giddey fought for the rebound of his own shot and won it. The visiting player saw only Wiggins and passed it to him to add three points to the scoreboard.
9:11 PM15 days ago

We enter the last quarter

There are now 12 minutes left in the game. Boston is up by fifteen points. Oklahoma will try to turn the game around.
9:07 PM15 days ago

Two plus one for Jerome

Good counterattack of the visitors that ends with Jerome scoring the basket and making an extra point. The foul was Horford's. Jerome scores the extra point.
9:04 PM15 days ago

Oklahoma tries to react

Oklahoma has not given up yet and in these last two minutes is on a 10-2 run. Daigneault's team has not yet said the last word.
9:00 PM15 days ago

Another Oklahoma mistake

The visiting defense is making many mistakes both in marking and in getting the ball out. Now it has been for the second, where Tatum has taken advantage to make a dunk and put a 25-point lead.
8:58 PM15 days ago

18 points from Schroder

Schroder scores a three-pointer after the visitors' lax defense. The Boston player already has 18 points so far in the game.
8:50 PM15 days ago

Two plus one for Horford

Boston's No. 42 gets to score under the hoop and also draws a foul to qualify for an extra point.
8:48 PM15 days ago

Second half begins

The third quarter begins in Boston. The locals do not slow the pace and start this quarter with a 4-0 in the scoreboard.
8:34 PM15 days ago


End of the first half. Boston leaves with a thirteen-point lead at halftime. The end of the second quarter ended with a good triple by Williams and a great block by Horford.
8:29 PM15 days ago

One minute of the second quarter

After Oklahoma's timeout, Oklahoma's number five scores a three-pointer to bring his team within thirteen points. The visitors keep trying.
8:24 PM15 days ago


Timeout for Udoka's team. Oklahoma players are getting easily to the local hoop, but they are not scoring. The local coach wants to correct that.
8:18 PM15 days ago

What a triple by Tatum

What a three-pointer the American made when he ran out of possession and shot a three-pointer for a basket.
8:10 PM15 days ago

Ten points ahead

The second quarter started with a Boston with the same dynamic. The locals are ten points ahead. Tatum just tried a spectacular dunk but it didn't come off.
8:03 PM15 days ago

Round of triples

On one side, Williams scored a triple, only for Jerome to score another triple quickly. The locals are up seven. The first quarter ends.
7:58 PM15 days ago

Thunder timeout

Boston is shooting with no defenders to stop shots. Williams has been the last to score a three-pointer. Oklahoma calls timeout to rectify this problem.
7:53 PM15 days ago

How the locals move the ball

What a possession by Boston, who moved the ball until leaving Tatum alone who put the icing on the cake with a three-pointer, 8-14.
7:50 PM15 days ago

First time-out of the game

The first timeout of the game is Boston's. Their coach wants to fix some flaws in this start of the home team.
7:47 PM15 days ago

Triple by Dort

Dort scores a three-pointer all alone. The game is very fast and both teams are scoring easily, 8-9.
7:43 PM15 days ago

The meeting begins

The game starts in Boston. The first quarter of this game begins. The first possession is for Boston.
7:17 PM15 days ago

Oklahoma Lineup

Oklahoma Thunder will start this game with the following lineup: Bazley, Giddey, Favors, Dort and Gilgeous-Alexander.
7:15 PM15 days ago

Boston's lineup

Boston Celtics will start this game with the following lineup: Tatum, Williams, Horford, Smart and Schroder.
7:12 PM15 days ago

We already have lineups

Both coaches have already selected their corresponding quintets to play this game. Let's take a look at both lineups, first the home team's.
6:46 PM15 days ago

Yesterday's game for Oklahoma

As for Oklahoma also played yesterday against Milwaukee away from its stadium. The Bucks won by seven points. The score was 89-96. The best of the Thunder was Gilgeous-Alexander with 17 points, six rebounds and three assists.
6:46 PM15 days ago

Boston's game yesterday

The locals played yesterday a game against the Lakers at TD Garden, where they won by 22 points. The score of the game was 108-130. The best of the game was Tatum with 37 points, 11 rebounds and two assists.
6:45 PM15 days ago

Where to watch the game?

The game between Oklahoma City Thunder vs Boston Celtic at TD Garden will be televised on NBC Sports Boston and NBA League Pass.
6:45 PM15 days ago

The players are already at the stadium

The protagonists of this game are already at the TD Garden, where they will receive the last instructions from the coaches and will go to the court to warm up. 
6:45 PM15 days ago

We are here

Welcome back to the online broadcast of this Boston vs Oklahoma, where both played yesterday. Follow the online broadcast on VAVEL. 
8:51 PM16 days ago

Stay tuned to follow Oklahoma vs Boston live here

In a few moments we will share with you the Oklahoma vs Boston live starting lineups, as well as the latest information coming out of Boston. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
8:46 PM16 days ago

Possible lineups

Both coaches could start with the following quintets. 
On the one hand, Udoka can field the following lineup: Tatum, Smart, Horford, Schroder and Grant Williams. 
On the other hand, Daigneault can field the following starting lineup: Dort, Gilgeous-Alexander, Giddey, Beazley and Robinson-Earl. 
8:41 PM16 days ago


In this game, the only team that can't have the entire roster is Boston, which has Brown out due to a muscle injury, and also, Williams is doubtful for this game. Daigneault's team will have the full roster available to face the Boston Celtics. 
8:36 PM16 days ago

Game Schedule

This is the start time of the game Oklahoma vs Boston of 20th November 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 20:30 PM,
Bolivia: 19:30 PM.
Brazil: 20:30 PM.
Chile: 19:30 PM.
Colombia: 18:30 PM.
Ecuador: 18:30 PM.
USA (ET): 19:30 PM.
Spain: 01:30 AM,
Mexico: 18:30 PM.
Paraguay: 16:30 PM.
Peru: 18:30 PM.
Uruguay: 16:30 PM.
Venezuela: 19:30 PM.

8:31 PM16 days ago

Oklahoma away games

As for the visitors, Oklahoma has played six times away from home this season, losing four times to the Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz. On the other hand, in their last two visits they have won against New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers. 
8:26 PM16 days ago

Boston home games

The home team has played, so far this season, five games in its stadium in which it has won twice and has been defeated three times. The teams they beat were Milwaukee and Toronto. And they lost to Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards and Toronto Raptors. Of course, the last two meetings at the TD Garden have been victories for Udoka's team. 
8:21 PM16 days ago

Last ten games between them

In the last ten meetings between the two teams, the visitors have won a total of four games, while Boston has won six. The last game, the Thunders conquered the TD Garden after winning by four points. 
8:16 PM16 days ago

Oklahoma's last five visits to Boston

In the last five meetings in which Oklahoma has visited Boston they have won on three occasions. The last three visits have been wins for the visitors, so Udoka's team will try to break this streak as a home team against Daigneault's team. 
The results were:
Boston Celtics 115-119 Oklahoma Thunder
Boston Celtics 84-98 Oklahoma Thunder
Boston Celtics 104-105 Oklahoma Thunder
Boston Celtics 134-129 Oklahoma Thunder
Boston Celtics 100-99 Oklahoma Thunder
8:11 PM16 days ago

Oklahoma's last game

For its part, Oklahoma defeated the Houston Rockets by 12 points at its stadium. The Paycom Center saw their team go into halftime with a 12-point lead, and in the third quarter they finished off the game with five more points. In the last quarter the Rockets tried but could only cut five points. The best player of the game was Dort who scored 34 points, eight rebounds and two assists. 
8:06 PM16 days ago

Last Boston game

In the previous meeting Boston Celtics visited the Estate Farm Arena, where they faced the Atlanta Hawks. The locals by a difference of 11 points where in the second and third quarter they imposed with authority and began to take that difference of points to Udoka's team, which could not come back in the last quarter. Boston's best player was Tatum who had 34 points, nine rebounds and five assists.
8:01 PM16 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of the game between Oklahoma Thunder Boston Celtics at TD Garden at 01:30 Spanish time. Follow the online broadcast on VAVEL.