Resume and Highlights: Pistons 106-110 Lakers in NBA Season


12:29 AM2 months ago


12:02 AM2 months ago


Pistons 106-110 Lakers
12:00 AM2 months ago

4Q 00:00

Match ends
11:59 PM2 months ago

4Q 0.9

Tucker hits free throw
11:55 PM2 months ago

4Q 7.9

James hits free kick
11:44 PM2 months ago

4Q 02:21

Jackson scores triple for Pistons 
11:42 PM2 months ago

4Q 03:22

Westbrook scores double with assist from James
11:39 PM2 months ago

4Q 04:50

Westbrook assists James again 
11:38 PM2 months ago

4Q 05:48

Lyles assists Cunningham
11:33 PM2 months ago

4Q 07:23

Jackson shoots and adds three 
11:31 PM2 months ago

4Q 08:33

Joseph assists Lyles and adds three 
11:28 PM2 months ago

4Q 09:19

Westbrook adds two to his tally 
11:25 PM2 months ago

4Q 10:19

Lyles scores double for Pistons
11:23 PM2 months ago

4Q 11:22

Westbrook scores free throw
11:22 PM2 months ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins
11:19 PM2 months ago

3Q 00:00

Third period ends
11:18 PM2 months ago

3Q 36.7

Diallo adds two
11:14 PM2 months ago

3Q 02:37

Grant responds and adds 3
11:13 PM2 months ago

3Q 03:43

Tucker hits triple 
11:08 PM2 months ago

3Q 05:58

James shoots three-pointer to increase the score to 70
11:06 PM2 months ago

3Q 06:38

DeAndre Jordan scores a double 
11:05 PM2 months ago

3Q 07:19

Westbrook scores double 
11:03 PM2 months ago

3Q 07:37

Westbrook assists James for a three-pointer 
11:02 PM2 months ago

3Q 09:58

Grant scores for Pistons
11:00 PM2 months ago

3Q 10:41

Westbrook scores double 
10:59 PM2 months ago

3Q 11:15

Davis assists James and scores triple
10:57 PM2 months ago

3Q 12:00

The second part begins 
10:42 PM2 months ago

2Q 00:00

First half ends 
10:41 PM2 months ago

2Q 15.2

Westbrook scores double 
10:37 PM2 months ago

2Q 02:41

Westbrook nails it and Lakers are already winning
10:33 PM2 months ago

2Q 02:59

Westbrook scores two for Lakers 
10:30 PM2 months ago

2Q 04:02

Grant adds three for Pistons
10:27 PM2 months ago

2Q 05:17

Stewart responds with two points 
10:23 PM2 months ago

2Q 07:38

Tucker assists James and returns the lead. 
10:19 PM2 months ago

2Q 07:52

Diallo adds two for Pistons
10:16 PM2 months ago

2Q 09:24

James nails and increases the lead 
10:14 PM2 months ago

2Q 11:47

Lyles scores triple for Pistons
10:12 PM2 months ago

2Q 12:00

Second period begins 
10:09 PM2 months ago

1Q 00:00

End of the first period 
10:07 PM2 months ago

1Q 46.4

Diallo hits both free throws
10:06 PM2 months ago

1Q 59.7

Westbrook scores triple 
10:05 PM2 months ago

1Q 01:34

Monk assists Davis 
10:03 PM2 months ago

1Q 02:23

Jackson scores triple 
10:01 PM2 months ago

1Q 03:50

Tucker assists Davis for a total of 16
9:56 PM2 months ago

1Q 04:56

James assists Jordan and takes the lead again
9:52 PM2 months ago

1Q 06:34

Davis launches triple to give his team the lead
9:51 PM2 months ago

1Q 07:34

Westbrook tied the game
9:49 PM2 months ago

1Q 09:21

Davis scores for Lakers
9:45 PM2 months ago

1Q 10:14

Stewart puts Pistons ahead
9:42 PM2 months ago

1Q 12:00

The meeting begins
9:21 PM2 months ago

Pistons starting 5 ready

This is how Pistons will take the field:
Hayes, Cunningham, Bey, Grant, Stewart.
9:16 PM2 months ago

Lakers starting 5 ready

This is how the Lakers will take the court:

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Avery Bradley, DeAndre Jordan.

9:11 PM2 months ago

Dominance at Staples Center

Since the 2010-11 season, the Los Angeles Lakers have won nine of the last ten meetings against the Pistons, averaging 108.4 points in favor of the Lakers. 
9:06 PM2 months ago

Malik Monk in rhythm

Over the last three games, Monk has averaged 16 points, six rebounds and three assists in approximately 36 minutes.
9:01 PM2 months ago

Winning streak

Los Angeles Lakers have the longest winning streak in NBA history, dating back to the 1971-72 season, when the Lakers set the mark of 33 consecutive winning games.
8:56 PM2 months ago

Here are the 11 numbers retired by the Pistons team

Chauncey Billups 1, Chuck Daly 2, Ben Wallace 3, Joe Dumars 4, Dennis Rodman 10, Isiah Thomas 11, Vinnie Johnson 15, Bob Lanier 16, Dave Bing 21, Richard Hamilton 32, Bill Laimber 40.
8:51 PM2 months ago

Lakers had the greatest scorer

With a 20-year career with the team, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar was one of the best Lakers players, he has the most points scored with 38,397 points in the period from 1969 to 1989.
8:46 PM2 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers live.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers live, as well as the latest information from the Staples Center. 
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Where and how to watch Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

8:36 PM2 months ago

Staples Center

Opened in 1999, the Staples Center is one of the most modern and luxurious venues in the world, with capacity for 18,997 spectators, is known for being the home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, besides being the headquarters of the Grammy Awards, the final cost of the work was 375 million dollars, from December 25 the venue will change its name to Arena, the agreement for naming rights is in the amount of 700 million dollars.
8:31 PM2 months ago

Los Angeles Lakers Main Lineup

LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Talen Horton Tucker, Carmelo Anthony.
8:26 PM2 months ago

Detroit Pistons Main Lineup

Jerami Grant, Saddiq Bey, Cade Cunningham, Killian Hayes, Isaiah Stewart.
8:21 PM2 months ago

Head to head

LeBron James was involved in an incident with Isaiah Stewart that ended in a strong scuffle inside the court, the duel ended 121-116 in favor of the Lakers, the scuffle resulted in the suspension of one game for James and two for Stewart, for this Sunday's game, both players will be available and it is expected to be a competitive duel, it is expected that the clash is in the past and we can see the players doing what they do best.
8:16 PM2 months ago

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James, the great star missed several games at the beginning of the season and his return to the court has not been as expected, as he was ejected in the match against the Pistons for hitting a rival player, after that last Friday they lost to Sacramento Kings, the season of the Angelino team can be described as irregular, because having stars like James, Davis, Westbrook and Anthony, it would be expected that they would be fighting for the top positions, the Lakers need to rebound and add a winning streak to take the pressure off the team, the Angelino team before the game against Sacramento came from five games away from home, getting only two wins, now that they have returned home with a loss, it is the ideal time to accumulate victories in the next games.
Lakers in game/Image:Lakers
Lakers in game/Image:Lakers
8:11 PM2 months ago

Detroit Pistons

The era of the "Bad Boys" is long gone, that team of the eighties maintained a physical, intense and defense-oriented style of play, compared to today's NBA, that type of game would be impossible to practice, the team reached the final instances, but was not able to lift the coveted NBA trophy, it was until the 89 season, when the combative team won its first championship and repeated the following year, although they did not win titles to spare, the Pistons had marked a historic era, currently the Pistons team is not going through its best moment of the season, located in second to last position with a negative record of 4-15 and 5 games in a row with a loss, we can say that the Pistons have a long season to try to improve, although they do not have Deniss Rodman type stars in the 80's, the collective work is the only way they have to improve and not be one of the bottom teams.
Pistons in UCLA/Image:DetroitPistons
Pistons in UCLA/Image:DetroitPistons
8:06 PM2 months ago


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