Highlights and best moments: Clippers 103-124 Jazz in NBA 2021-22
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1:39 AM5 months ago


Our coverage of the Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz game of the 2021-22 NBA regular season comes to an end.

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1:31 AM5 months ago

End of the match

The game ends at the Vivint Arena. The Jazz have won with a 21-point lead over the Clippers.
1:29 AM5 months ago

4th | 1:00

Last minute of the game. It will be a Jazz victory.
1:24 AM5 months ago

4th | 3:49

In less than 30 seconds O'Neal hit a three-pointer and after a quick recovery Gobert scored a basket for two. At 22, the Jazz lead!
1:21 AM5 months ago

4th | 4:26

The Jazz lead is starting to approach 20 points.
1:18 AM5 months ago

4th | 5:14

TRIPLE! Once again Bojan Bogdanović appeared to score from three.
1:16 AM5 months ago

4th | 6:00

The Clippers are trying to close the gap, but the Jazz remain vigilant in trying to stretch it.
1:13 AM5 months ago

4th | 8:00

TRIPLE! Donovan Mitchell scores another triple in this game.
1:07 AM5 months ago

4th | 9:06

The Jazz call a timeout to slow down the Clippers, who got off to a better start in the fourth quarter.
1:06 AM5 months ago

4th | 9:41

The difference is reduced to 10 points.
1:02 AM5 months ago

The last quarter begins

The last 12 minutes of the game are underway... If the Clippers don't match it.
12:58 AM5 months ago

End of the third quarter

The third quarter ends with a 12-point Jazz lead over the Clippers.
12:55 AM5 months ago

3rd | 1:40

The Clippers try to recover. Two-point basket by Marcus Morris and he gets fouled.
12:51 AM5 months ago

3rd | 3:19

Marcus Morris scores in a two-point zone after a Bledsoe assist. 15 points difference now and the Jazz call timeout.
12:50 AM5 months ago

3rd | 3:31

DONOVAN MITCHELL! Another three-pointer and the advantage is now 17 points.
12:47 AM5 months ago

3rd | 4:00

The advantage goes back to double digits. It is already 14 points difference in favor of the Jazz.
12:45 AM5 months ago

3rd | 5:53

TRIPLE! Eric Bledsoe scores it. The difference is eight now.
12:39 AM5 months ago

3rd | 7:17

Donovan Mitchell stretches the Jazz lead to eleven points. For the first time he passes double digits.
12:37 AM5 months ago

3rd | 8:11

The Jazz extend the lead to nine points. The situation is becoming more critical for the Clippers, who need to recover quickly.
12:34 AM5 months ago

3rd | 10:00

The Clippers are still down, trying to maintain the seven-point gap, but must begin to cut further.
12:32 AM5 months ago

Third quarter begins

The game resumes. The third period of the match is now in play.
12:15 AM5 months ago

Second quarter ends

The second quarter ends with a good advantage for the Jazz. Six points difference.
12:13 AM5 months ago

2nd | 1:00

Last minute of the second quarter. Bojan Bogdanović is fine with the shots in the three zone. The Jazz hold a five-point lead.
12:07 AM5 months ago

2nd | 3:30

TRIPLE! Bojan Bogdanović scores another triple for the Jazz.
12:05 AM5 months ago

2nd | 4:00

TRIPLE! Royce O'Neal hits a three-pointer.
12:04 AM5 months ago

2nd | 5:00

Clarkson again! He pops up to put the Jazz ahead now.
12:02 AM5 months ago

2nd | 5:20

TRIPLE! Jordan Clarkson makes a three-pointer and brings the Jazz closer.
11:56 PM5 months ago

2nd | 7:34

Donovan Mitchell tries to bring the Jazz closer. Basket inside the box to cut the deficit to five.
11:53 PM5 months ago

2nd | 8:34

SIX AHEAD! The Clippers extend the lead and get another foul.
11:50 PM5 months ago

2nd | 9:45

Both teams were very effective in three-pointers zone.
11:48 PM5 months ago

Second quarter begins

The second quarter gets underway.
11:44 PM5 months ago

End of 1st half

The Jazz ended up taking the lead at the end of the first quarter. Four points difference.
11:40 PM5 months ago

1st | 2:00

Very even match up to this point. Each team responds to the blows they deliver.
11:33 PM5 months ago

1st | 3:50

TRIPLE! Luke Lennard makes a three-pointer to put the Clippers ahead.
11:32 PM5 months ago

1st | 4:40

It continues to be a very even game. Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell start to lead the Jazz at the beginning of the game.
11:26 PM5 months ago

1st | 7:47

First timeout called by the Clippers. No dominance yet by either team, but the Jazz are trying to stretch the lead.
11:23 PM5 months ago

1st | 10:00

First minutes of the match... Very evenly matched.
11:20 PM5 months ago

Match starts

The game between the Clippers and the Jazz gets underway.
11:09 PM5 months ago

Starting five - Jazz

11:08 PM5 months ago

Starting five - Clippers

10:53 PM5 months ago

News - Jazz

Elijah Hughes and Udoka Azubuike, will be the only losses for the Jazz for this game.
10:52 PM5 months ago

News - Clippers

Kawhi Leonard, Jason Preston and Amir Coffey remain out for the game. Nicolas Batum and Paul George, are in doubt due to shoulder and ankle discomfort respectively.
10:42 PM5 months ago

Most recent game - Utah Jazz

10:37 PM5 months ago

Most recent game - Los Angeles Clippers

10:32 PM5 months ago

This is how the players of both teams arrived

10:27 PM5 months ago

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What time is the Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz game for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz of 15th December 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 12:00 AM (Dec. 16) on ESPN and Star +
Bolivia: 11:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Brazil: 12:00 AM (Dec. 16) on Star +
Chile: 12:00 AM (Dec. 16) on ESPN and Star +
Colombia: 10:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Ecuador: 10:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
USA (ET): 10:00 PM on ESPN Deportes and NBA League Pass
Spain: 5:00 AM (Dec. 16)
Mexico: 9:00 PM on ESPN
Paraguay: 11:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Peru: 10:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Uruguay: 12:00 AM (Dec. 16) on Star +

10:07 PM5 months ago

Key player - Jazz

Donovan Mitchell stands out for the Jazz. The 25-year-old American player was the team's star player in the previous game against the Wizards, scoring 28 points and assisting five times.

10:02 PM5 months ago

Key player - Clippers

For the Clippers, the presence of Marcus Morris stands out. The 32-year-old American player was the great figure of the team in the previous game against the Suns, scoring 24 points, grabbing 11 rebounds and assisting in one opportunity.

9:57 PM5 months ago

Last five matches - Jazz

December 11: 98-123 vs Wizards (Won)

December 9: 96-118 vs 76ers (Won)

December 8: 104-136 vs Timberwolves (Won)

December 5: 108-109 vs Cavaliers (Won)

December 3: 137-130 vs Celtics (Won)

9:52 PM5 months ago

Last five matches - Clippers

December 13: 115-95 vs Suns (Won)

December 11: 106-104 vs Magic (Won)

December 8: 114-111 vs Celtics (Won)

December 6: 90-102 vs Trail Blazers (Won)

December 4: 104-99 vs Kings (Won)

9:47 PM5 months ago

The Jazz also want to extend their unbeaten streak

Utah Jazz come in with a great run in their last few games. They have seven consecutive victories and among their last ten games they have eight victories, results that accredit them as one of the best in the Western Conference. A victory will allow them to stay firmly in the fight for the first place.
9:42 PM5 months ago

The Clippers, to continue their winning streak

The Los Angeles Clippers come into this game motivated after four wins in their most recent games, especially after defeating the Suns, one of the best teams so far this season. The goal now will be to get the fifth win in a row to stay among the top teams in the Western Conference.
9:37 PM5 months ago

The match will be played at the Vivint Arena

The Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz game will be played at the Vivint Smart Home Arena, located in Salt Lake City, in the state of Utah, in the United States. This venue, which was inaugurated in 1991, has a capacity for 19,911 spectators.
9:32 PM5 months ago

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