Highlights and Best Moments: Rockets 116-107 Pistons in NBA Season
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4:26 PM5 months ago

Outstanding performance by Killian Hayes

3:26 PM5 months ago


Thank you for following the Houston Rockets victory over the Detroit Pistons in the NBA. See you next time.
3:21 PM5 months ago

End game

Rockets 116-107 Pistons.
3:16 PM5 months ago

4Q 09:50

Three-pointer by Cade Cunningham to surpass 100 points in the game.
3:11 PM5 months ago

4Q 02:30

Isaiah Stewart with the tape and gets two more points to make the slate more decorative.
3:06 PM5 months ago

Half turn to the basket

3:01 PM5 months ago

4Q 04:50

Eric Gordon with an important triple to increase the difference to 13.
2:56 PM5 months ago

4Q 07:14

Jae'Sean Tate with a double-double and the Rockets reach 100 points.
2:51 PM5 months ago

4Q 08:00

Frank Jackson's double for the Pistons, who are still dreaming of a possible comeback.
2:46 PM5 months ago

4Q 11:02

Garrison Mathews with the layup to increase the difference to 17 points with 11 minutes to play.
2:41 PM5 months ago

End of third quarter

Rockets 88-75 Pistons.
2:36 PM5 months ago

Quite a leap

2:31 PM5 months ago

3Q 01:22

Sengun with the assist and David Nwaba makes the basket for two.
2:26 PM5 months ago

3Q 02:29

Alperen Sengun sharpens his aim and scores both penalty kicks.
2:21 PM5 months ago

3Q 04:40

Frank Jackson with a double-double and the Pistons close to within seven points.
2:16 PM5 months ago

3Q 06:30

Jae'Sean Tate soars through the air and makes the basket.
2:11 PM5 months ago

3Q 07:50

Bey with the pass and Killian Hayes gets the basket for the home team.
2:06 PM5 months ago

3Q 08:37

Josh Christopher with the three-pointer to regain the 10-point lead.
2:01 PM5 months ago

3Q 11:10

Two straight double-doubles by Cade Cunningham to open the second half.
1:56 PM5 months ago

3Q 12:00

The second half begins in Detroit.
1:51 PM5 months ago

Half time

Rockets 62-49 Pistons.
1:46 PM5 months ago

1Q 00:28

Kenyon Martin Jr, with the double over the final stretch of the game.
1:41 PM5 months ago

2Q 03:39

Saddiq Bey with yet another double in a row.
1:36 PM5 months ago

2Q 04:50

Frank Jackson with a double-double and the Pistons widen the gap.
1:31 PM5 months ago

2Q 08:36

They repeat the dose from the corner and Trey Lyles gets the triple.
1:26 PM5 months ago

2Q 09:15

Augustin assist and David Nwaba basket for the two points.
1:21 PM5 months ago

2Q 11:38

D.J. Augustin with a double-double to score the first points of the second half.
1:16 PM5 months ago

End of first quarter

Pistons 38-30 Rockets.
1:11 PM5 months ago

1Q 00:47

Kenyon Martin Jr. with the dunk down the stretch in the first quarter.
1:06 PM5 months ago

1Q 02:03

Frank Jackson makes the triple the old-fashioned way, with the double plus the foul and point from the free throw line.
1:01 PM5 months ago

1Q 03:28

Kenyon Martin Jr. with the triple from the corner.
12:56 PM5 months ago

1Q 04:15

Gordon with the assist and Josh Christopher with the triple from outside the box.
12:51 PM5 months ago

1Q 04:51

Isaiah Stewart with the layup that again cuts the deficit to one possession:
12:46 PM5 months ago

1Q 08:52

Josh Christopher with the triple to increase the lead.
12:41 PM5 months ago

1Q 09:54

Saddiq Bey's jump inside the box and Saddiq Bey scores the two points.
12:36 PM5 months ago

1Q 11:36

Eric Gordon with the double and scores the first points of the afternoon.
12:31 PM5 months ago

1Q 12:00

The game between Rockets and Pistons begins.
12:26 PM5 months ago

Rockets starting lineup

This is the formation with which Houston will take the field:
12:21 PM5 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Pistons-Rockets NBA game.
12:16 PM5 months ago

Great lineup

Here's Saturday's NBA schedule, which kicks off with this game between the Pistons and Rockets and includes six other games.

12:11 PM5 months ago

Upcoming Rockets games

While the Rockets with this game will have five in a row away from home. The next four will be against: Bulls, Bucks, Pacers, Hornets.
12:06 PM5 months ago

Upcoming Pistons games

The Pistons will play again tomorrow at home against the Heat and then visit the Knicks, Miami and San Antonio Spurs.
12:01 PM5 months ago

Already training

The Pistons are already at Little Caesars Arena for some warm-up exercises prior to the start of the game:
11:56 AM5 months ago

They have arrived

The Pistons came to the Arena with the goal of being able to return to victory, complying with health protocols in the face of an increase in Covid-19 cases.

11:51 AM5 months ago

Works of art

The Pistons have displayed some legendary Jacob Mills artwork on their networks such as this Friday's artwork of legend Isiah Thomas:
11:46 AM5 months ago


These are the players who will be absent or questionable for this game for both the Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets:

11:41 AM5 months ago

They are in the same

While the Rockets have won just one of their last five, most notably a 116-103 home loss to the New York Knicks last Thursday.
11:36 AM5 months ago

Worst equipment

The worst team right now in terms of losing streak is the Detroit Pistons, who have 13 straight losses and their last win dates back to November 17 when they defeated the Indiana Pacers at home.
11:31 AM5 months ago


Two teams in desperate need of a win as the Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets go head to head this NBA Saturday. We start with the coverage of the game.
11:26 AM5 months ago

Tune in here Houston Rockets vs Detroit Pistons Live Score in NBA 2021

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What time is Houston Rockets vs Detroit Pistons match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Houston Rockets vs Detroit Pistons of 17th December in several countries:

Argentina: 2:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Bolivia: 1:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Brazil: 2:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Chile: 1:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Colombia: 12:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Ecuador: 12:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

USA (ET): 12:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Spain: 6:05 PM

Mexico: 11:05 AM in NBA Game Pass

Paraguay: 2:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Peru: 12:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Uruguay: 2:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

11:16 AM5 months ago

Last games

Due to the pandemic and schedule adjustments they have not met as many times in recent years, although the Pistons hold the advantage of four wins to one loss in the last five games.

Detroit Pistons 112-104 Houston Rockets, 2021

Detroit Pistons 113-100 Houston Rockets, 2021

Houston Rockets 103-102 Detroit Pistons, 2021

Detroit Pistons 115-107 Houston Rockets, 2019

Houston Rockets 111-116 Detroit Pistons, 2018 (overtime)

11:11 AM5 months ago

Key player Detroit Pistons

At just 20 years old, Cade Cunningham has a promising future and has already earned the trust within the Pistons' roster, either being a starter or having frequency of minutes, highlighting that in the last seven he has averaged more than 30 minutes and, in the most recent four, in three he has collaborated with more than 20 points.
Photo: As
Photo: As
11:06 AM5 months ago

Key player Houston Rockets

Many of the elements are in a low level and Jae'Sean Tate has not been the exception, however, he has enough talent to make a difference and is expected to gradually begin to reflect it on the court.
Photo: The Dream Shake
Photo: The Dream Shake
11:01 AM5 months ago

Last lineup Detroit Pistons

41 Saddlq Bey, forward; 6 Hamidou Diallo, forward; 28 Isaiah Stewart, center; 2 Cade Cunningham, point guard; 7 Killian Hayes, point guard.
10:56 AM5 months ago

Last lineup Houston Rockets

25 Garrison Matthews, small forward; 8 Jae'Sean Tate, small forward; 27 Daniel Theis, center; 7 Armoni Brooks, point guard; 14 D.J. Augustin, point guard.
10:51 AM5 months ago

Detroit Pistons: Get strong at home

With only two wins at home, much speaks for what the Houston Pistons have suffered in this 2021 season where they are the worst team in the NBA Eastern Conference, however, if they want to resurface they will have to start getting strong at home and take advantage of the double home court they will have during this weekend.
10:46 AM5 months ago

Houston Rockets: stay alive

In this month of December the Houston Rockets have a positive record and have already won five games that have allowed them to get out of the basement of the conference, although facing one of the worst teams in the league they will have to win to try to get into the middle of the league.
10:41 AM5 months ago

Kick-off time

The Houston Rockets vs Detroit Pistons match will be played at the Little Caesars Arena, in Detroit, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:05 pm ET.
10:36 AM5 months ago

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