Highlights and best moments: Warriors 116-107 Suns in NBA 2021-22
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8:41 PM5 months ago


Our coverage of the Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns game of the 2021-22 NBA regular season comes to an end.

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8:36 PM5 months ago

End of the game!

GAME OVER AT THE FOOTPRINT CENTER! Great victory for the Golden State Warriors in the duel of the favorites against Phoenix Suns.
8:34 PM5 months ago

4th | 1:06

OTTO PORTER! Magnificent three-point shot to stretch the lead even further.
8:31 PM5 months ago

4to | 1:40

OTTO PORTER! The American player appears to give tranquility to the Suns. Six points of advantage.
8:27 PM5 months ago

4to | 2:47

Golden State calls timeout after a three-pointer by Jae Crowder. The Suns got into the game and there is still time left.
8:27 PM5 months ago

4th | 4:00

The five-point difference remains in favor of the Warriors... Let's see if they can tie and unbalance the game.
8:22 PM5 months ago

4th | 5:15

The Suns look to impose their physical power. Five points difference in favor of the Warriors.
8:16 PM5 months ago

4th | 7:20

CURRY! Three-pointer for the Warriors to take a five-point lead.
8:12 PM5 months ago

4th | 9:30

We returned to the dynamic of the first half with many points in the first moments.
8:10 PM5 months ago

Fourth quarter begins

Last 12 minutes of the game, in play.
8:06 PM5 months ago

Third period ends

A new period ends in the game. The score is tied at 84 points... A very vibrant end of the game is coming.
8:01 PM5 months ago

3rd | 1:00

Last minute of the third period. The Suns have found the precision needed to take the lead again.
7:58 PM5 months ago

3er | 2:59

CAMEON PAYNE! Triple for the Suns and now there is a Suns lead.
7:57 PM5 months ago

3rd | 3:23

CAMERON JOHNSON! Triple for the Suns and the game is tied again.
7:48 PM5 months ago

3rd | 5:00

Teams have lowered their point production, but because of the adjustments they have made in defensive play. They are much more accurate in cutting plays.
7:44 PM5 months ago

3rd | 7:24

DAYMOND GREEN! Triple to unbalance the scales.
7:43 PM5 months ago

3rd | 7:57

CURRY! Good individual play, simple basket and puts the Warriors ahead after a good time.
7:41 PM5 months ago

3rd | 9:00

The third quarter of the game started very even. The score remains very tight, being between two and four points ahead.
7:35 PM5 months ago

Third quarter begins

The match restarts at the Footprint Arena after the break.
7:21 PM5 months ago

Second quarter ends

The second half of the game is over. Four-point lead in favor of the Suns in a great game.
7:20 PM5 months ago

2nd | 0:04

CRAZY! What Chris Paul just did with a dribble to leave an opponent on the floor and complete the job with a three-point shot.
7:17 PM5 months ago

2nd | 1:36

STEPH CURRY! Another triple from the expert in the field.
7:16 PM5 months ago

2nd | 2:00

Two three-pointers by the Warriors to get closer to a tie.
7:10 PM5 months ago

2nd | 4:04

Warriors call timeout. The Suns have been performing better in the defensive game during the second quarter.
7:07 PM5 months ago

2nd | 5:00

The Suns go on to win the game and now hold a three-point lead.
7:05 PM5 months ago

2nd | 6:20

The Suns are getting closer to the tie. It has been an even game in the last moments.
7:03 PM5 months ago

2nd | 7:28

TRIPLE! The expert in the field, Stephen Curry, continues to increase his records.
6:54 PM5 months ago

2nd | 10:00

So far in the second half there has been a little more inaccuracy on the part of the teams, who have taken more precautions in defensive play.
6:49 PM5 months ago

Second quarter begins

The match restarts at the Footprint Arena.
6:45 PM5 months ago

End of the first quarter

End of the first half of the game. Six-point lead so far by the Warriors over the Suns.
6:43 PM5 months ago

1st | 1:00

Last minute of the first quarter. Warriors lead between 8 and 10 points now.
6:40 PM5 months ago

1st | 2:30

The Warriors are starting to get into double digits. It will be important for the Suns to improve their effectiveness now.
6:31 PM5 months ago

1st | 6:00

The teams continue to maintain a good intensity and score whenever they have possession generally. The difference is the Warriors' accuracy in three zone or fishing for rebounds.
6:28 PM5 months ago

1st | 7:00

Suns call a timeout. Good game we have seen so far.

DeAndre Ayton (6) and Stephen Curry (11), the top scorers of the game so far.

6:25 PM5 months ago

1st | 8:00

The match started off very dynamic. The teams bring out the best of their repertoire and are putting on a good show. Nothing less is expected from the two best teams in the championship.
6:22 PM5 months ago

1st | 9:18

ANOTHER TRIPLE! This time it was Devin Booker for the Suns. 12-8 the game now in favor of the Warriors.
6:19 PM5 months ago

1st | 10:30

THREE TRIPLES! We started the game well, including the king of the stuff, Steph Curry.
6:17 PM5 months ago

Match Starts!

The game between Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns gets underway.
6:01 PM5 months ago

Starting five - Phoenix Suns

1- Devin Booker

3- Chris Paul

22- Deandre Ayton

25- Mikal Bridges

99- Jae Crowder

5:57 PM5 months ago

Starting five - Golden State Warriors

0- Gary Payton II

5- Kevon Looney

23- Daymond Green

30- Stephen Curry

32- Otto Porter Jr.

5:54 PM5 months ago

All set at the Footprint Arena

5:53 PM5 months ago

Some interesting facts

This will be the fifth Christmas Day showdown between teams with the two best records in the league and the first since 2005. 

It will be the third time in history that two teams with a winning percentage better than .800


5:46 PM5 months ago

Players who are not available for the Warriors for this game

Andre Iguodala, Damion Lee, Moses Moody, Jordan Poole, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman will miss the game.
5:42 PM5 months ago

Suns medical report

5:41 PM5 months ago

Curry ready for another day at the office

5:36 PM5 months ago

Most recent game - Suns

5:31 PM5 months ago

Most recent game - Warriors

5:26 PM5 months ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you this game between the Warriors and Suns.
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What time is the Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns game for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns of 25th December 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Bolivia: 6:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Brazil: 7:00 PM on Star +
Chile: 7:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Colombia: 5:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Ecuador: 5:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
USA (ET): 5:00 PM on ESPN Deportes and NBA League Pass
Spain: 11:00 PM on #Vamos
Mexico: 4:00 PM on ESPN
Paraguay: 6:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Peru: 5:00 PM on ESPN and Star +
Uruguay: 7:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

5:06 PM5 months ago

Key player - Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker was a standout for the Suns. The 25-year-old American player was the great figure of the team in the previous game against the Thunder, scoring 30 points and assisting seven times.

5:01 PM5 months ago

Key player - Golden State Warriors

For the Warriors, the presence of Stephen Curry stands out. The 33-year-old American player was the team's star player in the previous game against the Grizzlies, scoring no less than 46 points and assisting four times.

4:56 PM5 months ago

Last five games - Phoenix Suns

Dec. 23: 113-101 vs Thunder (Won)

Dec. 21: 90-108 vs LA Lakers (Won)

Dec. 19: 137-106 vs Hornets (Won)

Dec 16: 118-98 vs Wizards (Won)

Dec. 14: 107-111 vs Trail Blazers (Won)

4:51 PM5 months ago

Last five games - Golden State Warriors

Dec 23: 113-104 vs Grizzlies (Won)

Dec 20: 113-98 vs Kings (Won)

Dec. 18: 119-100 vs Raptors (Lost)

Dec. 17: 107-111 vs Celtics (Won)

Dec. 14: 96-105 vs Knicks (Won)

4:46 PM5 months ago


After their victory over the Thunder, the Suns are the leaders of the NBA Eastern Conference, with five consecutive wins and eight in the last ten games, results that make them the main favorite to win the game against their main rival in the standings.

4:41 PM5 months ago


Even though the Raptors stopped their good streak, the Warriors continue to prove their class in the Eastern Conference. Now they will face the only opponent that has a better record than them, so they will not want to be inferior to the big challenge.

4:36 PM5 months ago

The game will be played at the Footprint Center

The Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns game will be played at the Footprint Center, located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, United States. This venue, which was inaugurated in 1992, has a capacity for 18,422 spectators.
4:31 PM5 months ago

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