Baskets and Highlights of Lakers 132-123 Rockets on NBA 2021
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10:34 PM21 days ago

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We hope you enjoyed the game where the Lakers took the win in a pretty even game.

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10:32 PM21 days ago

4th Quarter 0:00

Game ends and the Lakers stay alive with the win. 
10:27 PM21 days ago

4th Quarter 0:58

LeBron pops up a couple of times by the basket to all but seal the win for the Lakers. 
Impressive performance by the King.
10:19 PM21 days ago

4th Quarter 3:11

Wood gets one of the two penalty corners. 
10:14 PM21 days ago

4th Quarter 4:59


Awesome pass from James to Bradley out of sight and with his back turned, the basket just capped off the big play. 

10:07 PM21 days ago

4th Quarter 7:24


Carmelo scores two more points and Lakers reached 111 points in the game. 

9:59 PM21 days ago

4th Quarter 10:45


The Lakers are now over 100 points and close to winning the game. 

9:54 PM21 days ago

3rd Quarter 0:01


Westbrook gets three more points with one second left on the scoreboard. 

9:48 PM21 days ago

3rd Quarter 2:42


Westbrook missed one of the penalty shots missing the chance to increase the lead. 

9:40 PM21 days ago

The incredible Monk

This was undoubtedly the best postcard of the whole game, we have to enjoy it.


9:37 PM21 days ago

3rd Quarter 8:22


Great air block by LeBron that prevents the Rockets' basket. 

9:09 PM21 days ago

2nd Quarter 01:08


Carmelo again gets three points for the Lakers and they pull away on the scoreboard before the end of the first half. 

9:00 PM21 days ago

2nd Quarter 3:45


Great pass to Green who finishes the play hanging on the basket. 

8:50 PM22 days ago

2nd Quarter 7:59


James finds Westbrook and makes a basket to even the score. 

8:49 PM22 days ago

2nd Quarter 8:18


Gordon scores again with a great move that leaves the Lakers' defenders in the dust. 

8:45 PM22 days ago

2nd Quarter 11:00


Gordon gave us a far away basket that looked fantastic. 

8:43 PM22 days ago

King's Wonder

James delighted us with this great move that ended in the basket.


8:40 PM22 days ago

1st Quarter 0:00

The first quarter ends and surprisingly the Lakers are down on the scoreboard. 
8:37 PM22 days ago

1st Quarter 1:05

Great move by Brooks who gets two points and foul, shortening the lead for the Rockets.
8:32 PM22 days ago

1st Quarter 4:20

Carmelo scores on a pass from James for a big 3-point basket.
8:26 PM22 days ago

1st Quarter 5:06

Great shot by LeBron who gets three points from distance. 
8:18 PM22 days ago

1st Quarter 07:20

Many three-pointers in the beginning of the game and the score is 12-12.
8:15 PM22 days ago

1st Quarter 12:00

The game starts at the Toyota Center.
7:57 PM22 days ago

Looks really good

Porter Jr. looks eager to get out on the field after being inactive.


7:50 PM22 days ago

Lakers starting lineup

The Los Angeles team will take the field with: 

LeBron James, Malik Monk, Russell Westbrook, Avery Bardley and Stanley Jhonson. 

7:39 PM22 days ago

Playing for a place in the Playoffs

The Lakers are experiencing a bad streak, however, they are still in the playoffs, so tonight they will have the opportunity to take a loss that could lead them to live the dream.
7:37 PM22 days ago

Porter Jr is back

The Rockets have recovered one of their most virtuous basketball players and he is already warming up with the team.

7:33 PM22 days ago

All types of Laker fans

The team arrived and with them came fans of all ages, some going to see the Los Angeles team but also in search of the Super Star, LeBron James.

7:14 PM22 days ago

Maximum concentration

The home team will want to give their fans a victory and in the process add a positive streak so as not to finish in last place.
7:10 PM22 days ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

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11:40 PM22 days ago

Stay with us

In a moment we will bring you the best, the starting lineups and all the details of the Rockets vs Lakers in NBA 2021.
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How and where to watch Rockets vs Lakers

The game will be broadcasted only on NBA League Pass. 
If you prefer to follow the game LIVE on the internet, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option. 
11:30 PM22 days ago

Last game Rockets vs Lakers

The last time these two teams met was on November 2 at the Lakers' home, in a game that ended with a 119-117 victory for Los Angeles team.
11:25 PM22 days ago

Positions in the table

This game falls squarely in the NBA's Western Conference, with the Lakers still in playoff contention with 16 wins and 18 losses, while the Rockets are in last place with 10 wins and 24 losses.
11:20 PM22 days ago

Lakers' key player

The star for the Lakers can't be anyone else than LeBron James, who despite the bad streak of the visitors has managed to score more than 30 points in the last four games. 

Now, he will look to get back to leading the offense but looking to return home with a win. 

11:15 PM22 days ago

Rockets' key player

When it comes to playing Christian Wood is the best player in the home team, he has managed to be a factor when it comes to making baskets.

He has also collaborated with assists as he did in the previous game with 9 in total. 

11:10 PM22 days ago

Lakers will be looking for the pass

The Los Angeles team is still looking for a playoff berth, however, their last five games have been losses, so they will be looking to beat the Rockets as visitors. 

In the last meeting they faced the Nets with a 122-115 result in favor of the Brooklyn team. 

11:05 PM22 days ago

Rockets on a losing streak

The Houston team is on a bad streak, which consists of four consecutive games with a loss.
While it is true that the teams they have faced have not been easy, in the last game they were defeated in a resounding manner with a score that ended 123-99 against the Hornets. 
11:00 PM22 days ago

The match will be played at the Toyota Center


The Lakers  vs Rockets match will be played at the stadium Toyota Center, in Texas, USA, with a capacity of 18,300 people.

It is a sports pavilion named after the Japanese automobile company Toyota, which sponsors it. 

The Houston Rockets, an NBA team, are the main users of the pavilion, who share it with the Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League.

10:55 PM22 days ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the 2021 NBA match: Lakers vs Rockets Live Updates!


My name is Salvador Espino and I’ll be your host for this game.

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The Rockets welcome the Lakers to the Toyota Center for a game that could be the deciding game for the Los Angeles team. 
On the other hand, Houston is eliminated this season and will be looking for a dignified closing with just a few games left.