Highlights and Best Moments: Bucks 136-118 Magic in NBA
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9:53 PMa month ago


Watch the best moments of Bucks win.


9:35 PMa month ago


The MVP is Antetokounmpo score 33 pts 12 rebounds and 5 asisst.
9:27 PMa month ago

00:00 4Q

The game ends at the Amway Center, the score is 136-118 in favor of the Bucks
9:25 PMa month ago

1:03 4Q


Giannis Antetokounmpo does an alley oop

9:21 PMa month ago

1:52 4Q

Time out Bucks
9:19 PMa month ago

2:30 4Q

Franz Wagner scores 2 free throws the advantage is 11 pts
9:17 PMa month ago

2:50 4Q

Wendell Carter Jr. scores dunk and the difference is 13 pts
9:16 PMa month ago

3:45 4Q

Donte DiVincenzo makes 2 free throws
9:12 PMa month ago

4:46 4Q

Time out Orlando
9:11 PMa month ago

5:15 4Q

Moritz Wagner scores from long distance cuts the gap to 12
9:10 PMa month ago

5:46 4Q

Hampton makes 2 free throws
9:09 PMa month ago

6:08 4Q

Wendell makes triple from the center
9:08 PMa month ago

7:00 4Q

Hampton scores triple, being alone
9:06 PMa month ago

7:34 4Q

Hampton scores closely, Bucks lead 15
9:05 PMa month ago

8:38 4Q

Grayson Allen makes 1 of 2 free throws
9:01 PMa month ago

8:45 4Q

Time out Bucks the score is Bucks 109 Orlando 95
9:00 PMa month ago

9:45 4Q

Grayson Allen makes triple
8:59 PMa month ago

10:25 4Q

Moritz Wagner makes foul layup and counts
8:58 PMa month ago

10:55 4Q

Wendell Carter makes 1 of 2 free throws
8:57 PMa month ago

11:37 4Q

The last quarter begins with pts from both teams
8:53 PMa month ago

00:00 3Q

Finish 3 Quarter Bucks Up by Double Digits
8:53 PMa month ago

00:18 3Q

DeMarcus Cousins ​​scores, fouls and counts
8:51 PMa month ago

1:20 3Q

Hampton misses 1 of 2 free throws
8:49 PMa month ago

1:55 3Q

Hampton scores close to 7 for Bucks
8:44 PMa month ago

2:50 3Q

Time out Orlando
8:43 PMa month ago

2:50 3Q

Consecutive mistakes by Orlando that become pts for Bucks
8:43 PMa month ago

3:39 3Q

DeMarcus Cousins ​​with the foul and counts 3 more pts
8:41 PMa month ago

3:44 3Q

Admiral Schofield scores from close and takes the lead for the first time Orlando 80-79
8:38 PMa month ago

5:04 3Q

DeMarcus Cousins ​​makes the foul dunk and counts
8:37 PMa month ago

5:14 3Q

Franz Wagner makes the triple 74-74
8:34 PMa month ago

6:23 3Q

Franz Wagner scores triple and the game is tied 71-71
8:31 PMa month ago

7:16 3Q

Wendell Carter with the foul dunk foul and counts
8:27 PMa month ago

8:31 3Q

Gary Harris makes a triple and the lead is one possession.
8:24 PMa month ago

9:42 3Q

Time out  Bucks
8:24 PMa month ago

9:43 3Q

Tim Frazier scores from the corner cuts the difference to 7 pts
8:23 PMa month ago

11:46 3Q

Jrue Holiday makes triple
8:05 PMa month ago

00:00 2Q

The first half ends in Orlando, the score is Bucks 63-51 Magic
8:03 PMa month ago

1:01 2Q

Wesley Matthews hits another triple, 3/3 from long range
8:02 PMa month ago

2:23 2Q

Tim Frazier scores from long distance
8:01 PMa month ago

2:41 2Q

Wesley Matthews scores from the corner
7:58 PMa month ago

2:49 2Q

Time out Bucks
7:55 PMa month ago

4:21 2Q

Carter makes all 2 free throws
7:53 PMa month ago

5:26 2Q

Bobby Portis scores from close range and the advantage is double digits 47-36 is the scoreboard
7:47 PMa month ago

6:49 2Q

Time out Orlando
7:47 PMa month ago

7:17 2Q

Giannis Antetokounmpo scores alley oop
7:46 PMa month ago

8:05 2Q

Moritz Wagner scores the 2 free throws and cuts the distance
7:44 PMa month ago

9:02 2Q

Giannis Antetokounmpo makes all 2 free throws
7:41 PMa month ago

9:50 2Q

Wesley Matthews makes a triple and immediately after R.J. Hampton also scores triple
7:40 PMa month ago

10:50 2Q

Ignas Brazdeikis scores from the corner the first sts of the second quarter
7:36 PMa month ago

00:00 1Q

The first quarter ends in Orlando the score is 32-24 Bucks up
7:33 PMa month ago

1:51 1Q

Gary Harris responds with a triple advantage of 6 for Bucs
7:32 PMa month ago

2:20 1Q

Donte DiVincenzo makes triple from the center
7:28 PMa month ago

3:18 1Q

Time out  Bucks
7:27 PMa month ago

4:03 1Q

Moritz Wagner makes all 2 free throws
7:24 PMa month ago

5:15 1Q

Giannis Antetokounmpo makes a triple from distance.
7:23 PMa month ago

5:43 1Q

Jrue Holiday scores from the corner the first triple of the game between both teams.
7:22 PMa month ago

6:36 1Q

Khris Middleton goes to the free throw line and scores both
7:18 PMa month ago

6:55 1Q

Time out  Orlando
7:18 PMa month ago

7:39 1Q

Freddie Gillespie makes 1 of 2 free throws
7:17 PMa month ago

7:56 1Q

Giannis goes to the free throw line and scores both.
7:15 PMa month ago

8:55 1Q


So far great percentage of effectiveness from close range, no 3-point shot attempted

7:13 PMa month ago

10:20 1Q

Gary Harris steals the ball and scores solo
7:12 PMa month ago

11:00 1Q

Jrue Holiday with the first basket of the game
6:56 PMa month ago

All ready

Everything is ready at the Amway Center for the game, enjoy it.
6:53 PMa month ago

Injuries Bucks


The Bucks only have 1 injurie for this game, it is Semi Ojeleye, AP.

6:48 PMa month ago

Injuries Orlando

The Orlando Magic will not be able to count on these players for today's game.

Markelle Fultz, BA

Jalen Suggs, E

Cole Anthony, BA

Robin Lopez, C

Terrence Ross, E

6:43 PMa month ago

Lineup away team

The Bucks come out with this starting five.
6:38 PMa month ago

Fact to consider

The Bucks are 9-0 when they score 120 or more points. 
6:33 PMa month ago

Lineup Orlando

The home team has this fifth starters.


6:28 PMa month ago

Playoffs last year

The Bucks and the Magic played the NBA playoffs last year with a victory for Milwaukee 4-1, the Magic team had won the first game of the series.
6:23 PMa month ago

To continue the streak.

The Bucks are 3-0 this season against the Orlando Magic so tonight they will look for the fourth win
6:18 PMa month ago

Odd to win

The bucks are favorites this afternoon at the Amway Center with a 83.3 % probability of winning according to ESPN's Basketball Power Index.

While the Magic come out with a 16.7 % probability of taking the victory.


6:13 PMa month ago

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Probable Lineup Magic

Carter, Wagner, Lopez, Gravett and Harris were the starting five for the home team.
5:58 PMa month ago

Probable Lineup Bucks

Allen, Portis, Middleton, Holiday and Antetokounpo were the away team starting five in their last game.
5:53 PMa month ago

Games between Milwaukee Bucks vs Orlando Magic

Bucks won the last 10 games overall, in addition 9 of the last 10 games have been won by Bucks at the Amway Center


5:48 PMa month ago

Key player of Magic

The most important player of the Orlando Magic is center Wendell Carter, the player averages 12.8 pts per game, 10 rebounds and 2.5 assists. Playing against the Bucks Carter has 11 pts, 7.3 rebounds and 2 assists, in his most recent game he had an outstanding participation with 19 pts, 10 rebounds and one assist, so it will be key.
Photo: Getty images// Gary Bassing
Photo: Getty images// Gary Bassing
5:43 PMa month ago

Key player of Bucks

Power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo MVP in last year's NBA finals will be in charge of leading the champions in this game, averaging 27.4 pts. per game being the third highest in the NBA, he also averages 11.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists.

Facing the Magic this season, the Greek has 24 points. per game, 11 rebounds and 6.7 assists, in his most recent game against Orlando he had 28 pts 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

Photo: Getty images// Julio Aguilar
Photo: Getty images// Julio Aguilar
5:38 PMa month ago

Orlando Magic

Submerged in the lower part of the classification and with a performance under the Magic of Orlando, he comes to this game with 9 losses in his last 10 meetings at the Amyay Center, he also accumulates 3 consecutive losses after adding 2 victories, against the Hawks and Nets.

As if that were not enough, the Magic are the worst local in the entire NBA with only 2 victories in 12 games, their last victory was on December 1 against the Denver Nuggets.

5:33 PMa month ago


The Bucks travel to Orlando at a great moment as they accumulate 4 victories in a row, they are third in the Eastern Conference with a 23-13 record.

The NBA champions are in the top 5 of the best away teams in the entire NBA, if there is a team that suits the Bucks it is the Orlando Magic because it has a streak of 10 games without losing to them, in its last

The match held last Tuesday ended in victory for the Milwaukee team with a score of 127-110.

5:28 PMa month ago

The match will be played at the Amway Center

Amway Center is an indoor arena located in Downtown Orlando, Florida. The arena is home to the Orlando Magic of the NBA, the Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL, and the Orlando Predators of the National Arena League.

Amway Center hosted the 2012 NBA All-Star Game and the 2015 ECHL All-Star Game. It also hosted some games of the round of 64 and round of 32 of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament in 2014 and 2017. On January 14, 2013, the Arena Football League's Board of Directors voted to award ArenaBowl XXVI to Orlando in the summer of 2013. It hosted UFC on Fox: dos Anjos vs. Cerrone 2 on December 19, 2015.

The arena has also hosted professional wrestling events by the professional wrestling promotion WWE, notably the 2016 Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the promotion took a long-term residency at the Amway Center from August 21–December 7, 2020. During this residency, WWE aired its shows from a behind closed doors set called the WWE ThunderDome. The promotion relocated to Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida due to the start of the 2020–21 ECHL and NBA seasons.

Photo: Getty images// Alex Menendez
Photo: Getty images// Alex Menendez
5:23 PMa month ago

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