Highlights: Detroit Pistons 115-106 Milwaukee Bucks in NBA 2021-2022
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10:27 PM12 days ago

Upcoming duels!

The Milwaukee team will face Toronto on Wednesday night, while the Pistons will face off against the Hornets on the same day.
10:26 PM12 days ago

The game is over

End of the game, victory for the Detroit Pistons.
10:23 PM12 days ago

4Q | 0:27

Cade Cunningham double, Detroit lead 7, Bucks time out.
10:21 PM12 days ago

4Q | 0:47

Jrue Holiday's triple after Hamideo Diallo's failure in free practice, 5 points apart.
10:17 PM12 days ago

Player of the game

Great game from Saddiq Bey who reaches a new personal scoring record:
10:13 PM12 days ago

4Q | 2:21

Cade Cunningham's 3-pointer, Detroit's 13-point lead, the surprise of the season looms.
10:05 PM12 days ago

4Q | 5:11

Time out, Dwane Casey slows down the game to cool down the Bucks and keep the 9-point lead.
10:02 PM12 days ago

4Q | 5:58

Saddiq Bey with the triple, 10-point lead for the Pistons.
9:55 PM12 days ago

4Q | 8:17

Timeout Bucks, doubles by Cunningham and Jackson to give Detroit a 7-point lead.
9:51 PM12 days ago

4Q | 10:08

Giannis with the double and the game is tied at 90.
9:45 PM12 days ago

End of the 3rd

The third period ends with an advantage for the Pistons of 2.
9:43 PM12 days ago

Trick Shot!

Jrue Holiday with the fantasy play to give his team a slight advantage:
9:39 PM12 days ago

3Q | 2:47

Jrue Holiday with a reversible and the locals regain the advantage by 1 point. Time out Pistons.
9:35 PM12 days ago

3Q | 5:48

Triple by Saddiq Bey and the Pistons turn the score around again.
9:26 PM12 days ago

3Q | 10:43

Cade Cunningham's double to give him a 7-point lead and send a time out.
9:24 PM12 days ago

3Q | 12:00

The third quarter begins.
9:07 PM12 days ago


We go into halftime with a point advantage for Milwaukee.
9:03 PM12 days ago

2Q | 1:49

Points from Jrue Holiday, Bobby Portis and George Hill to turn it around and put a 4 point difference for the Bucks.
9:01 PM12 days ago

Full speed!

Josh Jackson on counterattack, 13 points coming off the bench:
8:58 PM12 days ago

2Q | 4:34

Time out Detroit, the locals begin to pressure the Pistons and the coaching staff slows down the game.
8:52 PM12 days ago

2Q | 6:31

Timeout Bucks, Milwaukee's offense can't find its way and they go down by 6.
8:50 PM12 days ago

Buzzer beating!

Giannis Antetokounmpo beating the clock and scoring a double to give the advantage:
8:40 PM12 days ago

2Q | 12:00

The second period begins.
8:38 PM12 days ago

Bye to the 1st!

Giannis beats the clock and gives the Bucks a 2-point lead at the end of the first quarter.
8:37 PM12 days ago

Team Work

Great team play for Detroit:
8:36 PM12 days ago

1Q | 0:33

Giannis with the double and the foul, possibility of tying the game.
8:33 PM12 days ago

1Q | 1:50

Saddiq Bey converts the shot for the technical foul and reaches 11 points, is the leading scorer of the game at the moment.
8:29 PM12 days ago


Due to claims by the assistants, a technical foul is marked on the Bucks' coaching staff. Detroit with the possibility of putting 2 possessions apart.
8:27 PM12 days ago

1Q | 2:46

Timeout Milwaukee, Saddiq Bey with a pair of consecutive baskets putting the Pistons with a 3-point lead.
8:25 PM12 days ago

Antetokonmpo Express

Giannis going through Detroit's defense with ease:
8:19 PM12 days ago

1Q | 6:19

Timeout Bucks, Coach Budenholzer doesn't like what he sees of his offense and slows down the game.
8:17 PM12 days ago

1Q | 7:27

The game started very well but has fallen into a rut of constant failures by both teams in the last minutes.
8:13 PM12 days ago

1Q | 11:44

Hamidou Diallo opens the scoring at the Fiserv Forum.
8:11 PM12 days ago

1Q | 12:00

Bobby Portis wins the opening jump and starts the duel.
8:08 PM12 days ago

About to start

The pre-game protocols start and we are just moments away from starting the duel.
8:00 PM12 days ago

Milwaukee starting 5!

With the return of Khris Middleton to the starting five, this is how the Bucks come out:
7:54 PM12 days ago

Pistons starting 5!

With Cade Cunningham as the main figure and several changes, this is what Detroit comes out:
7:50 PM12 days ago

Big game

The Milwaukee Bucks will go out tonight in search of their 7th win in a row, which would also place the team as the second-best in the Eastern Conference.
7:42 PM12 days ago

Champs getting ready!

The reigning champions are already in the last warm-up prior today's match:
7:37 PM12 days ago

Middleton is back!

The Milwaukee team announced that they would have Khris Middleton in attendance for today's game.
7:31 PM12 days ago

Very important first minutes

Here are the first actions of the last duel between both teams where the Bucks took the victory from the first minutes:
7:26 PM12 days ago

Last lineups!

In the last game, this is how both teams lined up:
  • Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bobby Portis, Jrue Holiday, Grayson Allen and Pat Connauhton.
  • Pistons: Hamidou Diallo, Saddiq Bey, Luka Garza, Cassius Stanley and Derrick Walton Jr.
7:19 PM12 days ago

Injury Report

The casualties of this game are as follows:
Bucks: Brook Lopez, Donte Divicenzo, Khris Middleton (Doubt), Thanasis Antetokounmpo and Semi Ojeleye.
Pistons: Kelly Olynyk, Derrick Walton Jr., Franck Jackson, Jerami Grant, Isaiah Stewart and Cory Joseph.
7:11 PM12 days ago

The visitors are here

The Detroit Pistons are already at Fiserv Forum for tonight's game:
7:08 PM12 days ago

Face to face

A closed match between both teams awaits us, here we share the statistics of the season of each one.
Photo: NBA
Photo: NBA
7:02 PM12 days ago

Let's go!

We're just under an hour away from the Bucks-Pistons game kick-off at the Fiserv Forum. Both quintets will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage at VAVEL.
7:42 PM13 days ago

Stay with us to follow this game LIVE!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting line-ups for the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons, as well as the latest information from the Fiserv Forum. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be streamed through the NBA League Pass.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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Last duel!

The Bucks already know what it is like to beat the Pistons in the first two games of this series of the season in November where they took the victory by a score of 114 to 93 and 117 to 89, with one more victory the Milwaukee team would ensure the Serie.
7:27 PM13 days ago

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a must see player!

The Bucks star is going through a great moment leading the team with 27.8 points and 11.6 rebounds per game. Giannis comes to clear the doubts that surrounded him, at this moment Antetokounmpo's main objective is to improve and expand his tools on offense. Giannis has had to play mostly center or power forward this season due to Brook Lopez being released, but it hasn't affected his productivity. With the addition of DeMarcus Cousins, the Milwaukee forward returned to his usual position and every time we see a better level of him.
Photo: Bucks
Photo: Bucks
7:22 PM13 days ago

Jerami Grant, a must see player!

The Detroit forward is leading the team in offense as a scorer with an average of 20.1 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game. The Detroit star has connected very well with Cade Cunningham, the # 1 pick in the past draft, and has managed to be considered as an important piece in the rebuilding of the team. However, the player could be an interesting piece for the other teams during the transfer period that is approaching.
Photo: Pistons
Photo: Pistons
7:17 PM13 days ago

How does the Bucks get here?

The Milwaukee team arrives in a great moment and in second place in the Eastern Conference, just one victory away from the Brooklyn Nets. At the moment the team led by Giannis Antetokounmpo is doing very well and they are great contenders to repeat the title obtained last season. With a record of 17 wins and only 10 losses, the Bucks are going as expected and, having taken pressure off with the previous championship, their figures have been showing a high level and expanding their attacking tools.
7:12 PM13 days ago

How does the Pistons arrive?

The Pistons arrive in last place in the Eastern Conference and in the NBA, the rebuilding in Detroit is just beginning and their hopes rest on the talent that players such as Cade Cunningham, # 1 pick in this season's draft, Saddiq Bey Kilian can show. Hayes and Hamidou Diallo. For now, Detroit's victories will be very few, but losing to them could have a big impact for the big teams because of their position in the table heading to the playoffs.
7:07 PM13 days ago

Where's the game?

The Fiserv Forum located in the city of Milwaukee will host this duel between two teams with opposite realities, one fighting at the top of the Eastern Conference and the other at the bottom of the same conference. This stadium has a capacity for 17,300 fans and was inaugurated in 2018.
Photo: NBA
Photo: NBA
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Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons game, corresponding to the 2021-2022 NBA regular season. The meeting will take place at the Fiserv Forum at 8 p.m.