Resume and Highlights: Golden State Warriors 96-101 New Orleans Pelicans in NBA Season


10:50 PM10 days ago


10:33 PM10 days ago

Warriors add another loss

New Orleans Pelicans takes advantage of Warriors losses and wins at home.
Final score Warriors 96 -101 Pelicans.
10:31 PM10 days ago

4Q 00:00

Finish the game.
10:30 PM10 days ago

4Q 3.6

Poole scores triple for Warriors.
10:24 PM10 days ago

4Q 51.5

Kuminga scores double for Warriors.
10:23 PM10 days ago

4Q 59.1

Poole shoots and scores a triple.
10:22 PM10 days ago

4Q 01:11

Poole scores for Warriors.
10:19 PM10 days ago

4Q 01:35

Kuminga scores double for Warriors.
10:07 PM10 days ago

4Q 05:30

Kuminga scores double for Warriors.
10:00 PM10 days ago

4Q 08:33

Hart scores double for Pelicans.
9:59 PM10 days ago

4Q 09:54

Clark shoots and scores a triple for Pelicans.
9:58 PM10 days ago

4Q 10:35

Bjelica adds two for Warriors.
9:57 PM10 days ago

4Q 11:26

Graham scores double for Pelicans.
9:55 PM10 days ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins.
9:53 PM10 days ago

3Q 00:00

The third period ends.
9:52 PM10 days ago

3Q 39.9

Hayes hits a double free throw.
9:51 PM10 days ago

3Q 01:20

Moody scores double free throw.
9:49 PM10 days ago

3Q 02:10

Kuminga scores double for Warriors.
9:47 PM10 days ago

3Q 03:52

Iguodala shoots and scores three-pointer for Warriors.
9:46 PM10 days ago

3Q 04:44

Jones adds two for Warriors.
9:39 PM10 days ago

3Q 06:22

Looney adds two for Warriors.
9:38 PM10 days ago

3Q 06:58

Jones hits free throw for Pelicans.
9:32 PM10 days ago

3Q 07:53

Wiggins scores double free throw for Warriors.
9:30 PM10 days ago

3Q 08:38

Hart scores triple for Pelicans. 
9:27 PM10 days ago

3Q 09:31

Porter Jr scores double for Warriors.
9:26 PM10 days ago

3Q 10:46

Valanciunas scores a double free throw.
9:23 PM10 days ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
9:08 PM10 days ago

2Q 00:00

End of the first half.
9:07 PM10 days ago

2Q 23.5

Valanciunas scores a double and now Pelicans have the lead.
9:06 PM10 days ago

2Q 01:22

Jones scores double for Pelicans.
9:01 PM10 days ago

2Q 02:44

Clark scores three-pointer for Pelicans.
9:00 PM10 days ago

2Q 03:59

Wiggins scores double-double for Warriors.
8:57 PM10 days ago

2Q 05:34

Lee scores three-pointer for Warriors.
8:54 PM10 days ago

2Q 06:31

Ingram scores double-double for Pelicans.
8:52 PM10 days ago

2Q 07:58

Moody increases the lead for the Warriors.
8:48 PM10 days ago

2Q 08:40

Hart scores double for Pelicans.
8:44 PM10 days ago

2Q 10:11

Kuminga scores double for Warriors.
8:42 PM10 days ago

2Q 11:11

Kuminga scores free throw.
8:40 PM10 days ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
8:39 PM10 days ago

1Q 41.0

Damion Lee scores two for the Warriors.
8:34 PM10 days ago

1Q 01:43

Temple scores three-pointer for Pelicans.
8:29 PM10 days ago

1Q 02:31

Bjelica scores two for Warriors.
8:24 PM10 days ago

1Q 04:23

Jones scores triple for Pelicans.
8:19 PM10 days ago

1Q 05:31

Porter Jr. scores triple for Warriors.
8:14 PM10 days ago

1Q 06:14

Ingram scores double for Pelicans.
8:09 PM10 days ago

1Q 06:29

Looney scores double-double for Warriors.
8:04 PM10 days ago

1Q 08:43

Wiggins scores free throw for Warriors.
7:59 PM10 days ago

1Q 10:47

Graham scores double for Pelicans.
7:54 PM10 days ago

1Q 11:45

Ingram scores double for Pelicans.
7:49 PM10 days ago

1Q 12:00

The game begins.
7:44 PM10 days ago

Pelicans starting 5

Graham, Hart, Jones, Ingram, Valanciunas. 
7:39 PM10 days ago

Warriors starting 5

Poole, Payton II, Wiggins, Porter Jr, Looney.
7:34 PM10 days ago

Pelicans are already warming up

The locals are already preparing for tonight's duel:
7:29 PM10 days ago

Warriors leaders

Stephen Curry leads in points with 26.8.
Draymond Green leads in assists with 7.6.
Draymond Green leads in rebounds with 7.8.
7:24 PM10 days ago

Pelicans leaders

Brandon Ingram leads in points with 22.2 per game.
Brandon Ingram leads in assists with 4.9 per game.
Jonas Valanciunas in rebounds with 12.0 per game.
7:19 PM10 days ago

The visiting team is already in the arena

This is how the Warriors arrived:
7:14 PM10 days ago

Remembering a legendary

Anthony was coming off a standout collegiate career with the Kentucky Wildcats, so "La Ceja" was one of the most exciting prospects in the entire NBA. Interestingly, the first preseason game of Anthony Davis' career was in Mexico when the Hornets faced the Magic in Mexico City.
7:09 PM10 days ago

Unanimous MVP

In the 2015-2016 campaign, Stephen Curry became the only one to be unanimously named the Most Valuable Player. That's crazy if you think he got the vote of 121 journalists who participated in the voting.
7:04 PM10 days ago

Pelicans retired numbers

The Pelicans have one retired jersey, Pete Maravich's number 7 due to his legacy with the New Orleans Jazz. Some other figures who wore the New Orleans jersey include Chris Paul, Baron Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis and currently they have Zion Williamson as their main star.
6:59 PM10 days ago

Golden State Warriors Record

In 2016, the Warriors broke the record for most wins in a regular season with 73 wins and 9 losses. The 72-10 record was held by the Chicago Bulls in 1996.
6:54 PM10 days ago

Stay tuned to follow Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans Live

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans live, as well as the latest information from the Smoothie King Center. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage. 
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Where and how to watch Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Smoothie King Center

Inaugurated in October 1999 as the New Orleans Arena with capacity for 18,000 spectators, it became the home of the Hornets in 2002, the venue was an important piece for the victims of Hurricane Katrina since the medical corps occupied the arena to attend to the victims, and several sporting events have been presented in the Pelicans' home. 
6:39 PM10 days ago

Pelicans Main Lineup

Ingram, Hart, Valanciunas, Graham, Jones.
6:34 PM10 days ago

Warriors Main Lineup

Curry, Poole, Wiggins, Green, Iguodala.
6:29 PM10 days ago

Face to Face

Warriors are dominating their conference with Curry breaking records, as he recently surpassed the mark of three-pointers scored, in their last game they were not very lucky and took the loss against Mavericks, on the Pelicans side the postseason looks very distant, the results have not accompanied them and they accumulate three defeats against Suns being their last loss.
6:24 PM10 days ago


The New Orleans Pelicans came from nightmare seasons until 2012, Tom Benson bought the franchise from the Hornets, acquiring the young star Anthony Davis, by 2013 the team changed the shield and clothing for the 2013-14 season, it seemed that the team had found a competitive 5 that would take them to Playoffs, it was until 2018 that the team got the pass to the Postseason making it past the first round to face the Warriors team that would beat them and subsequently take the championship, A season later things in the team were not going well so Davis asked for his departure, for 2019 Davis comes to the Lakers in exchange for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and four rounds of the Draft, with that they got Zion Williamson, currently the team is in second to last place in the Western Conference with a negative record of 13-25 and a streak of three straight games with a loss.
Pelicans celebrating/PelicansNBA
Pelicans celebrating/PelicansNBA
6:19 PM10 days ago

Warriors on championship pace

The Warriors come from a couple of seasons to forget, in recent years we remember the team playing the NBA Finals however from one moment to another that prominence was gone, the four consecutive finals against Cleveland Cavaliers were truly historic, the Warriors team got three rings in five historic finals, something very complicated to achieve as there are franchises that have failed to reach a single final, but there is always a star in each team, For the Warriors is Stephen Curry who since 2009 has been playing for the Golden State team and has become one of the best players in the league, the injuries of Curry, Thompson and Durant at the time, had diminished the team's performance, causing their absence in Playoffs for two seasons, but it seems that all that is behind them and this season they lead the league with a 29-8 record, everything seems to indicate that the Warriors would be in the Playoffs and if they set their mind to it they could beat their season record.
Last Warriors game/Image:warriors
Last Warriors game/Image:warriors


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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Pelicans vs Warriors game, corresponding to the NBA regular season. The match will take place at the Smoothie King Center, at 20:00.