Resume and Highlights: Nets 138-112 Bulls in NBA Season


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Thank you for watching the Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls game, stay tuned to to follow the NBA season and your favorite sports.
12:30 AM3 days ago

Nets crush Bulls

Brooklyn Nets pulls off a coup and beats Bulls 138-112 on a big night from Harden and Durant.
12:28 AM3 days ago

4Q 00:00

Finish the game.
12:26 AM3 days ago

4Q 27.6

Simonovic nails for Bulls.
12:25 AM3 days ago

4Q 01:15

Carter adds two for Nets.
12:24 AM3 days ago

4Q 01:46

Simonovic scores double free throw for Bulls.
12:22 AM3 days ago

4Q 02:47

Thomas shoots and scores three free throws for Bulls.
12:21 AM3 days ago

4Q 03:19

Brown Jr. shoots and scores a triple.
12:20 AM3 days ago

4Q 03:39

Thomas scores two for Nets.
12:18 AM3 days ago

4Q 04:41

Duke Jr shoots and scores triple.
12:16 AM3 days ago

4Q 05:49

Bradley scores double free throw for Bulls.
12:12 AM3 days ago

4Q 06:14

Thomas scores two for Bulls.
12:11 AM3 days ago

4Q 07:00

Harden scores a three-pointer.
12:10 AM3 days ago

4Q 07:32

Ball scores double for Bulls.
12:09 AM3 days ago

4Q 08:06

Sharpe scores double for Nets.
12:07 AM3 days ago

4Q 10:02

Mills shoots and scores three-pointer with assist from Bembry.
12:05 AM3 days ago

4Q 10:30

Griffin adds two for Nets.
12:02 AM3 days ago

4Q 10:46

Edwards adds two for Nets.
12:01 AM3 days ago

4Q 11:34

Harden assists Mills and scores triple for Nets.
11:59 PM3 days ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins.
11:57 PM3 days ago

3Q 00:00

The third period ends.
11:56 PM3 days ago

3Q 22.0

Irving adds two for Nets and already passes the 100-point mark.
11:53 PM3 days ago

3Q 01:43

Durant shoots and scores a triple.
11:52 PM3 days ago

3Q 02:19

Durant hits double free throw.
11:51 PM3 days ago

3Q 02:49

Vucevic adds two for Bulls.
11:50 PM3 days ago

3Q 03:37

Harden assists Durant and scores double-double for Nets.
11:48 PM3 days ago

3Q 04:12

Mills shoots and scores triple for Nets.
11:43 PM3 days ago

3Q 05:19

Griffin adds two for Nets.
11:42 PM3 days ago

3Q 05:48

Harden scores three-pointer with assist from Durant.
11:39 PM3 days ago

3Q 06:41

Edwards adds two for Nets.
11:36 PM3 days ago

3Q 07:07

Harden shoots and scores a triple.
11:35 PM3 days ago

3Q 08:29

Durant hits double free throw.
11:33 PM3 days ago

3Q 08:43

Vucevic ties the game.
11:32 PM3 days ago

3Q 09:18

DeRozan hits double free throw for Bulls.
11:31 PM3 days ago

3Q 09:31

Harden scores double free throw.
11:30 PM3 days ago

3Q 10:00

Ball adds two for Bulls.
11:29 PM3 days ago

3Q 11:24

LaVine scores three-pointer for Bulls.
11:27 PM3 days ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
11:12 PM3 days ago

2Q 00:00

End of the first half.
11:11 PM3 days ago

2Q 45.7

LaVine responds with triple for Bulls.
11:10 PM3 days ago

2Q 01:38

Irving shoots and scores three-pointer for Nets.
11:09 PM3 days ago

2Q 02:18

LaVine adds two for Bulls.
11:05 PM3 days ago

2Q 04:29

Griffin scores for Nets.
11:03 PM3 days ago

2Q 04:28

DeRozan adds two free throws.
11:01 PM3 days ago

2Q 05:39

Durant scores two for Nets.
10:59 PM3 days ago

2Q 06:20

Vucevic scores for Bulls.
10:57 PM3 days ago

2Q 06:56

Harden scores triple free throw.
10:52 PM3 days ago

2Q 07:42

LaVine adds two with Ball assist.
10:51 PM3 days ago

2Q 08:21

Vucevic scores double free throw.
10:49 PM3 days ago

2Q 08:48

DeRozan scores double-double for Bulls.
10:48 PM3 days ago

2Q 09:54

Harden assists Johnson and Nets score.
10:46 PM3 days ago

2Q 10:44

White adds two points for Bulls.
10:45 PM3 days ago

2Q 11:44

Mills scores double for Nets.
10:44 PM3 days ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
10:40 PM3 days ago

1Q 00:00

The first period ends.
10:39 PM3 days ago

1Q 44.3

Durant assists Mills for a three-pointer.
10:36 PM3 days ago

1Q 02:24

Mills shoots and scores triple for Nets.
10:33 PM3 days ago

1Q 02:43

White ties the game.
10:32 PM3 days ago

1Q 03:02

Griffin scores double free throw for Nets.
10:31 PM3 days ago

1Q 03:11

White shoots and scores triple for Bulls.
10:29 PM3 days ago

1Q 03:24

Harden shoots and scores three free throws.
10:28 PM3 days ago

1Q 04:19

Durant shoots and scores three-pointer with Harden assist.
10:26 PM3 days ago

1Q 04:52

McKinnie shoots and scores triple for Bulls.
10:25 PM3 days ago

1Q 05:22

LaVine scores double free throw.
10:23 PM3 days ago

1Q 06:19

Vucevic scores two for Bulls.
10:22 PM3 days ago

1Q 06:55

Harden shoots and scores three-pointer for Nets.
10:21 PM3 days ago

1Q 07:36

LaVine adds for Bulls.
10:20 PM3 days ago

1Q 08:37

Sharpe scores two for Nets.
10:18 PM3 days ago

1Q 10:03

Durant answers with two for Nets.
10:17 PM3 days ago

1Q 10:47

DeRozan scores the first two points for Bulls.
10:12 PM3 days ago

1Q 12:00

The game begins.
9:58 PM3 days ago

Today's game promises to be one of the best of the season

Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls an early final, the two best teams in the Eastern Conference, are sweeping their rivals and dominate the top of the conference, if they continue with this pace they could certainly face each other in the conference finals.
9:50 PM3 days ago

Bulls starting 5

This is how the home team goes out to face Nets:
Ball, Lavine, Derozan, Jones Jr, Vucevic.

Bulls look to maintain the Eastern Conference lead with a competitive team.

9:45 PM3 days ago

Nets starting 5

This is how the Brooklyn team takes the court:
Harden, Irving, Durant, Edwards, Sharpe.

Nets come out with their best players to get the win against Bulls.

9:40 PM3 days ago

LaVine and his performance with Bulls

Zach LaVine on Tuesday in the Bulls 133-87 win over the Detroit Pistons scored his fewest points of the season with 10 and shot his lowest percentage on three of 10 shooting.

Bulls coach Billy Donovan said upon watching that if observers don't understand how great a player LaVine is, then they just don't know basketball.

9:35 PM3 days ago

Nets already in the arena

The visiting team is already at the Arena to face the Bulls:
9:30 PM3 days ago

Bulls are already at home

This is how the players arrived for tonight's duel:
9:25 PM3 days ago

Nets Injury Report

Joe Harris-Out

Harden (hyperextension of the left knee). - Available

Irving (left ankle sprain) - Available

Claxton (left hamstring strain) - Out

9:20 PM3 days ago

Bulls leaders

DeRozan leads in points with an average of 26.2 per game.
Ball leads in assists with an average of 5.1 per game.
Vucevic leads in rebounds averaging 11.4 per game.
9:15 PM3 days ago

Nets leaders

Kevin Durant leads in points with an average of 29.8 per game.

James Harden leads in assists averaging 9.7 per game.

James Harden leads in rebounds with an average of 8.1 per game.

9:10 PM3 days ago


Tonight's matchup pits two NBA title contenders, Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls have been the two best teams in the Eastern Conference, no doubt both teams are being the great entertainers of the conference along with Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks, watching any of these teams is always nice but seeing two teams face each other is a guarantee of quality, so follow the minute by minute through VAVEL.
9:05 PM3 days ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls live, as well as the latest information from the United Center. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage. 
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Where and how to watch Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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United Center

Located in Chicago Illinois, the United Center was inaugurated on August 18, 1994, is the home of the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL and Chicago Bulls of the NBA, with its almost 90,000 square meters of construction is the largest closed pavilion in the USA, has a capacity for NBA games of 21,711 people, also has a statue of Michael Jordan, located on the outside.
8:50 PM3 days ago

Brooklyn Nets Main Lineup

Kevin Durant, James Harden, Joe Harris, Patty Mills, LaMarcus Aldridge.
8:45 PM3 days ago

Chicago Bulls main lineup.

DeMar DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, Alex Caruso.
8:40 PM3 days ago

Face to face

Both teams dominate the Eastern Conference being 1 and 2 in the standings, Nets held the first position until Bulls snatched the position, prior to the third game of the series, Chicago Bulls took the first game vs Nets 118-96, for the second game history repeated itself now with a score of 111-107, the closing of the series will not only be the opportunity for Nets to not go to zero in the series, this game will be fundamental in the final part of the season.


8:35 PM3 days ago

Brooklyn Nets

The multi-champion team in the ABA, founded in 1967 has had a constant change of cities in New York, in 2012 they managed to settle in Brooklyn, a very well located franchise, however after the ABA titles, the Nets have not been able to lift the championship title in NBA, with the constant intention of the owners to put together a great team, for this season they have managed to put together a competitive team, the addition of James Harden to the team came to add along with Durant and Irving, With this trident they automatically become a great favorite to win the NBA title and we know the great performance that these players have individually, putting them together has definitely been one of the best decisions of the directors, although we have seen them in action it will be worth nothing if they do not get the coveted title, in the current season the Nets are in second place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 25-14, if they continue like this they will be one of the main candidates to play in the NBA Finals.
Nets prepare for the game/Image:BrooklynNets
Nets prepare for the game/Image:BrooklynNets
8:30 PM3 days ago

Chicago Bulls

If there is something we remember when mentioning the name of Chicago Bulls is nothing more and nothing less than Michael Jordan, the basketball superstar achieved what currently seems impossible, to be three-time champion in two stages (91-93 and 96-98), adding 6 championships for Chicago Bulls and Jordan, after the magnificent stage with Jordan, the team has not been able to raise a new NBA title, the promising players have only remained in that and none of the stars of the team has been able to bring them closer to the championship, For the 2021-22 season, the Chicago Bulls have in their roster players like Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, DeMar DeRozan, Zach Lavine, Nikola Vucevic, among others, a young but very competitive squad because currently the team is in first position in the Eastern Conference and just won a duel against the Pistons, the Chicago Bulls are having a great season that makes the fans are excited about a new title.
Bulls triumph over Pistons/Image:chicagobulls
Bulls triumph over Pistons/Image:chicagobulls
8:25 PM3 days ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Nets vs Bulls game, corresponding to the NBA regular season. The game will take place at the United Center, at 10:00 PM ET.