Resume and Highlights: Thunder 120-114 Mavericks in NBA Season


12:58 AM4 months ago


12:17 AM4 months ago


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12:12 AM4 months ago

Thunder wins

Thunder surprises and beats Mavericks in a game that required overtime.
Final Score: Thunder 120-114 Mavericks.
12:07 AM4 months ago

TE 0.0

Overtime ends.
12:02 AM4 months ago

TE 14.0

Kleber adds two for Mavs.
11:57 PM4 months ago

TE 1:16

Dort hits a double free throw.
11:52 PM4 months ago

TE 1:58

Dort scores for Thunder.
11:47 PM4 months ago

TE 3:00

Doncic adds two for Mavs.
11:42 PM4 months ago

TE 4:04

Dort scores three-pointer for Thunder.
11:37 PM4 months ago

TE 4:21

Brunson scores for Mavs.
11:32 PM4 months ago

TE 5:00

Overtime begins.
11:27 PM4 months ago

4Q 00:00

The last period ends in a tie and there will be overtime.
11:22 PM4 months ago

4Q 7.5

Williams scores for Thunder.
11:17 PM4 months ago

4Q 9.6

Bullock scores three-pointer for Mavs.
11:12 PM4 months ago

4Q 01:00

Bazley shoots and scores a triple.
11:07 PM4 months ago

4Q 01:56

Doncic scores for Mavs.
11:02 PM4 months ago

4Q 02:36

Doncic assists Bullock and scores a double.
10:57 PM4 months ago

4Q 03:15

Doncic shoots and scores a triple.
10:52 PM4 months ago

4Q 03:28

Giddey adds two for Thunder.
10:47 PM4 months ago

4Q 05:42

Giddey adds two for Thunder.
10:42 PM4 months ago

4Q 08:28

Muscala scores for Thunder.
10:37 PM4 months ago

4Q 08:41

Brunson scores for Mavs.
10:32 PM4 months ago

4Q 10:04

Brunson scores two for Mavs.
10:27 PM4 months ago

4Q 11:40

Bazley shoots and scores triple for Thunder.
10:22 PM4 months ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins.
10:17 PM4 months ago

3Q 00:00

The third period ends.
10:12 PM4 months ago

3Q 27.4

Green scores for Mavs.
10:07 PM4 months ago

3Q 36.2

Brunson scores for Mavs.
10:02 PM4 months ago

3Q 01:49

Bullock adds two for Mavs.
9:57 PM4 months ago

3Q 02:28

Mann scores three-pointer for Thunder.
9:52 PM4 months ago

3Q 04:21

Darius adds triple for Thunder.
9:47 PM4 months ago

3Q 05:02

Mann adds two for Thunder.
9:42 PM4 months ago

3Q 06:22

Bullock shoots and scores three-pointer for Mavs.
9:37 PM4 months ago

3Q 07:37

Doncic hits a double free throw.
9:32 PM4 months ago

3Q 08:20

Dort adds triple for Thunder.
9:27 PM4 months ago

3Q 09:38

Mann adds two for Thunder.
9:22 PM4 months ago

3Q 10:27

Dort scores three-pointer for Thunder.
9:17 PM4 months ago

3Q 11:43

Powell scores for Mavs.
9:12 PM4 months ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
9:07 PM4 months ago

2Q 00:00

The second period ends.
9:02 PM4 months ago

2Q 27.6

Giddey adds two for Thunder.
8:57 PM4 months ago

2Q 01:27

Bullock adds two for Mavs.
8:52 PM4 months ago

2Q 02:53

Bazley adds two for Thunder.
8:47 PM4 months ago

2Q 04:33

Doncic adds two for Mavs.
8:42 PM4 months ago

2Q 06:46

Williams adds two for Thunder.
8:37 PM4 months ago

2Q 07:59

Jerome adds a double free throw.
8:32 PM4 months ago

2Q 09:09

Bullock scores three-pointer for Mavs.
8:27 PM4 months ago

2Q 10:44

Brunson adds two for Mavs.
8:22 PM4 months ago

2Q 11:40

Kleber shoots and scores triple for Mavs.
8:17 PM4 months ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
8:12 PM4 months ago

1Q 00:00

The first period ends.
8:07 PM4 months ago

1Q 01:25

Dort adds two for Thunder.
8:02 PM4 months ago

1Q 02:57

Brunson adds two for Mavs.
7:57 PM4 months ago

1Q 03:46

Doncic scores three-pointer for Mavs.
7:52 PM4 months ago

1Q 04:00

Mann scores three-pointer for Thunder.
7:47 PM4 months ago

1Q 04:57

Doncic shoots and scores a triple.
7:42 PM4 months ago

1Q 06:27

Wiggins shoots and scores a triple.
7:37 PM4 months ago

1Q 07:34

Mann adds two for Thunder.
7:32 PM4 months ago

1Q 08:44

Brunson adds two for Mavericks.
7:27 PM4 months ago

1Q 09:09

Doncic scores double for Mavs.
7:22 PM4 months ago

1Q 10:03

Dort scores three-pointer for Thunder.
7:17 PM4 months ago

1Q 10:15

Smith shoots and scores triple for Mavs.
7:12 PM4 months ago

1Q 11:11

Doncic scores for Mavericks.
7:07 PM4 months ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game.
7:02 PM4 months ago

Thunder improving its defense

The Thunder are coming off one of their best defensive performances of the season as they held the Portland Trail Blazers to just 18 percent shooting from behind the 3-point line and 81 points, the second fewest this season.
6:57 PM4 months ago

Mavericks starting 5

This is how the home team takes the field:
 Starting 5 Dallas/Image:Dallasmavs
Starting 5 Dallas/Image:Dallasmavs
6:52 PM4 months ago

Giddey in good shape

Giddey appeared in 14 games (all starts) for the Thunder and averaged 13.3 points, 8.6 rebounds and a team-high 6.1 assists in 33.2 minutes per game. He earns his third consecutive Rookie of the Month award and becomes the first Thunder player to win the honor three times.
6:47 PM4 months ago

Recalling the last confrontation

The last meeting took place on January 17 in Dallas, where the Thunder rallied from 22 points down before falling 104-102 . Dončić led the Mavs with 20 points and 11 assists, but Dorian Finney-Smith was not far behind with 17 points.
6:42 PM4 months ago

Thunder is on its way to the stadium

This is how the visiting team arrives at the site:
6:37 PM4 months ago

Mavs and losses

Offensively, the Mavs average the second fewest turnovers of any team in the league while allowing the sixth fewest points off turnovers in the NBA. Defensively, Dallas has been improving as its defensive rating has increased each month and now ranks second in the league.
6:32 PM4 months ago

Thunder with eyes on Doncic

The Thunder will have the big task of limiting Dallas' leading scorer, Luka Dončić, all night long. The two-time All-Star is averaging 25 points, nine rebounds and nine assists on the season and is coming off a 34-point, 12-rebound, 11-assist performance against Orlando Magic on Sunday.
6:27 PM4 months ago

Thunder star rookie

With his 14-point, 12-rebound performance on Monday, Thunder rookie Josh Giddey recorded his 11th double-double of the season, which set a new record for a Thunder rookie. In addition, Giddey became the league's rookie leader in double-doubles so far this season.
6:22 PM4 months ago

Dallas Mavericks losses

Sterling Brown (left foot soreness), Tim Hardaway Jr. (left foot surgery) and Kristaps Porzingis (right knee bone bruise) will miss tonight's game against the Thunder.
6:17 PM4 months ago

We continue

We are back for the rebroadcast of the game between Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks, Dallas is looking to get back to winning ways after losing their last game, the Thunder is looking for their second consecutive win and try to get closer to the Kings.
6:12 PM4 months ago

Stay tuned to follow the Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks live on TV

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks live, as well as the latest information from the American Airlines Center. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks online and live

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.

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American Airlines Center

Near downtown Dallas Texas is located the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks, this enclosure was inaugurated in 2001 and has a capacity of 19,200 spectators, the construction was a little controversial since they began to charge taxes in the state in hotels and rental cars to give life to this enclosure.
5:57 PM4 months ago

Thunder main lineup

Alexander, Dort, Giddey, Bazley, Earl.
5:52 PM4 months ago

Mavericks Main Lineup

Luka Doncic, Dorian Finney-Smith, Tim Hardaway Jr., Kristaps Porzingis, Jalen Brunson.
5:47 PM4 months ago

Watch out for this player from Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic, the young player who is attracting attention around the world, has become the main figure of the Mavericks, for this season the Slovenian records: 25.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, 8.9 assists and 1.2 steals, the Mavericks have this great player in their ranks and will surely be fighting in the Playoffs.
Luka last game/Image:dallasmavs
Luka last game/Image:dallasmavs
5:42 PM4 months ago

Watch out for this Oklahoma City Thunder player

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the young player from the University of Kentucky has been responsible for being the team's leading scorer this season, despite not being in one of the best moments, Alexander has this season the mark of: 22.7 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 5.5 assists, with these numbers the player is one of the most productive for the Oklahoma City team.
Alexander signing for OKC/Image:okcthunder
Alexander signing for OKC/Image:okcthunder
5:37 PM4 months ago

Face to face

Thunder and Mavericks have faced each other three times this season with a balance in favor of Mavericks 3-0, the last duels have been very tight, however the first one was more marked the difference, with these results and the general positions of each team, point to the fact that game four will be for Dallas and with this whitewash Oklahoma City Thunder in the series.
Last results:

Thunder 102-104 Mavericks

Mavericks 95-86 Thunder 

Mavericks 103-84 Thunder

5:32 PM4 months ago

Dallas Mavericks

One of the youngest franchises in the NBA is also one of the ten most valuable franchises in the United States, the franchise has managed to stand out despite the fact that the state of Texas has many successful franchises in both NBA and other sports, the team always had high expectations for its fans but could not make that leap in quality, not being a constant in the Playoffs in the 1987-88 season, the team began to show signs of champion in the Playoffs, but the Lakers got in their way and left them out, after that season they went through dark times, by 2011, 5 years after being runner-up to Miami Heat the Mavericks took revenge and won their first NBA title, this being their greatest achievement so far, in the current season they have Luka Doncic Slovenian player who has shown that he can compete with the great figures of the league, currently the Dallas Mavericks are in sixth place with a balance of 29-22 only below Nuggets.
Last Mavs duel/Image:Dallasmavs
Last Mavs duel/Image:Dallasmavs
5:27 PM4 months ago

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder history begins in Seattle with the extinct Seattle Supersonics in 1967, being a practically new team at the end of the 70's they won their first and only NBA title, however for the 90's the team achieved record wins in the league but failed in the first round of Playoffs, for the 2007-08 season, the team closed the season with only 20 wins, the team improved economically and was being built, a young James Harden joined the team to share the court with Kevin Durant, as the seasons went by the team was improving economically and athletically, reaching its first final in the 2011-12 season, in which they faced the Miami Heat of LeBron James, which ended with the championship and being MVP of the finals, prior to this season the team lost great players like Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, among other great players, is currently one of the worst teams in the western conference with a negative record of 15-34 and are coming from a victory after seven consecutive losses.
Last game Thunder/Image:okcthunder
Last game Thunder/Image:okcthunder
5:22 PM4 months ago


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