Resume and Highlights: Lakers 105-107 Blazers in NBA Season
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Thank you for following the NBA regular season game, Lakers and Blazers gave a great show leaving a great ending, if you want to follow the latest news of the NBA and your favorite sports, keep visiting the website.
1:22 AM3 months ago

Blazers surprise Lakers

The Portland team got a valuable victory against the Lakers who are not having their best week, the game ended 105-107.
1:19 AM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

Finish the game.
1:18 AM3 months ago

4Q 0.4

James scores three-pointer for Lakers.
1:16 AM3 months ago

4Q 3.0

Simons hits a double free throw.
1:13 AM3 months ago

4Q 27.8

James scores for Lakers.
1:11 AM3 months ago

4Q 01:50

Simons shoots and scores triple for Blazers.
1:10 AM3 months ago

4Q 02:25

James scores for Lakers.
1:09 AM3 months ago

4Q 02:44

Simons shoots and scores triple for Blazers.
1:08 AM3 months ago

4Q 03:09

Nurkic scores for Blazers.
1:04 AM3 months ago

4Q 04:46

Johnson hits a double free throw.
1:03 AM3 months ago

4Q 05:23

Simons adds two for Blazers.
1:02 AM3 months ago

4Q 06:09

James adds two for Lakers.
1:01 AM3 months ago

4Q 06:33

Elleby adds two for Blazers.
12:59 AM3 months ago

4Q 07:38

Johnson scores for Lakers.
12:57 AM3 months ago

4Q 08:41

Watford scores for Blazers.
12:55 AM3 months ago

4Q 09:41

Brown III shoots and scores a triple.
12:54 AM3 months ago

4Q 10:30

Ellington scores three-pointer for Lakers.
12:46 AM3 months ago

4Q 11:09

Blevins shoots and scores triple for Blazers.
12:45 AM3 months ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins.
12:42 AM3 months ago

3Q 00:00

The third period ends.
12:41 AM3 months ago

3Q 51.4

Tucker shoots and scores three-pointer for Lakers.
12:40 AM3 months ago

3Q 01:15

Simons scores for Blazers.
12:39 AM3 months ago

3Q 02:47

Davis scores double for Lakers.
12:34 AM3 months ago

3Q 03:15

Davis scores for Lakers.
12:32 AM3 months ago

3Q 04:00

Nurkic scores for Blazers.
12:31 AM3 months ago

3Q 05:16

Davis scores for Lakers.
12:30 AM3 months ago

3Q 06:10

James adds two for Lakers.
12:28 AM3 months ago

3Q 06:43

Monk adds two for Lakers.
12:27 AM3 months ago

3Q 07:47

Monk scores for Lakers.
12:23 AM3 months ago

3Q 08:06

Simons shoots and scores triple for Blazers.
12:22 AM3 months ago

3Q 09:50

Simons scores three-pointer for Blazers.
12:21 AM3 months ago

3Q 10:28

Winslow adds two for Blazers.
12:19 AM3 months ago

3Q 11:31

Davis scores double for Lakers.
12:18 AM3 months ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
12:04 AM3 months ago

2Q 00:00

The second period ends.
12:02 AM3 months ago

2Q 45.2

Bradley scores three-pointer for Lakers.
12:00 AM3 months ago

2Q 01:48

 Nurkic adds two for Blazers.
11:56 PM3 months ago

2Q 02:34

Davis adds two for Lakers.
11:55 PM3 months ago

2Q 03:13

Tucker shoots and scores three-pointer for Lakers.
11:54 PM3 months ago

2Q 03:50

Tucker scores two for Lakers.
11:53 PM3 months ago

2Q 05:14

Simons scores double for Blazers.
11:51 PM3 months ago

2Q 06:18

Ariza scores three-pointer for Lakers.
11:47 PM3 months ago

2Q 07:23

Nurkic scores for Blazers.
11:46 PM3 months ago

2Q 07:36

James adds two for Lakers.
11:44 PM3 months ago

2Q 09:11

Reaves shoots and scores three-pointer for Lakers.
11:43 PM3 months ago

2Q 09:33

Watford scores for Blazers.
11:42 PM3 months ago

2Q 10:52

Horton-Tucker scores three-pointer for Lakers.
11:41 PM3 months ago

2Q 11:26

Ellington shoots and scores three-pointer for Lakers.
11:40 PM3 months ago

2Q 11:43

Smith Jr scores for Blazers.
11:39 PM3 months ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
11:37 PM3 months ago

1Q 00:00

The first period ends.
11:37 PM3 months ago

1Q 00:00

Winslow scores.
11:35 PM3 months ago

1Q 01:01

Davis scores free throw.
11:33 PM3 months ago

1Q 01:55

McLemore scores for Blazers.
11:30 PM3 months ago

1Q 02:24

Davis scores for Lakers.
11:29 PM3 months ago

1Q 02:44

Elleby adds two for Blazers.
11:27 PM3 months ago

1Q 04:15

Winslow adds two for Blazers.
11:25 PM3 months ago

1Q 05:19

Winslow scores for Blazers.
11:23 PM3 months ago

1Q 06:09

James adds two for Lakers.
11:18 PM3 months ago

1Q 07:49

James scores for Lakers.
11:16 PM3 months ago

1Q 10:01

Winslow scores for Blazers.
11:15 PM3 months ago

1Q 10:29

James scores two for Lakers.
11:14 PM3 months ago

1Q 11:15

Nurkic scores the first two for Blazers.
11:13 PM3 months ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game.
10:59 PM3 months ago

Blazers starting 5

This is how the Blazers team takes the court:
Blazers starting 5/Image:trailblazers
Blazers starting 5/Image:trailblazers
10:56 PM3 months ago

Pre-match images

The teams look in good spirits prior to the start of the game:
Players living together in a good way/Image: trailblazers
Players living together in a good way/Image: trailblazers
10:50 PM3 months ago

Lakers starting 5

This is how the Lakers take the field:
10:45 PM3 months ago

Latest from Blazers

The Trail Blazers acquired Joe Ingles, Elijah Hughes and Memphis' 2022 second-round draft pick from Utah in a three-team trade that sends Nickeil Alexander-Walker to the Jazz and Tomáš Satoranský to San Antonio, the team announced today.
10:40 PM3 months ago

Lakers already in the Arena

Thus came the Los Angeles team:
10:35 PM3 months ago

Blazers arrive at the Arena

This is how the Blazers team arrived to face the Lakers:
10:30 PM3 months ago

Blazers a changed team

The trade deadline ends tomorrow afternoon, and the Trail Blazers are a very different looking team because of it. On Feb. 4, the Blazers traded Norman Powell and Robert Covington to the Clippers in exchange for Eric Bledsoe, Justice Winslow and Keon Johnson.
10:25 PM3 months ago

Lakers with good numbers against Blazers

LeBron missed the Feb. 2 showdown, but the last time LeBron faced the Blazers on New Year's Eve, he lit up the scoreboard with a season-high 43 points on 16-of-26 shooting from the field and grabbed 14 rebounds in just 29 minutes. Without James in the most recent matchup, Anthony Davis took over and dominated the court for a double-double of his own (30 pts, 15 reb).
10:20 PM3 months ago

Lebron is still on a roll

LeBron extended his streak of 25-plus points to 20 consecutive games after 27 points last night. James hit 11-of-19 from the field and added eight assists and five rebounds.
10:15 PM3 months ago


Welcome to one more night of NBA, in today's game we will see two teams with a very irregular season that despite not having the best numbers are still looking to get into the Playoffs, no doubt today's game could be a watershed in the season that is coming to an end.
10:10 PM3 months ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers live, as well as the latest information from the Arena. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage. 
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Where and how to watch Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

10:00 PM3 months ago Arena

Opened in 1999, the Staples Center is one of the most modern and luxurious venues in the world, with capacity for 18,997 spectators, is known for being the home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, besides being the home of the Grammy Awards, the final cost of the work was 375 million dollars, from December 25 the precinct will change its name to Arena, the agreement for naming rights is in the amount of 700 million dollars.
9:55 PM3 months ago

Blazers Main Lineup

Lillard, McCollum, Simons, Nurkic, Little.
9:50 PM3 months ago

Los Angeles Lakers Main Lineup

James, Westbrook, Davis, Tucker, Anthony.
9:45 PM3 months ago

Face to face

Blazers and Lakers will close the series this Wednesday at Arena, Lakers have the advantage in the three previous duels this season winning the last two games, the closing of this series means a lot for both teams in their Playoff aspirations, Lakers are one win away from catching Clippers in eighth position, while Blazers are lagging at the bottom of the standings. 
9:40 PM3 months ago

Portland Trail Blazers

Founded in 1970, Trail Blazers has become one of the franchises with more followers in the NBA, its beginnings in the league were very good because seven years after its creation, the team achieved its first NBA title, something that many teams have tried since the beginning of the NBA and to date have not achieved, also the team has reached two other finals which lost, however their appearances in the Playoffs have been constant, for the current season the team is not going through a great moment since they are in eleventh position with a losing streak of several games and a record of 22-23, however there is still hope to fight for the classification and the duel against the Lakers could be the beginning of a great streak against a direct rival.
Blazers at play/Image:traiblazers
Blazers at play/Image:traiblazers
9:35 PM3 months ago

Los Angeles Lakers

While the Lakers have not been able to put together a winning streak, the team coached by Frank Vogel has one of the best squads in the NBA, names like Davis, Westbrook, Anthony, Howard and James, make this team one of the favorites to win the title as long as injuries respect the players, they are currently ranked ninth in the NBA's Western Conference with a record of 27-28, the Los Angeles team can still make up for their irregular season and they need to put their cards on the table from now on to present themselves as a team on a roll in the postseason, having among their players the superstar, Lebron James, the road will always be easier, however, the Angelino team surprises in the outcome either for better or worse and their Playoffs spot is still at stake as they have not shown superiority in any aspect, their season is still at stake and they urgently need a victory.
Lakers pregame/Image:Lakers
Lakers pregame/Image:Lakers
9:30 PM3 months ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Blazers vs Lakers game, corresponding to the NBA regular season. The match will take place at Arena, at 21:00.