Resume and Highlights: Team LeBron 163-160 Team Durant in NBA  All Star Game 2022


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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Team LeBron vs Team Durant, in an emotional game Team LeBron won 163-160 to Team Durant, keep visiting the page so you do not miss the best sporting events. 
11:59 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

Lebron scores and wins the game.
11:54 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

Antetokounmpo scores a double.
11:49 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

Antetokounmpo scores a double.
11:44 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

Embiid hits double free throw.
11:39 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

LaVine adds double.
11:34 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

Curry scores floater.
11:29 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

James scores a triple.
11:24 PM3 months ago

4Q 00:00

Curry shoots and scores a triple.
11:19 PM3 months ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins.
11:14 PM3 months ago

3Q 00:00

The third period ends in a tie.
11:09 PM3 months ago

3Q 45.6

Antetokounmpo scores a double.
11:04 PM3 months ago

3Q 01:38

Murray hits a double free throw.
10:59 PM3 months ago

3Q 01:59

Allen scores two.
10:54 PM3 months ago

3Q 02:47

Curry shoots and scores a triple.
10:49 PM3 months ago

3Q 03:39

Towns shoots and scores a triple.
10:44 PM3 months ago

3Q 04:26

Curry shoots and scores a double.
10:39 PM3 months ago

3Q 05:12

Booker adds two.
10:34 PM3 months ago

3Q 06:16

Young scores a double.
10:29 PM3 months ago

3Q 07:10

Curry shoots and scores a triple.
10:24 PM3 months ago

3Q 08:00

Antetokounmpo adds two.
10:19 PM3 months ago

3Q 08:54

Curry shoots and scores a triple.
10:14 PM3 months ago

3Q 09:41

Jokic adds two.
10:09 PM3 months ago

3Q 10:33

Embiid shoots and scores a triple.
10:04 PM3 months ago

3Q 11:14

Antetokounmpo shoots and scores a triple.
9:59 PM3 months ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
9:54 PM3 months ago

2Q 00:00

Team Durant wins the second period.
9:49 PM3 months ago

2Q 56.2

Curry shoots and scores a triple.
9:44 PM3 months ago

2Q 01:34

Embiid shoots and scores a triple.
9:39 PM3 months ago

2Q 02:27

James adds double.
9:34 PM3 months ago

2Q 02:53

Morant adds double.
9:29 PM3 months ago

2Q 03:42

Curry adds another triple.
9:24 PM3 months ago

2Q 04:33

Curry scores a three-pointer.
9:19 PM3 months ago

2Q 05:45

Curry shoots and scores a triple.
9:14 PM3 months ago

2Q 06:13

Ball adds two for Team Durant.
9:09 PM3 months ago

2Q 06:52

Booker scores a double.
9:04 PM3 months ago

2Q 07:40

Ball scores a double.
8:59 PM3 months ago

2Q 08:41

Butler scores a double.
8:54 PM3 months ago

2Q 09:44

Garland shoots and scores a triple.
8:49 PM3 months ago

2Q 10:46

Gobert scores two for Team Durant.
8:44 PM3 months ago

2Q 11:41

Garland scores the first points of the second half.
8:39 PM3 months ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
8:34 PM3 months ago

1Q 00:00

Team LeBron wins the first period.
8:29 PM3 months ago

1Q 52.9

Doncic scores for Team Lebron.
8:24 PM3 months ago

1Q 02:09

VanVleet shoots and scores a triple.
8:19 PM3 months ago

1Q 03:01

Allen adds up to double.
8:14 PM3 months ago

1Q 03:56

DeRozan adds two for Team Lebron.
8:09 PM3 months ago

1Q 04:33

Towns adds a double.
8:04 PM3 months ago

1Q 06:04

Antetokounmpo bald for team Lebron.
7:59 PM3 months ago

1Q 06:41

Curry shoots and scores a triple.
7:54 PM3 months ago

1Q 07:37

Embiid scores dunk.
7:49 PM3 months ago

1Q 08:55

James scores for his team.
7:44 PM3 months ago

1Q 10:15

Jokic scores three-pointer for Team Lebron.
7:39 PM3 months ago

1Q 11:36

Antetokounmpo scores the first two points.
7:34 PM3 months ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game.
7:29 PM3 months ago

James to equal another record

The player with the most NBA All-Star Games is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 18 appearances, although LeBron James will match his record with this year's game.
7:24 PM3 months ago

Ball in his first All Star

Ball, will become the fourth youngest player in history to play in the All Star Game at 20 years and 182 days, surpassed only by: Kobe Bryant (19 years old), LeBron James (20 years old) and Magic Johnson (20 years old).
7:19 PM3 months ago

The stars are already warming up

This is how they prepare for the opening whistle:
7:14 PM3 months ago

Young talent at the NBA All Star-Game

The NBA does not stop producing stars and this time they will be on the court for the All-Star Game:
Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young, Ja Morant, LaMelo Ball, Darius Garland and Dejounte Murray, will be present at the NBA party.
7:09 PM3 months ago

Double MVP

Only on four occasions has there been a double MVP in the All-Star Game, great duos have shared this great award:
Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal in 2009.
Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal in 2000
Karl Malone and John Stockton in 1993
Elgin Baylor and Bob Pettit in 1959
7:04 PM3 months ago

Suns present and future

The Suns players will be rivals on the court, the leading team in the Western Conference has its two best players in the NBA All-Star-Game:
6:59 PM3 months ago

The highest scores

2016 and 2017 saw the highest point totals in All Star Game history: 
2016: 369 points (West 196 - East 173)
374 points (West 192 - East 182).
6:54 PM3 months ago

Juan Toscano representing Mexico

The Warriors player was a finalist in the NBA dunk contest that took place last night, Toscano finished in second place after losing to Knicks' Topppin:
6:49 PM3 months ago

Record Capacity

In 2010, the All-Star Game broke the attendance record at AT&T Stadium when 108,713 people attended the game, double the number of attendees from 1989, when they came to the Houston Astrodome.
6:44 PM3 months ago

Cleveland becomes one of the cities with most All-Star Games

California has hosted this big game 6 times, with 2018 being the latest, New York has hosted it five times, while Boston and Philadelphia four times, Cleveland joins the list with three with tonight's game being the city's third.
6:39 PM3 months ago

Cleveland hosts All-Star Game for the third time

The first time the All-Star Game was held was in 1981, the second time was in 1997 and there were several surprises, Kobe Bryant won the 1997 contest at only 18 years old, Rice made the record by scoring 20 points in the third period, and both times the game was held the NBA was celebrating its 35th, 50th and 75th anniversary this time.
6:34 PM3 months ago

We continue

Thank you for following the broadcast of the All-Star Game, in today's game we will see all the great NBA players enjoying a game with benefits, entertainment is guaranteed so do not miss the minute by minute through VAVEL.
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Stay tuned to follow the All-Star Game live here

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups of the All-Star Game live, as well as the latest information from the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Don't miss any detail of the game with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage. 
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Where and how to watch the All-Star Game live and online

The game will be televised on ESPN.
The All Star-Game can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.
If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
6:19 PM3 months ago

This is how the captains chose

This is how the players were selected to form the teams:
6:14 PM3 months ago

Who leads Team Durant?

Erik Spoelstra will coach Team Durant in the NBA All-Star Game the Miami Heat coach is in his 14th season as Miami's head coach and his 27th season as a member of the organization, he was named NBA Eastern Conference Coach of the Month in December, marking the ninth time he has earned Coach of the Month honors.
6:09 PM3 months ago

Who leads Team LeBron?

Phoenix Suns' Monty Williams to coach LeBron James at the All-Star Game, Suns coach, will coach at the All-Star Game for the first time, will be Phoenix's first head coach at the All-Star Game since Mike D'Antoni in 2007.
6:04 PM3 months ago

These are the players who will be on Team LeBron's bench

Luka Doncic, Jimmy Butler, Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Chris Paul, Fred VanVleet, Jarrett Allen.
5:59 PM3 months ago

These are the players who will be on Team LeBron's bench

LaMelo Ball, Devin Booker, Rudy Gobert, Zach LaVine, Khris Middleton, Dejounte Murray, Karl-Anthony Towns.
5:54 PM3 months ago

These are some of the rules to be followed in the All Star-Game

The first three periods will be "individual" competitions: each period will start 0-0 and will be played for 12 minutes, with one winner for each period.

The winner of each of the first three periods (i.e. the one who scores the most points) will receive a sum for the charity of each team's choice.

At the start of the last period, the clock will be turned off and the scoring goal will be established. Adding up the cumulative score of the team with the most points after those three periods, and adding 24 points to that figure.

The 24 is in memory of Kobe Bryant who immortalized himself by wearing the 24 on his back.

Once the scoring goal is set, the two teams will play a final period to reach that number, and the one that achieves it before the opponent will be the winner of the All-Star Game.

5:49 PM3 months ago

Team Durant

The Nets star was the chosen in the voting, however the captain will not be able to be on the court due to an injury however his place will be taken by Jayson Tatum, accompanied by: Trae Young, Ja Morant, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid.
First All-Star/Image: NBA
First All-Star/Image: NBA
5:44 PM3 months ago

Team LeBron

The Lakers star was chosen by fans through an online vote to be the captain of the team for what was called Team Lebron, the players that the captain chose as starters in the Western conference are the following:
LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, Nikola Jokic.
5:39 PM3 months ago

The NBA's biggest party ever

The NBA celebration weekend returns this year now with three days of activities, compared to last year where only the All-Star game was played without public, this year the three days of activities as we know it are back, also this year is different since it is the 75th anniversary of the league, so the entertainment is guaranteed.
5:34 PM3 months ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of Team LeBron vs Team Durant, corresponding to the NBA All Star-Game. The game will take place at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, at 8:00 pm ET.