Best moments and Highlights: Pistons 127-126 Hornets in NBA
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11:22 PM3 months ago


Watch the best plays of Pistons win.

10:54 PM3 months ago

00:00 OT

The match ends the score is 127-126
10:53 PM3 months ago

00:01 OT

Kelly Olynyk scores from the paint as time expires and has won the Pistons
10:48 PM3 months ago

00:35 OT

Hornets time out
10:45 PM3 months ago

1:48 OT

Miles Bridges misses 1 of 2 free throws
10:42 PM3 months ago

2:37 OT

Jerami Grant triples from left
10:40 PM3 months ago

3:32 OT

Miles Bridges scores sinking
10:40 PM3 months ago

3:52 OT

Miles Bridges scores from close range
10:28 PM3 months ago

00:13 4Q

Hornets time out 
10:27 PM3 months ago

00:14 4Q

Saddiq Bey hits a triple from left
10:17 PM3 months ago

3:27 4Q

PJ Washington scores sinking
10:16 PM3 months ago

4:41 4Q

Miles Bridges makes both free throws
10:11 PM3 months ago

5:58 4Q

Kelly Olynyk makes both free throws
10:07 PM3 months ago

7:10 4Q

Hornets time out
10:06 PM3 months ago

8:50 4Q

Kelly Olynyk triples from right
10:05 PM3 months ago

10:22 4Q

LaMelo Ball makes both free throws
10:00 PM3 months ago

11:32 4Q

Miles Bridges makes both free throws
9:52 PM3 months ago

00:00 3Q

The third quarter ends the score is 82-84
9:51 PM3 months ago

1:14 3Q

Miles Bridges scores alley oop sink
9:41 PM3 months ago

3:46 3Q

Pistons time out
9:41 PM3 months ago

4:23 3Q

Kelly Oubre Jr. makes the 2 free throws
9:33 PM3 months ago

6:49 3Q

Hornets time out
9:31 PM3 months ago

7:38 3Q

Jerami Grant triples from right
9:29 PM3 months ago

8:45 3Q

LaMelo Ball hits a 3-pointer from the corner
9:25 PM3 months ago

11:05 3Q

Saddiq Bey scores foul and counts
9:09 PM3 months ago

00:00 2Q

The second quarter ends the score is 58-54
9:01 PM3 months ago

2:30 2Q

Pistons time out
8:59 PM3 months ago

3:12 2Q

Jerami Grant triples from left
8:56 PM3 months ago

4:00 2Q

Cade Cunningham scores foul and counts
8:54 PM3 months ago

5:24 2Q

Kelly Olynyk makes three-pointer from the center
8:47 PM3 months ago

7:30 2Q

Hornets time out
8:47 PM3 months ago

7:33 2Q

Isaiah Livers triples from right
8:46 PM3 months ago

8:51 2Q

Kelly Oubre Jr. triples from left
8:42 PM3 months ago

10:48 2Q

Hamidou Diallo makes 1 of 2 free throws
8:40 PM3 months ago

11:43 2Q

JT Thor scores sinking
8:37 PM3 months ago


The first quarter ends the score is 31-28
8:34 PM3 months ago

1:17 1Q

LaMelo Ball hits a 3-pointer from the corner
8:27 PM3 months ago

3:52 1Q

Hornets time out
8:26 PM3 months ago

5:09 1Q

Saddiq Bey hits a triple from the center
8:24 PM3 months ago

5:23 1Q

Miles Bridges makes a triple from the corner
8:20 PM3 months ago

6:35 1Q

Pistons time out
8:17 PM3 months ago

7:32 1Q

Isaiah Stewart scores sinking
8:16 PM3 months ago

8:35 1Q

Terry Rozier triples from right
8:16 PM3 months ago

9:44 1Q

Mason Plumlee misses both free throws
8:14 PM3 months ago

10:42 1Q

Mason Plumlee scores sinking
8:08 PM3 months ago

12:00 1Q

Start the game, enjoy it
7:48 PM3 months ago

All set

Everything is ready for today's match.
7:47 PM3 months ago

Lineup Pistons

This is the five starters of Pistons.


Bey S.


Grant J.


Stewart I.


Cunningham C.


Joseph C.

7:45 PM3 months ago

Lineup Hornets

This is the 5 starters of Hornets.


Bridges M.


Washington P. J.


Plumlee M.


Rozier T.


Ball La

7:31 PM3 months ago

offensive power

Both Hornets and Pistons have scored 100 or more points in their last 5 games so it is very likely that today will continue that trend.
7:26 PM3 months ago

Injuries Pistons

This is the Pistons injuries for today.
7:23 PM3 months ago

Injuries Hornets

This is the injuries of Hornets.
7:13 PM3 months ago

The activity of today

Este será el tercer juego de la actividad dominical de la NBA quedando 4 juegos mas para hoy, el mas atractivo es el GS vs Mavericks
7:09 PM3 months ago

Series of the season

This will be the last game of the season between the Pistons and the Hornets, the series is led by the Hornets 2-0 so the Pistons will seek to avoid the sweep.
7:01 PM3 months ago

Odd to win

The Hornets are favorites this afternoon against the Pistons with a 73.5% chance of victory while the Pistons have a 26.5% chance of winning the game, according to ESPN's Basketball Power Index.
2:59 AM3 months ago

Tune in here Detroit Pistons vs Charlotte Hornets Live Score

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Detroit Pistons vs Charlotte Hornets How to watch Stream on TV and Online in NBA

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2:49 AM3 months ago

Games between Detroit Pistons vs Charlotte Hornets

2 wins in the last 5 games looks favorable for the Charlotte Hornets team in addition to winning the most recent at home, in their last 4 home games at the Spectrum Center they have been victories for the Pistons
2:44 AM3 months ago

Key player of Charlotte Hornets

Young point guard Lonzo Ball will be the player to watch for the Hornets averaging 19.9 pts 7.1 rebounds and 7.5 assists he will be in charge of the offense
In his most recent game Ball had 13 pts 5 rebounds and 6 assists so he will want to continue in good shape
Photo: Getty images// Jared
Photo: Getty images// Jared
2:39 AM3 months ago

Key player of Detroit Pistons

Young forward Jerami Grant will be the Pistons' most important player, averaging 18.9 pts per game, 4.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists.
In his most recent game he had 11 pts, 1 rebound and 1 assist, so he should stay in shape.


2:34 AM3 months ago

Charlotte Hornets

For its part, the Charlotte Hornets (18-40) arrive at this game in the penultimate position in the standings with only 18 wins in 40 games, despite the fact that they do not arrive at a good moment of the season since they have 1 win in their last 5 games, in addition that they have 4 wins in their last 10 games, so they will seek to vindicate themselves at home.
At home Charlotte Hornets is not so solid at home with only 9 wins in 28 games, in addition to registering 1 wins in their last 5 home games it will look difficult to win against Pistons
2:29 AM3 months ago

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons (48-10) travel to Charlotte Hornets at a great time of the season as they have 5 wins in their last 5 games, in addition to only 1 loss in their last 10 games.
On the road, the Detroit Pistons have only lost 5 of their 28 games, so solidity away from home is their thing.

Of their last 5 games they have 4 away wins and only 1 of their last 10 games have been losses, so it seems difficult for them to lose today.

2:24 AM3 months ago

The game will played at the Spectrum Center

Spectrum Center is an indoor arena located in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. It is owned by the city of Charlotte and operated by its main tenant, the NBA's Charlotte Hornets.

The arena seats 19,077 for NBA games but can be expanded to 20,200 for college basketball games

Photo: Getty images// NBA
Photo: Getty images// NBA
2:19 AM3 months ago

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