Danny Soto Creates His Path From Venezuela To The NBA
via: Capitanes CDMX

The journey from Venezuela to the NBA is everything but a smooth trajectory.

If you want to make the jump from South America to the premiere professional league in the United States, work and a little bit of luck is required. 

So far, Coach Daniel Soto is on the way to his dream. 

'Danny' was born in the United States but moved back to Venezuela a few months later. Due to the country's instability, his family returned to America when he was four years old.

After finishing another season working in the NBA G-League, he is ready to keep stacking experiences to his young but impressive career.

Capitanes stint

Soto made history by being the video coordinator in the Mexico City Capitanes squad this past season. The Latin American organization became the first Mexican team ever to be part of a major US sports professional league. 

''Being able to represent Latino America through the game of basketball is very rewarding and I am extremely excited to keep being part of that mission,'' Soto told VAVEL USA about the opportunity to be with Capitanes.

''Some takeaways from this season include a great appreciation for what this organization is trying to accomplish.''


The assistant coach started his career off as a manager for the NCAA Division I program at University of Texas San Antonio. He would then proceed to spend two seasons with the G-League organization Rio Grande Valley Vipers in player development and as the video coordinator.

During his career, Soto has been able to work up close and personal with some big names in the basketball world. 

During the 2021 NBA G-League Showcase Cup, the young American helped Alfonzo Mckinnie, Matt Mooney, and Gary Clark sign NBA deals with various organizations.

''Realized I wanted to actually start coaching being around great coaches and thinkers of the game during my time as a manager at UTSA,'' he said. ''Coaches Steve Henson, Mike Peck, Adam Hood were great people to be around during a formative time in my young career so far.''

Soto concluded the interview by stating that although it's hard to know where he will land in the future, he would like to become a Latin American Scout or General Manager.