Resume and Highlights: Lakers 130-139 Rockets in NBA Season


12:04 AM5 months ago


11:48 PM5 months ago


Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the NBA regular season game, tonight Rockets beat Lakers in a game that required overtime.
11:44 PM5 months ago

TE 00:00

Game ends in overtime with Rockets winning 139-130.
11:43 PM5 months ago

TE 25.7

Monk shoots and scores a triple.
11:42 PM5 months ago

TE 1:00

Green shoots and scores a triple.
11:41 PM5 months ago

TE 1:29

Martin scores for Rockets.
11:35 PM5 months ago

TE 4:17

Green shoots and scores a triple.
11:34 PM5 months ago

TE 5:00

Overtime begins.
11:33 PM5 months ago

4Q 00:00

At the end of the fourth period with a tie, we go to overtime. 
11:25 PM5 months ago

4Q 01:09

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
11:23 PM5 months ago

4Q 02:22

Green hits a double free throw.
11:18 PM5 months ago

4Q 03:34

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
11:12 PM5 months ago

4Q 04:46

Monk scores for Lakers.
11:11 PM5 months ago

4Q 05:15

Martin shoots and scores three-pointer for Rockets.
11:10 PM5 months ago

4Q 05:49

James adds two for Lakers.
11:09 PM5 months ago

4Q 06:22

Green scores three-pointer for Rockets.
11:03 PM5 months ago

4Q 07:23

James hits a double free throw.
11:01 PM5 months ago

4Q 08:31

James shoots and scores a triple.
10:59 PM5 months ago

4Q 09:47

Sengun scores for Rockets.
10:57 PM5 months ago

4Q 11:14

Christopher shoots and scores a triple.
10:55 PM5 months ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins.
10:54 PM5 months ago

3Q 00:00

The third period ends.
10:53 PM5 months ago

3Q 0.5

Augustin scores for Lakers.
10:50 PM5 months ago

3Q 01:17

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
10:49 PM5 months ago

3Q 01:24

Nwaba hits a double free throw.
10:47 PM5 months ago

3Q 02:09

Westbrook hits double free throw.
10:46 PM5 months ago

3Q 02:45

Sengun hits double for Rockets.
10:41 PM5 months ago

3Q 03:08

James scores for Lakers.
10:40 PM5 months ago

3Q 04:06

Sengun scores for Rockets.
10:38 PM5 months ago

3Q 04:38

Sengun scores double for Rockets.
10:36 PM5 months ago

3Q 06:00

Gordon scores for Rockets.
10:32 PM5 months ago

3Q 06:33

James assists Monk and scores for Lakers.
10:31 PM5 months ago

3Q 07:04

Reaves hits double free throw for Lakers.
10:30 PM5 months ago

3Q 07:41

Gordon scores for Rockets.
10:27 PM5 months ago

3Q 08:53

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
10:26 PM5 months ago

3Q 10:01

Monk adds for Lakers.
10:25 PM5 months ago

3Q 10:55

Green scores for Rockets.
10:24 PM5 months ago

3Q 11:12

Porter scores for Rockets.
10:22 PM5 months ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
10:06 PM5 months ago

2Q 00:00

End of the first half.
10:06 PM5 months ago

2Q 1.3

Reaves shoots and scores a triple.
10:04 PM5 months ago

2Q 1:15

Sengun scores for Rockets.
10:02 PM5 months ago

2Q 1:59

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
9:58 PM5 months ago

2Q 3:18

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
9:55 PM5 months ago

2Q 4:00

Christopher adds two for Rockets.
9:54 PM5 months ago

2Q 4:39

Reaves shoots and scores three-pointer for Lakers.
9:51 PM5 months ago

2Q 6:45

Martin scores for Rockets.
9:46 PM5 months ago

2Q 7:15

Schroder gives Rockets the edge.
9:45 PM5 months ago

2Q 8:26

Christopher scores for Rockets.
9:43 PM5 months ago

2Q 9:55

Mathews shoots and scores a triple.
9:42 PM5 months ago

2Q 10:59

Christopher scores triple for Rockets.
9:38 PM5 months ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
9:36 PM5 months ago

1Q 00:00

The first period ends.
9:36 PM5 months ago

1Q 10.9

Westbrook hits double free throw.
9:35 PM5 months ago

1Q 30.1

Nwaba hits a free throw.
9:33 PM5 months ago

1Q 40.3

Anthony shoots and scores a triple.
9:32 PM5 months ago

1Q 1:39

Augustin shoots and scores a triple.
9:28 PM5 months ago

1Q 2:19

Mathews shoots and scores three-pointer for Lakers.
9:27 PM5 months ago

1Q 3:08

Schroder hits a double free throw.
9:26 PM5 months ago

1Q 3:37

Anthony scores for Lakers.
9:24 PM5 months ago

1Q 4:10

Martin scores for Rockets.
9:23 PM5 months ago

1Q 5:05

Green scores for Rockets.
9:22 PM5 months ago

1Q 5:49

Green anota para Rockets.
9:19 PM5 months ago

1Q 6:44

Gordon shoots and scores three-pointer for Rockets.
9:18 PM5 months ago

1Q 7:46

Monk anota triple para Lakers.
9:16 PM5 months ago

1Q 10:57

James scores double-double for Lakers.
9:14 PM5 months ago

1Q 11:48

Monk scores for Lakers.
9:12 PM5 months ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game
8:57 PM5 months ago

Both teams are already warming up on the field.

This is how the teams are preparing minutes before kickoff:
8:45 PM5 months ago

Rockets' losses

In addition to Wood, several other Rockets are questionable to play: Dennis Schroder (ankle); Jae'Sean Tate (ankle); and Garrison Mathews (ankle). One of the Rockets who has played better of late is No. 2 overall pick Jalen Green.
8:42 PM5 months ago

Lakers starting 5

This is how the visiting team comes out:

James, Westbrook, Monk, Johnson y Reaves.

8:30 PM5 months ago

Rockets are already at home

This was the arrival of the local team:
8:26 PM5 months ago

This was the arrival of LeBron and the Lakers:

This was the arrival of LeBron and the Lakers:
8:20 PM5 months ago

Rockets seek not to be the worst

The young Rockets have struggled throughout the season, and are currently tied with Detroit for the fewest wins in the NBA with 16. They managed to snap a 12-game losing streak with an upset win over Memphis on Sunday before getting off to a good start on the second night against Miami.
8:11 PM5 months ago

Two of the best players have history in common

Austin Reaves and Malik Monk, have something in common: they are both from Arkansas, where they played against each other as freshmen in the high school state championship game.
8:04 PM5 months ago

LeBron in question

LeBron is officially listed as questionable after missing Monday's loss at San Antonio due to knee soreness. He last played, scoring 56 points against Golden State on Saturday night, leading the Lakers to a much-needed win.
8:01 PM5 months ago

We continue

Thanks for following along on the Lakers-Rockets game, today's matchup will be a big test for the Lakers in their Playoff aspirations, so stick around for highlights from both teams.
2:53 AM5 months ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets live, as well as the latest information from the Toyota Center. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage. 
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Where and how to watch Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

2:43 AM5 months ago

Toyota Center

In 2002 the Houston teams demanded a new venue from the state, as a result the Toyota Center was created with capacity for 18,300 seats, the venue was winner of the Allen award for citizen improvement in 2003, in addition to being the home of the Houston Rockets in the NBA, the Houston Aeros of the AHL also play their home games at the venue.
2:38 AM5 months ago

Watch out for this Rockets player

Christian Wood, young NBA star, despite the fact that his team is in last place in the conference, Wood is one of those players who will not be beaten, the Rockets center averages: 17.9 points, 10.1 rebounds and 2.2 assists. 
2:33 AM5 months ago

Watch out for this Lakers player

LeBron James, the experienced NBA multi-champion, in his arrival to the Lakers gave the fans the hope of being champions again and indeed they were, for this season the team is not going through a great moment, however the King continues to be fundamental for the team being a leader in several areas such as: 29 points, 7.9 rebounds, 1.6 rebounds and 1.0 blocks.
2:28 AM5 months ago

Los Angeles Lakers Main Lineup

James, Westbrook, Davis, Tucker, Anthony.
2:23 AM5 months ago

Houston Rockets Main Lineup

Christian Wood, Jale Green, Kevin porter Jr, Eric Gordon, Jae´Sean Tate.
2:18 AM5 months ago

Face to face

The Lakers and Rockets will close the series, which was dominated by the Lakers, although the results were not so close, the Los Angeles Rockets will look to sweep the Houston team and add another victory. 
2:13 AM5 months ago

Los Angeles Lakers

While the Angelino team has not been able to get a good winning streak, the team led by Frank Vogel has one of the best squads in the NBA, names like Davis, Westbrook, Anthony, Howard and James, the expectation with this team was high at the beginning of the season, however the results have not been good and the criticism has not been long in coming, one of the most pointed players for the bad moment of the Lakers is Westbrook, who even in the trade period was mentioned as one of the players who would leave the institution, currently ranked ninth in the NBA's Western Conference with a 28-36 record, the Los Angeles team can still make up for their inconsistent season and need to put their cards on the table right now to present themselves as a team on fire in the postseason, having among their players the superstar, Lebron James the road will always be easier, however, the Angelino team surprises in the outcome either for better or worse and their Playoff spot is still on the line as they have not shown superiority in any aspect, their season is still on the line and they urgently need a win.
Lakers need to accumulate victories/Image:Lakers
Lakers need to accumulate victories/Image:Lakers
2:08 AM5 months ago

Houston Rockets

A team in constant movement or as the motto of the city of Los Angeles a city in movement, the Rockets team was founded in San Diego but the popularity of the Lakers was so great that the team was sold and moved to the city of Houston, the arrival of the rockets to the new city had very good coincidences since there was the NASA control center, also the baseball team the Houston Astros, the city gave them a new start in the NBA, historically the team has had in its ranks very good players, The 1994 and 1995 seasons have been the only years in which the Houston team could lift the NBA title, the arrival of James Harden to the Rockets put the team on the map and after several seasons the 2021 season their great star would no longer be with them, this season the Rockets have a negative season with 16-49, Rockets just lost to the Heat who is the leader of the Eastern Conference. 
Rockets look to close out the season on a high note/Image: Houstonrockets
Rockets look to close out the season on a high note/Image: Houstonrockets
2:03 AM5 months ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Lakers vs Rockets game, corresponding to the NBA regular season. The game will take place at the Toyota Center at 8:00 pm ET.