Resume and Highlights: Pistons 98-105 Heat in NBA Season


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10:06 PM2 months ago


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10:01 PM2 months ago

4Q 00:00

The game ends with a 105-98 Heat win.
9:58 PM2 months ago

4Q 13.1

Bey adds double-double for Pistons.
9:54 PM2 months ago

4Q 44.0

Adebayo hits a double free throw.
9:52 PM2 months ago

4Q 01:57

Herro shoots and scores a triple for Heat.
9:50 PM2 months ago

4Q 03:34

Strus shoots and scores a triple for Heat.
9:47 PM2 months ago

4Q 04:11

Herro scores double for Heat.
9:46 PM2 months ago

4Q 04:45

Joseph adds for Pistons.
9:44 PM2 months ago

4Q 06:11

Grant adds two for Pistons.
9:42 PM2 months ago

4Q 06:36

Herro hits a double free throw.
9:38 PM2 months ago

4Q 07:45

Bagley scores for Pistons.
9:36 PM2 months ago

4Q 08:27

Livers scores double-double for Pistons.
9:33 PM2 months ago

4Q 08:48

Strus scores three-pointer for Heat.
9:31 PM2 months ago

4Q 10:09

Strus shoots and scores a triple for Heat.
9:30 PM2 months ago

4Q 11:14

Strus shoots and scores a triple for Heat.
9:29 PM2 months ago

4Q 11:43

Strus adds double for Heat.
9:28 PM2 months ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins.
9:25 PM2 months ago

3Q 00:00

The third period ends.
9:23 PM2 months ago

3Q 01:45

Livers shoots and scores a triple.
9:22 PM2 months ago

3Q 02:24

Grant scores for Pistons.
9:19 PM2 months ago

3Q 02:41

Hayes adds two for Pistons.
9:17 PM2 months ago

3Q 03:43

Grant hits a double free throw.
9:14 PM2 months ago

3Q 05:32

Hayes shoots and scores three-pointer for Pistons.
9:12 PM2 months ago

3Q 06:56

Tucker adds double-double for Heat.
9:10 PM2 months ago

3Q 08:44

Stewart hits double free throw for Pistons.
9:07 PM2 months ago

3Q 09:52

Robinson scores double for Heat.
9:02 PM2 months ago

3Q 11:02

Robinson scores three-pointer for Heat.
9:01 PM2 months ago

3Q 11:24

Tucker shoots and scores a triple.
8:59 PM2 months ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
8:45 PM2 months ago

2Q 00:00

The second period ends.
8:44 PM2 months ago

2Q 10.2

Morris scores three-pointer for Heat.
8:43 PM2 months ago

2Q 37.1

Herro shoots and scores a triple.
8:41 PM2 months ago

2Q 01:56

Herro shoots and scores a triple.
8:40 PM2 months ago

2Q 02:18

Morris hits a double free throw.
8:33 PM2 months ago

2Q 03:47

Grant scores for Pistons.
8:31 PM2 months ago

2Q 04:36

Herro hits a double free throw.
8:29 PM2 months ago

2Q 05:05

Butler hits double free throw.
8:28 PM2 months ago

2Q 05:18

Livers shoots and scores three-pointer for Pistons.
8:25 PM2 months ago

2Q 06:42

Livers shoots and scores three-pointer for Pistons.
8:24 PM2 months ago

2Q 07:17

Bagley adds two for Pistons.
8:20 PM2 months ago

2Q 07:53

Bagley adds two for Pistons.
8:18 PM2 months ago

2Q 08:43

Herro adds two for Heat.
8:17 PM2 months ago

2Q 09:37

McGruder shoots and scores a triple.
8:15 PM2 months ago

2Q 10:47

Bagley scores for Pistons.
8:14 PM2 months ago

2Q 11:36

Olynyk adds two for Pistons.
8:13 PM2 months ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
8:11 PM2 months ago

1Q 00:00

The first period ends.
8:10 PM2 months ago

1Q 22.7

Lowry adds double-double for Heat.
8:08 PM2 months ago

1Q 51.4

Herro shoots and scores a triple.
8:07 PM2 months ago

1Q 01:17

Morris scores for Heat.
8:03 PM2 months ago

1Q 02:32

Butler adds two for Heat.
8:02 PM2 months ago

1Q 03:29

Bey adds two for Pistons.
8:01 PM2 months ago

1Q 04:22

Robinson hits a double free throw.
7:59 PM2 months ago

1Q 05:06

Hayes adds dole for Pistons.
7:58 PM2 months ago

1Q 05:55

Butler hits double free throw.
7:57 PM2 months ago

1Q 06:28

Robinson hits three free throws.
7:51 PM2 months ago

1Q 07:17

Joseph scores for Pistons.
7:49 PM2 months ago

1Q 08:22

Butler adds two for Heat.
7:48 PM2 months ago

1Q 09:09

Adebayo scores double for Heat.
7:47 PM2 months ago

1Q 10:01

Robinson shoots and scores a triple.
7:45 PM2 months ago

1Q 10:53

Adebayo scores first points for Heat.
7:44 PM2 months ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game.
7:37 PM2 months ago

Final injury report

These are the unavailable players:
7:25 PM2 months ago

5 initial Pistons

This is how the visiting team takes the field.
5 initial Pistons/Image: DetroitPistons
5 initial Pistons/Image: DetroitPistons
7:21 PM2 months ago

5 starting Heat

Heat and Pistons meet for the fourth and final matchup of the regular season.
5 initial Heat/Image:MiamiHEAT
5 initial Heat/Image:MiamiHEAT
7:16 PM2 months ago

Pistons already heading to the arena

This was the arrival of Pistons:
7:11 PM2 months ago

Heat losses

Caleb Martin (knee) has been ruled out for tonight's game against the Pistons.
7:06 PM2 months ago

The Heat is coming

This is how the home team arrived to face the Pistons:
7:01 PM2 months ago

Heat with historic advantage

The HEAT has a 64-56 all-time mark against the Pistons during the regular season, including 36-23 in home games and 28-33 in away games.
6:56 PM2 months ago

Busy calendar

After playing the most away games in the NBA entering the March home schedule, Miami has 11 home games this month, tying the most in a single month in team history when they also played 11 home games in January 2012 and March 2003.
6:51 PM2 months ago

Herro a great substitute

Tyler Herro has scored 965 points off the bench this season, the third most in a single season in HEAT history. 
6:46 PM2 months ago

We continue

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Where and how to watch Detroit Pistons vs Miami Heat live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.

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FTX Arena

The home of the Miami Heat has the capacity to accommodate 19,600 spectators, inaugurated on December 31, 1991 for a concert by Gloria Estefan and two days later the Miami Heat inaugurated the arena, some curiosities about the arena are its scoreboard that changes color depending on the atmosphere, the arena was part of the mythical American Airlines Series, which played Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks.
6:26 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this Pistons player

Cade Cunningham, a 20-year-old guard from Oklahoma State, despite the fact that the Pistons are second to last in the Eastern Conference, there are some players who have excelled on the team, such is the case of Cunningham who this season is averaging 16.9 points, 5.9 rebounds and 5.3 assists.
6:21 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this Heat player

Jimmy Butler, forward coming from Marquette University, is a veteran player who is undoubtedly having a great season with the team, his performances this season have helped the team to be in the first position of the Eastern Conference, these are the numbers of the season: 21.7 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.8 assists.
6:16 PM2 months ago

Detroit Pistons Main Lineup

Jerami Grant, Saddiq Bey, Cade Cunningham, Killian Hayes, Isaiah Stewart.
6:11 PM2 months ago

Miami Heat Main Lineup

Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry, Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo, Duncan Robinson.
6:06 PM2 months ago

Face to face

Pistons and Heat will face each other this Tuesday in the series finale, Heat leads the series 2-1 and this Tuesday they will look for another win to climb up the standings, the results of the first three games were 100-92 in favor of Heat, 100-90 in favor of Pistons and 115-112 in favor of Heat.
6:01 PM2 months ago

Detroit Pistons

The era of the "Bad Boys" is long gone, that team of the eighties maintained a physical, intense and defense-oriented style of play, compared to today's NBA, that type of game would be impossible to practice, the team reached the final instances, but was not able to lift the coveted NBA trophy, it was until the 89 season, when the combative team won its first championship and repeat the following year, Although they did not win titles to spare, the Pistons had marked a historic era, currently the Pistons team is not going through its best moment of the season, located in penultimate position with a negative record of 8-50 and 3 games in a row with defeat, we can say that the Pistons had a long season to try to improve, however with the end of the regular season very close, the team only has to close the disastrous season with dignity.
Pistons prepare/image:DetroitPistons
Pistons prepare/image:DetroitPistons
5:56 PM2 months ago

Miami Heat

One of the youngest teams in the NBA, has become a competitive franchise, players like Wade, O'neal, Bosh, James, got the spotlight on Miami, although not all these players had the opportunity to share the court with Miami, their names are in the 3 NBA titles that the Heat owns, LeBron James, Wade and Bosh were able to raise a couple of championships playing for Miami, until James surprisingly returned to the Cleveland squad, leaving a void like Jordan with the Bulls, even though they only won a couple of championships, the Heat have not been able to find a squad that can lead them to the NBA championship, in the current season, Miami is in first position in the Eastern Conference, Miami has everything to qualify for the playoffs and fight for the NBA title as they have had a spectacular season with a 45-24 record, they recently lost to Timberwolves.
Heat seeks to stay in the lead/Image:MiamiHEAT
Heat seeks to stay in the lead/Image:MiamiHEAT
5:51 PM2 months ago


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