Highlights and Best Moments: Mavericks 109-128 Hornets in NBA Season
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Thank you for following the NBA telecast of the Maverick-Hornets game.
8:21 PM10 months ago

End game

Mavericks 108-129 Hornets.
8:16 PM10 months ago

4Q 02:37

Trey Burke with the three-pointer and Dallas surpasses 100 points in the game.
8:11 PM10 months ago

4Q 04:16

Montrezl Harrell with both points from the free throw line.
8:06 PM10 months ago

4Q 06:31

Kelly Oubre Jr. with a double-double and the difference is 30 points, what's left of the game seems to be a mere formality.
8:01 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:48

Offensive rebound and Montrezl Harrell capitalizes with two more.
7:56 PM10 months ago

4Q 11:32

LaMelo Ball with the three-pointer and the Hornets take a 25-point lead.
7:51 PM10 months ago

End of third quarter

Mavericks 80-102 Hornets.
7:46 PM10 months ago

3Q 0:00

Miles Bridges with the triple right at the buzzer.
7:41 PM10 months ago

3Q 01:46

Luka Doncic comes through again with another double-double.
7:36 PM10 months ago

3Q 03:00

Luka Doncic with a double-double to cut the deficit to 10.
7:31 PM10 months ago

3Q 05:20

It worked the timeout because the Hornets regained the lead back to 9; LaMelo Ball's last basket.
7:26 PM10 months ago

3Q 06:41

Maxi Kleber with the bomb for the three-pointer and Dallas gets within two again.
7:21 PM10 months ago

3Q 06:40

Luka Doncic, the usual Luka Doncic, comes back with a double-double.
7:16 PM10 months ago

3Q 09:04

Terry Rozier makes the triple and regains the 10-unit lead.
7:11 PM10 months ago

3Q 10:50

Luka Doncic with the basket to cut the deficit to eight points.
7:06 PM10 months ago

3Q 11:35

P.J. Washington with the two points, signifying the first points of the third period.
7:01 PM10 months ago

3Q 12:00

The second half begins between Mavericks and Hornets.
6:56 PM10 months ago

Half time

Mavericks 52-61 Hornets.
6:51 PM10 months ago

2Q 01:53

Quick reaction from the hosts with Kelly Oubre Jr's long-range shot to make the triple.
6:46 PM10 months ago

2Q 02:15

Frank Ntilikina with three-pointer and Dallas surpasses 50 points.
6:41 PM10 months ago

2Q 04:47

Frank Ntilikina with a double-double and the Mavericks turned the game around.
6:36 PM10 months ago

2Q 05:56

Dorian Finney-Smith with the double and Dallas is already only one away.
6:31 PM10 months ago

2Q 08:56

Sterling Brown with the offensive rebound and scores the double.
6:26 PM10 months ago

2Q 10:01

Isaiah Thomas with a double-double and increases the lead to 13 points.
6:21 PM10 months ago

2Q 11:44

Jalen Brunson's free throw makes the first two points of the half.
6:16 PM10 months ago

End of first quarter

Mavericks 24-35 Hornets.
6:11 PM10 months ago

1Q 00:56

Defensive rebound and LaMelo Ball capitalizes with two points.
6:06 PM10 months ago

1Q 02:25

Josh Green with the three-pointer from the corner for the home side.
6:01 PM10 months ago

1Q 04:01

Miles Bridges with a triple to extend the difference to 7 units.
5:56 PM10 months ago

1Q 06:01

Dorian Finney-Smith with the three-pointer and Dallas pulled to within nine points.
5:51 PM10 months ago

1Q 08:12

P.J. Washington with the triple to extend the gap to 15.
5:46 PM10 months ago

1Q 09:00

Terry Rozier with another triple and the difference is already 14 points, forcing Dallas to call timeout.
5:41 PM10 months ago

1Q 10:26

Miles Bridges with a three-pointer and the Hornets already over 10 points quickly.
5:36 PM10 months ago

1Q 11:46

Terry Rozier with the double to open the game's slate.
5:31 PM10 months ago

1Q 12:00

The game between Mavericks and Hornets begins.
5:26 PM10 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the NBA game between Maverick and Hornets.
5:21 PM10 months ago

Starting lineup Hornets

While these are the five players who will start for Charlotte.
5:16 PM10 months ago

Thus they arrived

A few minutes ago, the Hornets came home for their fourth straight win:
5:11 PM10 months ago

Mavericks Starting Lineup

These are the Dallas players who will start for this Saturday:
5:06 PM10 months ago

Hornets: injury report

While Charlotte will have nearly a full team, with the exception of:

Gordon Hayward, SF

5:01 PM10 months ago

Mavericks: injury report

These are the Dallas players who will not see action for this game:

Theo Pinson, G

Spencer Dinwiddie, BA

Reggie Bullock, SF

4:56 PM10 months ago

How did the Hornets get here?

Meanwhile, the Hornets are tenth in the NBA's Eastern Conference with a 35-35 record and are on a three-game winning streak.
4:51 PM10 months ago

How did the Mavericks get here?

Dallas is fifth in the NBA's Western Conference with a 43-27 record, having won eight of their last 10; however, they are coming off a loss at home to the Philadelphia 76ers.
4:46 PM10 months ago

The billboard

The NBA scheduled four games this Saturday and one of them will be the one from Charlotte.
4:41 PM10 months ago


Big game is expected from Charlotte when the Hornets host Luka Doncic's Dallas Mavericks. We start with the coverage of the NBA game through VAVEL.
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Tune in here Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte Hornets Live Score in NBA Season 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte Hornets match for the NBA Season 2022.
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What time is Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte Hornets match for NBA Season 2022?

This is the start time for the Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte Hornets game on March 19th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Bolivia: 7:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Brazil: 8:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Chile: 7:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Colombia: 6:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Ecuador: 6:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

United States (ET): 7:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Spain: 12:05 AM

Mexico: 5:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Paraguay: 8:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Peru: 6:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

Uruguay: 8:05 PM on NBA Game Pass

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Last games

The series has been very tight in the last five games with Dallas holding the edge with three wins and two losses; most recently winning the most recent time they visited the Hornets last year.

Charlotte Hornets 96-120 Dallas Mavericks, 2021

Dallas Mavericks 104-93 Charlotte Hornets, 2021

Charlotte Hornets 118-99 Dallas Mavericks, 2020

Dallas Mavericks 116-100 Charlotte Hornets, 2020

Charlotte Hornets 123-120 Dallas Mavericks, 2020 (overtime)

4:21 PM10 months ago

Key player Charlotte Hornets

Good evolution that LaMelo Ball has shown in his second season, who is starting to be one of the protagonists and key elements of the team, registering six straight games with more than 16 points and only one game below 20 points.
Image: Marca
Image: Marca
4:16 PM10 months ago

Key player Dallas Mavericks

Slovenian Luka Dončić is having one of his best seasons with Dallas and this is being reflected in the stats, where he averages 35.7 minutes per game, the highest of his career and 28.2 points per game, the second best in these four years with the Texan franchise.
Image: Marca
Image: Marca
4:11 PM10 months ago

Last lineup Charlotte Hornets

0 Miles Bridges, small forward; 25 P.J. Washington, small forward; 24 Mason Plumlee, center; 2 LaMelo Ball, point guard; 3 Terry Rozier, point guard.
4:06 PM10 months ago

Last lineup Dallas Mavericks

10 Dorian Finney-Smith, small forward; 26 Spencer Dinwiddie, small forward; 7 Dwight Powell, center; 77 Luka Doncic, point guard; 13 Jalen Brunson, point guard.
4:01 PM10 months ago

Charlotte Hornets: Making the home court count

Everything seems to indicate that the Charlotte Hornets will be playing the Play-in if a catastrophe does not happen in the last games, they have won six of the last 10 with a streak of three straight wins, the last one on Wednesday 116-106 against the Atlanta Hawks; at home they have a record of 17 wins and 17 losses.
3:56 PM10 months ago

Dallas Mavericks: Tighten the pace

With this game, the Dallas Mavericks will finish a tour of five straight games away from home where they have had an acceptable balance and where they will have to tighten the throttle because the Denver Nuggets are close behind and are fighting inch by inch for the fourth position together with the Utah Jazz.
3:51 PM10 months ago

The Kick-off

The Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte Hornets match will be played at the Spectrum Center, in Charlotte, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:05 pm ET.
3:46 PM10 months ago

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