Highlights: Cavaliers 108-115 Nets in NBA Play-In 2022
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Game is over

The game ends at the Barclays Center, victory for the Nets.
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Evan Mobley with the dunk to bring his team closer:
9:04 PM2 months ago

4Q | 8:55

The Cavaliers put the game to less than 10 points and begin to put pressure on Brooklyn.
8:56 PM2 months ago

4Q | 12:00

The last quarter starts.
8:52 PM2 months ago

Bye to the third

The third quarter ends, a 12-point lead for the Nets.
8:47 PM2 months ago

Great pass!

Rondo's pass to find Garland and the solo layup:
8:37 PM2 months ago

3Q | 5:08

Triple from Rondo and time is forced out of Brooklyn.
8:33 PM2 months ago

Just on time!

Irving with the buzzer beater before halftime:
8:28 PM2 months ago

3Q | 8:45

Cavs timeout, Nets lead by 20.
8:22 PM2 months ago

3Q | 12:00

The third quarter begins.
8:06 PM2 months ago


Kyrie Irving beats the clock and we go into halftime with a lead of 14 for the Nets.
7:58 PM2 months ago

2Q | 2:39

Cavs time out, difference of 15 and the visit stops the game to make adjustments.
7:55 PM2 months ago

Strong one!

Rajon Rondo attacking the basket to keep the layup:
7:48 PM2 months ago

2Q | 6:43

Nets time out, Cleveland cuts the difference to 13 points and forces the locals to stop the game.
7:45 PM2 months ago

2Q | 8:26

Good restart from Cleveland that cuts the difference to 14 and presses hard on the paint.
7:41 PM2 months ago

2Q | 12:00

The second quarter begins.
7:35 PM2 months ago

End of the first

End of the first quarter, advantage of 20 for the Nets.
7:28 PM2 months ago

Block and assist!

Kevin Durant doing everything on both ends of the court, blocking defense and assisting offense:
7:25 PM2 months ago

1Q | 3:52

Great speed and rhythm of the Nets who are already separated by 9. Second time out of Cleveland.
7:22 PM2 months ago

First bucket for DG!

First points for Darius Garland in the match:
7:15 PM2 months ago

1Q | 7:12

Cavs time out, Kevin Durant doubles and the Nets go up by 6.
7:11 PM2 months ago

1Q | 9:21

Tight start on the court between both teams that do not give up defensively.
7:07 PM2 months ago

1Q | 12:00

Andre Drummond wins the opening jump and starts the game.
6:59 PM2 months ago

About to start

We are just minutes away from the start of the presentation of the game and the previous protocols.
6:50 PM2 months ago

Cleveland starting 5!

With their best quintet, this is how the Cavs come out:
6:44 PM2 months ago

Brooklyn starting 5!

With their best squad, this is how the Nets come out:
6:41 PM2 months ago

Injury Report

The casualties for this match are as follows:
Nets: Seth Curry (Doubtful), Ben Simmons and Joe Harris.
Cavaliers: Collin Sexton, Jarrett Allen and Dean Wade.
6:39 PM2 months ago

Here is Brooklyn!

The Nets arrived at their stadium for today's game:
6:34 PM2 months ago

Last lineups!

In the last game, this was how both teams lined up:
Cavaliers: Lauri Markkanen, Isaac Okoro, Evan Mobley, Caris LeVert and Darius Garland.
Nets: Kessler Edwards, Patty Mills, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Andre Drummmond.
6:29 PM2 months ago

Here are the Cavs!

The Cleveland team is already at the Barclays Center facilities:
6:24 PM2 months ago

Last duel

This will be the first time that both teams meet in the Play-In. During the regular season, the series was won by the Nets with 2 games won by 1 win by Cleveland. The last result favors Brooklyn by a score of 118 to 107.
6:19 PM2 months ago

Face to face

A close match between both teams awaits us, here we share the statistics of the season of each one.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
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Here we go!

We're just under an hour before the Cavs-Nets game kicks off at Barclays Center. Both quintets will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.
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Stay with us to follow this game LIVE!

In a few moments we will share the starting lineups for the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets, as well as the latest information from the Barclays Center. Don't miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on streaming through NBA League Pass.
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Kevin Durant, a must see player!

The Nets star is going through a great moment leading the team with 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 6.4 assists per game, being the leader in scoring and assists on the team. The Nets forward is a fundamental part of what the team can do and his level added to the ability of other figures such as Kyrie Irving, LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin, will be of vital importance to see if they are capable of keeping the title of the NBA. At the moment, their first obstacle is the Cavaliers and they will seek to clear up doubts and get the first Play-In ticket to face the Celtics and fight you for you in search of advancing to the round. With the defensive additions of the team and the loss of Harden, the shooting guard will have more time in possession of the ball and we will be able to see how he leads the offense.
Photo: Nets
Photo: Nets
5:54 PM2 months ago

How does the Nets get here?

The Nets arrive after an important victory against the Indiana Pacers by a score of 134 to 126, the Brooklynites finished the season with a record of 44 wins and 38 losses to place themselves in seventh place in the Eastern Conference and win one of the tickets to the Play-In. While the team is one more win away from making the postseason, they are in a kill-or-be-killed stage for one of the last spots for the next stage. Once the health protocols have been lifted in the New York area, Kyrie Irving joins the team to participate in all home games at the Barclays Center and be able to participate in many of these away, as long as they allow it. the measures of each state. Irving arrives as a luxury reinforcement for the team and together with Kevin Durant they will seek to get into the playoffs and be an uncomfortable rival for whoever they are in the next round. If they beat Cleveland, they would face the Celtics in the first round. With the off-court issues having faded, the spotlight has been totally turned to the good times the team is experiencing thanks to Seth Curry, Kevin Durant and Andre Drummond. Their best weapon is still shooting from a distance, but Brooklyn's defense has improved noticeably and is playing an important part in achieving favorable results for the team.
5:49 PM2 months ago

Darius Garland, a must see player!

The Cavs point guard is having a revelation season leading the team with 21.7 points, 3.3 rebounds and 8.6 assists per game, being the team's best scorer and assister. After the release of Collin Sexton at the beginning of the season, Garland was expected to come off the bench sharing minutes with the experienced Ricky Rubio, however, this situation did not happen and Ricky Rubio served as a mentor for Darius Garland. Now, with Rubio gone from the team, Garland has managed to cling on as the team's starting point guard and, with the addition of Rajon Rondo, he is expected to continue to grow and learn from the best. He has had such an impact on the team that it was considered for the NBA All-Star Game and can be considered for the “Most Improved Player” award.
Photo: Cavs
Photo: Cavs
5:44 PM2 months ago

How does the Cavs arrive?

The Cleveland Cavaliers arrive after having a revelation season, the team was not one of the favorites to be placed in playoff positions and, nevertheless, they are achieving it, at this moment they finished the regular season with a record of 44 wins and 38 losses to occupy the eighth place in the Eastern Conference and enter the Play-In in search of one of the last tickets to the NBA Playoffs. The Cavs arrive after an important victory against the Milwaukee Bucks by a score of 133 to 115. It is time for the Cleveland team to start showing if they are a worthy postseason team and keep one of the tickets to the next round. The surprise has been so great that the Cavaliers managed to get Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen to the All-Star game and that Evan Mobley is being considered as one of the favorites for the Rookie of the Year award. It wouldn't be a surprise if the Cavs eliminate Brooklyn and make the playoffs.
5:39 PM2 months ago

Where's the game?

The Barclays Center located in the city of Brooklyn will host this duel between two teams that will fight to keep the ticket that qualifies them for the postseason within the Play-In. This stadium has a capacity for 19,000 fans and was inaugurated in 2012.
Photo: NBA
Photo: NBA
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Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets game, corresponding to the 2021-2022 NBA regular season. The meeting will take place at the Barclays Center, at 7:00 p.m.