Highlights and Best Moments: Bulls 104-113 Raptors in NBA
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Thank you for following the Raptors-Bulls NBA game.
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4Q 00:50

O.G. Anunoby with the double and sentences the game.
8:02 PM3 months ago

4Q 01:30

O.G. Anunoby with double and the difference is 9 with 90 seconds to play.
7:57 PM3 months ago

4Q 02:01

DeMar DeRozan with double-double and Miami passes 100 and closes to within 6.
7:52 PM3 months ago

4Q 05:18

O.G. Anunoby with a double-double and the Raptors reach 100 points.
7:47 PM3 months ago

4Q 07:28

Derrick Jones Jr. with the jumper and adds two more to tie the game at 93.
7:42 PM3 months ago

4Q 09:39

Scottie Barnes with two points and now Raptors are the ones who want to get closer.
7:37 PM3 months ago

4Q 11:12

Patrick Williams with a double-double for the first points of the final period.
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3Q 01:30

Goran Dragic from the corner hits and converts the three-pointer.
7:22 PM3 months ago

3Q 03:56

Ayo Dosunmu finds the space and adds two more to stay close.
7:17 PM3 months ago

3Q 06:12

Nikola Vucevic with a double-double to get within three again.
7:12 PM3 months ago

3Q 07:55

Ayo Dosunmu with the triple to get within one.
7:07 PM3 months ago

3Q 09:54

Gary Trent Jr. with a double for the home team.
7:02 PM3 months ago

3Q 11:44

Fred VanVleet with a double-double and scores the first points of the second half.
6:57 PM3 months ago


6:52 PM3 months ago

2Q 00:42

O.G. Anunoby with double and Toronto takes lead of 6.
6:47 PM3 months ago

2Q 02:23

Nikola Vucevic turns around for the basket.
6:42 PM3 months ago

4Q 04:23

Patrick Williams with the triple to regain the lead.
6:37 PM3 months ago

2Q 06:00

Jump and two more for Thaddeus Young.
6:32 PM3 months ago

2Q 08:25

Fred VanVleet with a triple and the difference is now only five.
6:27 PM3 months ago

2Q 09:58

Goran Dragic comes back and adds two more.
6:22 PM3 months ago

2Q 11:44

Goran Dragic's corner bomb for the three-pointer.
6:17 PM3 months ago


6:12 PM3 months ago

1Q 00:49

Otto Porter Jr. with a double to cut the deficit to 9.
6:07 PM3 months ago

1Q 02:16

Javonte Green with the old fashioned triple: double plus free
6:02 PM3 months ago

Great move

5:57 PM3 months ago

1Q 04:31

Green with the assist and Dalen Terry with the double-double for the visitors.
5:52 PM3 months ago

1Q 06:24

Nikola Vucevic takes advantage of his height and adds two more.
5:47 PM3 months ago

3Q 08:24

Christian Koloko with the two points and cuts the scoreless streak.
5:42 PM3 months ago

1Q 10:42

After the rebound, DeMar DeRozan capitalizes with two more.
5:37 PM3 months ago

1Q 11:42

Fred VanVleet with the first two points of the game.
5:32 PM3 months ago

1Q 12:00

The game between Bulls and Raptors begins.
5:27 PM3 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of Raptors and Bulls NBA games.
5:22 PM3 months ago


This is Toronto's formation for this Sunday.
5:17 PM3 months ago

Arrival of the stars

How stars DeRozan and Caruso arrived for the Bulls
5:12 PM3 months ago

Bulls Lineup

This is the formation that will come out of Chicago.
5:07 PM3 months ago

Casualties Toronto

While the Raptors will be without the following:

Pascal Siakam PF

Justin Champagnie SF

Khem Birch C

5:02 PM3 months ago

Casualties Chicago

These are the Bulls' losses for this afternoon:

Andre Drummond C

Lonzo Ball PG

Coby White PG

Derrick Jones Jr. SF

Zach LaVine SG

4:57 PM3 months ago

The favorite

The Raptors are favored to win this game with a 4-point spread and on a combined basis could score 220 points.
4:52 PM3 months ago

Double set

It is important to remember that this will not be the only match between these two, since tomorrow they will be playing again, but now at the home of the Chicago Bulls.
4:47 PM3 months ago

Last game Bulls

Chicago is coming off a four-point loss at home to the Boston Celtics in a close game.
4:42 PM3 months ago


The Chicago Bulls will have a tough visit at the home of the Toronto Raptors. We start with the NBA game coverage through VAVEL.
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Tune in here Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors Live Score in NBA Season 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors match for the NBA Season 2022 on VAVEL US.
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What time is Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors match for NBA Season 2022?

This is the start time of the game Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors of November 6th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Bolivia: 7:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Brazil: 8:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Chile: 8:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Colombia: 6:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Ecuador: 6:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

United States (ET): 6:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Spain: 12:10 AM on NBA Games Pass

Mexico: 5:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Paraguay: 8:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Peru: 6:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

Uruguay: 8:10 PM on NBA Games Pass

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Background Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors

Of the last seven games, the Bulls have taken a clear hegemony against the Canadians by taking six wins and only one loss, highlighting that this setback occurred in their last visit to Toronto, although it was in overtime and by only 7 points.

Toronto Raptors 99-113 Chicago Bulls, season 2022

Chicago Bulls 120-127 Toronto Raptors, season 2022 (overtime)

Toronto Raptors 105-111 Chicago Bulls, season 2022

Chicago Bulls 111-108 Toronto Raptors, 2021 season

Toronto Raptors 102-104 Chicago Bulls, season 2021

4:22 PM3 months ago

Key player Toronto Raptors

Pascal Siakam has had a very good start, who has averaged over 25 points per game at the beginning of the season and is one of the key elements for the Canadian team, since last year, to be a team that fights and in this 2022 could be one of the candidates to go far.
4:17 PM3 months ago

Key player Chicago Bulls

One of the keys for the Bulls to score points when you don't see where to look is to take advantage of the height and body of Nikola Vučević, who continues to be effective on offense, but also defensively has had several blocks of relevance in the campaign.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
4:12 PM3 months ago

Last lineup Toronto Raptors

43 Pascal Siaka, small forward; 3 OG Anunoby, small forward; 35 Christian Koloko, center; 4 Scottie Barnes, point guard; 33 Gary Trent Jr, point guard.
4:07 PM3 months ago

Last lineup Chicago Bulls

44 Patrick Williams, forward; 11 DeMar DeRozan, forward; 9 Nikola Vicevic, center; 8 Zach LaVine, point guard; 12 Ayo Dosunmu, point guard.
4:02 PM3 months ago

Toronto Raptors: are they for real?

The Toronto Raptors did not make many changes to their roster this season and have become one of the most solid teams that can give severe headaches and, at home, they will have to get the wins if they want to get on a roll and stay in the top spots, even though the tournament is still young.
3:57 PM3 months ago

Chicago Bulls: finding consistency

At the beginning of the season, the Chicago Bulls have lacked consistency because they can have a good game and lose the next one, although they are still among the first places in the Eastern Conference at the beginning of the NBA season and now they will look for a blow of authority at the home of the Raptors.
3:52 PM3 months ago

The Kick-off

The Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors match will be played at the Scotiabank Arena, in Toronto, Canada. The kick-off is scheduled at 18:10 pm ET.
3:47 PM3 months ago

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