Highlights: Milwaukee Bucks 136-132 Oklahoma City Thunder in NBA
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12:11 AM7 months ago


Thank you so much for following OKC and Bucks at VAVEL. A great night to all and until next time.
12:10 AM7 months ago


With the victory in overtime, the Bucks continue with the best record in the NBA, with 10 wins and one loss. OKC has suffered its seventh defeat and has four victories.
12:07 AM7 months ago


OKC 132-136 Bucks.
12:07 AM7 months ago


Bucks up four points in the last few seconds.
11:58 PM7 months ago


Bucks lead by three points at the end of second overtime.
11:52 PM7 months ago


Bucks better at the start of the second overtime and lead increases to four points.
11:52 PM7 months ago


OKC 126-126 Bucks.
11:36 PM7 months ago


Balanced game with both teams risking little. Duel tied at four to four in overtime, with 44 seconds left.
11:26 PM7 months ago


OKC 119-119 Bucks.
11:20 PM7 months ago


ALL THE SAME! Dort converted two more and the game was tied at 119-119 with 55 seconds to go.
11:19 PM7 months ago


OKC with six points in the last few minutes and the Bucks lead plummets to two points.
11:19 PM7 months ago


Carter with four more points, giving the Bucks an eight-point lead in the final stretch and reaching 32 in today's duel.
11:12 PM7 months ago


Shai Gilgeous-Alexander with a three-ball and setting the game on fire in the final stretch. Advantage drops to six points.
11:11 PM7 months ago


Game in the final stretch, the two teams are exchanging points, but the Bucks manage the result and the advantage is now nine points.
11:08 PM7 months ago


Bucks with seven points in the final stretch and extending the lead to 12 points, leaving OKC in a delicate situation.
10:58 PM7 months ago


Milwaukee Bucks came back much better in the last stage of the game, winning the period by 10 points, in which the team took the lead in the overall score. Carter remains the scorer with 28 points.
10:52 PM7 months ago


Hill with two more points to break the tie and leave the Bucks still with the advantage.
10:52 PM7 months ago


Bucks with two threes at the beginning of the last period, to pass again on the scoreboard.
10:46 PM7 months ago


OKC 87- Bucks.
10:45 PM7 months ago


OKC turned the score around again in the final stretch of the third period.
10:45 PM7 months ago


OKC returned to the game led by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who scored four more points, reached 19 in the confrontation, being the team's scorer and tied the duel.
10:35 PM7 months ago


Giddey with two more points, closing the Bucks' lead. Carter is currently top scorer with 26 points.
10:30 PM7 months ago


Most connected bucks in the game. Carter and Beauchamp with two threes, putting the visitors ahead with seven more in the duel.
10:26 PM7 months ago


Bucks started the third period better and with five straight points, reaching 60 points and passing.
10:10 PM7 months ago


OKC 55-55 Bucks.
10:02 PM7 months ago


OKC with five straight points at the end of the second period to open up again after the Bucks pulled over.
9:58 PM7 months ago


Bucks with a six-point run and tying the game again.
9:58 PM7 months ago


OKC remains in the lead on the scoreboard and with a six-point advantage.
9:50 PM7 months ago


Second period started balanced and with OKC with three balls in a row from the perimeter, reaching 36 points and opening a five-point lead.
9:38 PM7 months ago


OKC 27-27 Bucks.
9:36 PM7 months ago


OCK tied the game after Mann's basket. Game tied at 25 to 25.
9:29 PM7 months ago


Bucks on fire on the threes. Three more balls from the perimeter and a four-point lead. Team with seven threes in the first period.
9:23 PM7 months ago


OKC recovered quickly and the game was very balanced at this point, but with a two-point lead for the Bucks.
9:23 PM7 months ago


Bucks with an incredible four straight threes and an eight-point lead.
9:17 PM7 months ago


It's NBA at VAVEL.
8:39 PM7 months ago


The Bucks have won their last five games against OKC. In this cut, they also won the first half in the five matches and had an average of 107 points in the last 10 matches.
12:13 AM7 months ago

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Open quotes!

"At the end of the day, it's going to be me against me in a lot of situations," Holmgren said. “I will compete with myself every day – competing with my mind to go through this rehabilitation process and come out even better on the other side. This é what i plan to do. This é my work."

“Have a year to learn the league, experience the cadence of the league, work on your body, understand the league people and all the different schemes, that will beá extremely beneficial," said Thunder's executive and general vice president. Manager Sam Presti said.

"We're not going to get to that," Presti said. “Let's go a year without it, which é how sport works.”

“I have many goals – goals with every workout, every day, every week, every month," Holmgren said.

"Any opportunity I have to try to be a better basketball player in the future, I'm going to try to seize the moment and take that opportunity," Holmgren added.

"Everyone has protected me, just like I would anyone else. It's been "great meeting my teammates. We have a very rare locker room full of guys who fit in," Holmgren said. . “I hope this continues, we can get to know each other better and keep building chemistry.”

"I see myself as a leader and a follower," Holmgren said. "I'm following in the footsteps of everyone before me, around me, and all the things that are in front of me.  I onlyó I have to show up and work.”

“I onlyó I want to be a great role model for the other guys around me, every single day in the building by my side, as well as everyone in the community," Holmgren said.

12:03 AM7 months ago

Oklahoma City Thunder likely!

PG - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

SG - Josh Giddey

SF - Luguentz Dort

PF - Jalen Williams

C - Haremiah Robinson-Earl.


11:58 PM7 months ago

How does the Oklahoma City Thunder arrive?

The Oklahoma City Thunder has a four-win-six-loss campaign. The team had a positive campaign, but followed a sequence of three consecutive defeats in the competition.
11:53 PM7 months ago


In the ú20 games between the two teams, the confrontation is á totally equal and tied with 10 wins each.
11:48 PM7 months ago

Likely Milwaukee Bucks!

PG - Jrue Holiday

SG - Jevon Carter

SF - Grayson Allen

PF - Giannis Antetokounmpo

C - Brook Lopez.


11:43 PM7 months ago

How do the Milwaukee Bucks arrive?

The Milwaukee Bucks lost their unbeaten record in the NBA in the last game, where they lost to the Atlanta Hawks by 117 to 98. Before that, they had nine straight wins and a great record, taking the overall leadership of the competition. ;ã
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Photo: Disclosure / NBA
Photo: Disclosure / NBA
11:33 PM7 months ago

The game will be played at Paycom Center

The Milwaukee Bucks vs Oklahoma City Thunder game will be played at Paycom Center, with a capacity of 18.203 people.
11:28 PM7 months ago

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