Highlights: Cleveland Cavaliers 114-102 Atlanta Hawks in NBA
Photo: Cavaliers


9:37 PM13 days ago

Top Scorers

Donovan Mitchell: 29

Trae Young: 25


9:34 PM13 days ago

Numbers |Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks

Arremessos de quadra

42/70 x 38/87

3 pontos

10/19 x 11/35

Lances livre

20/23 x 15/17


37 x 34


24 x 24

9:30 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 00:00

Game Over
9:29 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 16

Vit Krejci misses the 3-pointer and Donovan Mitchell gets a rebound on defense
9:26 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 1:08

Hawks Time
9:26 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 1:08

Evan Mobley digs a hole
9:21 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 2:15

Cavaliers Time
9:16 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 3:12

Cedi Osman can't hit the 3-point basket
9:14 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 3:21

Cavaliers Time
9:07 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 6:41

Evan Mobley scores 2 points, but ends up fouling out shortly after. Dejounte Murray takes advantage and makes 2 of 2 free throws
9:03 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 7:46

Cavaliers Time
9:03 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 8:31

Onyeka Okongwu takes a dunk after a pass from Dejounte Murray
8:58 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 9:08

Hawks Time
8:56 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 11:46

Jarrett Allen makes the first basket of Q4
8:51 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 00:00

8:47 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 2:35

Isaac Okoro takes 2 of 2 free throws
8:40 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 4:01

Kevin Love grabs the defensive rebound. Soon after, Cedi Osman makes the 2-point basket
8:34 PM13 days ago

Q3- 6:15

Hawks Time
8:33 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 6:44

Darius Garland misses a 3-point basket, passes to Donovan Mitchell, who shoots from long range
8:27 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 8:37

Cavaliers' Time
8:25 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 10:44

After Trae Young's assist, AJ Griffin puts Hawks ahead for the first time
8:10 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 00:00

Q2 ends in 64-59
8:06 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 37:5

Darius Garland hits both free throws
8:05 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 2:15

Donovan Mitchell scores with a dunk
7:59 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 4:09

Cedi Osman shoots a 3-pointer
7:58 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 5:02

Hawks Time
7:54 PM13 days ago

Q2: 6:51

After a foul by Onyeka Okongwu, Donovan Mitchell takes 2 of 2 free kicks
7:45 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 8:28

Cavaliers' Time
7:44 PM13 days ago

Q2- 9:26

Donovan Mitchell hits Cavaliers' first basket in Q2
7:41 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 11:00

Hawks have good start, while Cavaliers failed to score any points
7:39 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 00:00

Finish Q1, with 38-26.

Highest Scorers

  • Trae Young: 10 
  • Darius Garland: 14
7:34 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 1:05

Osman shoots a 2-point shot
7:30 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 2:53

Trae Young passes to Jalen Johnson, who hits the 3-point basket
7:29 PM13 days ago

Q1- 3:58

Onyeka Okongwu narrows the gap with a dunk
7:22 PM13 days ago

Q1- 4:46

Cavaliers' timeout
7:22 PM13 days ago

Q1- 4:54

John Collin hits a 3-point shot
7:21 PM13 days ago

Q1- 6:42

Hawks' timeout
7:20 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 8:06

Cavaliers have good offensive streak, hitting two 3-point baskets, plus Jarrett Allen makes his own to make it 19-11
7:15 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 9:31

Hawks start in front, taking a two-point lead: 11-9
7:00 PM13 days ago


Ball high
6:56 PM13 days ago

Atlanta Hawks set

- Trae Young

- Dejounte Murray

- AJ Griffin

- John Collins

- Clint Capela

6:51 PM13 days ago

The five Cavaliers' picks

- Darius Garland - Donovan Mitchell - Lamar Stevens - Evan Mobley - Jarrett Allen
6:46 PM13 days ago

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What they say

AJ Griffin: "I was in the right place at the right time. I had a feeling they were going to push. That's exactly what happened."

Trae Young: "We just played, we kept fighting. We knew we had a chance to get back in the game. We just kept playing."

6:31 PM13 days ago

Probable lineup for the Hawks

Barnes, Hernangomez, Young, Anunoby, VanVleet.
6:26 PM13 days ago

Hawks' Situation

Bogdan Bogdanovic is the only one missing for the Atlanta Hawks, due to a knee injury.
6:21 PM13 days ago
Foto: Atlanta Hawks
Photo: Atlanta Hawks
6:16 PM13 days ago

Hawks Squad

F: AJ Griffin, Tyrese Martin

PG: Trae Young

PF: John Collins, Frank Kaminsky, Onyeka Okongwu

G: Jarrett Culver, Trent Forres, Aaron Holiday, Vit Krejci

C: Clint Capela

SG: Bogdan Bogdanovic, Dejounte Murray

SF: Justin Holiday, De'Andre Hunter, Jalen Johnson

Coach: Nate McMillan

6:11 PM13 days ago

What they say

JB Bickerstaff: "We got away with one there (of defeat when beating the Hornets). We have to learn. We have to be better. He was willing to do whatever it took (Mobley)." 

Donovan Mitchell: "It's never going to be perfect. "It's going to look bad and ugly, but that's where growth comes from. We have to learn from that."

Gordon Hayward: "It was pretty remarkable that we took that game to overtime. Certainly a rollercoaster of emotions. We got the stops we needed and had a chance to win the game."

Jarrett Allen: "I feel like we got some of our identity back. But we still have a long way to go to be who we want to be."

6:06 PM13 days ago

Probable lineup for the Cavaliers

Mobley, Stevens, Allen, Neto, Garland.
6:01 PM13 days ago

Cavaliers Situation

Kevin Love suffered a right thumb injury in the game against the Hornets.  Dean Wade and Ricky Rubio have knee problems, while Donovan Mitchell suffered a sprained ankle.
5:56 PM13 days ago
Foto: Cavaliers
Photo: Cavaliers
5:51 PM13 days ago

Cavaliers Squad

F: Mamadi Diakite, Isaiah Mobley, Lamar Stevens

C: Jarrett Allen, Robin Lopez

PG: Darius Garland, Raul Neto, Ricky Rubio

SG: Caris LeVert, Donovan Mitchell, Dylan Windler

PF: Kevin Love, Dean Wade

SF: Isaac Okoro, Cedi Osman

Coach: JB Bickerstaff

5:46 PM13 days ago

Hawks' Last Results

Atlanta Hawks 124-122 Toronto Raptors

Atlanta Hawks 101-126 Boston Celtics

Milwaukee Bucks 106-121 Atlanta Hawks

Philadelphia 76ers 121-109 Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks 104-95 Philadelphia 76ers 

Atlanta Hawks 119-125 Utah Jazz 

Atlanta Hawks 117-98 Milwaukee Bucks 

Atlanta Hawks 124-121 New Orleans Pelicans 

New York Knicks 99-112 Atlanta Hawks 

Toronto Raptors 139-109 Atlanta Hawks

5:41 PM13 days ago


Upstairs, Atlanta Hawks figure third place, with 10 wins and six losses. Unlike the opponents, Hawks comes from alternating in the last games, having beaten Raptors, last Saturday (19).
5:36 PM13 days ago

Latest results of the Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers 132-122 Charlotte Hornets

Milwaukee Bucks 113-98 Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers 124-129 Minnesota Timberwolves

Golden State Warriors 106-101 Cleveland Cavaliers

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Los Angeles Clippers 119-117 Cleveland Cavaliers

Los Angeles Lakers 100-114 Cleveland Cavaliers

Detroit Pistons 88-112 Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers 114-113 Boston Celtics

Cleveland Cavaliers 121-108 New York Knicks

5:31 PM13 days ago


Fourth in the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won nine and lost six of their 15 games. The victory over the Hornets gave a breather to the Ohio team, which had suffered four straight losses.
5:26 PM13 days ago

Eye on the Game

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks, live this Monday (21), at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, at 7 pm ET, for the NBA.

5:21 PM13 days ago

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