Resume and Highlights: Los Angeles Lakers 105-115 Phoenix Suns in NBA 2022


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Thank you for following the Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns game, tonight Suns showed that they are going through a better moment and defeated the Lakers who tried, but it was not enough. Be sure to visit VAVEL so you don't miss the latest news of your favorite sports.
12:25 AM12 days ago

4Q 0.0

The game ends with a win for Suns.
12:20 AM12 days ago

4Q 01:22

Ayton scores for Suns.
12:15 AM12 days ago

4Q 01:56

Craig scores for Suns.
12:10 AM12 days ago

4Q 03:55

Reaves scores double free throw.
12:05 AM12 days ago

4Q 04:07

Ayton adds for Suns.
12:00 AM12 days ago

4Q 04:20

Davis scores for Lakers.
11:55 PM12 days ago

4Q 06:38

Washington scores for Suns.
11:50 PM12 days ago

4Q 07:52

Ayton adds for Suns.
11:45 PM12 days ago

4Q 08:15

Bridges adds for Suns.
11:40 PM12 days ago

4Q 08:33

Ayton scores for Suns.
11:35 PM12 days ago

4Q 09:27

Lakers score with Westbrook.
11:30 PM12 days ago

4Q 09:56

Washington scores for Suns.
11:25 PM12 days ago

4Q 11:18

Washington scores for Suns.
11:20 PM12 days ago

4Q 11:34

Walker scores for Suns.
11:15 PM12 days ago

4Q 12:00

The fourth period begins.
11:10 PM12 days ago

3Q 0.0

The third period ends.
11:05 PM12 days ago

3Q 50.4

Ish scores for Suns.
11:00 PM12 days ago

3Q 01:17

Lee shoots and scores three-pointer for Suns.
10:55 PM12 days ago

3Q 01:29

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
10:50 PM12 days ago

3Q 02:15

Davis shoots and scores for Lakers.
10:45 PM12 days ago

3Q 03:44

Bridges scores a double.
10:40 PM12 days ago

3Q 04:16

Westbrook shoots and scores a triple.
10:35 PM12 days ago

3Q 05:01

Walker shoots and scores a triple.
10:30 PM12 days ago

3Q 05:49

Bridges shoots and scores a triple.
10:25 PM12 days ago

3Q 06:46

Davis hits a double free throw.
10:20 PM12 days ago

3Q 08:09

Booker adds for Suns.
10:15 PM12 days ago

3Q 08:38

Booker adds for Suns.
10:10 PM12 days ago

3Q 10:03

Craig scores for Suns.
10:05 PM12 days ago

3Q 11:19

Payne adds for Suns.
10:00 PM12 days ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
9:55 PM12 days ago

2Q 0.0

The second period ends.
9:50 PM12 days ago

2Q 7.5

Davis hits three free throws.
9:45 PM12 days ago

2Q 49.7

Davis hits a double free throw.
9:40 PM12 days ago

2Q 02:03

Walker adds for Lakers.
9:35 PM12 days ago

2Q 02:45

Washington scores for Suns.
9:30 PM12 days ago

2Q 04:45

Bridges shoots and scores three-pointer for Suns.
9:25 PM12 days ago

2Q 05:49

Westbrook shoots and scores a triple.
9:20 PM12 days ago

2Q 07:05

Lee adds triple for Suns.
9:15 PM12 days ago

2Q 09:02

Payne adds for Suns.
9:10 PM12 days ago

2Q 09:39

Bridges shoots and scores three-pointer for Suns.
9:05 PM12 days ago

2Q 10:29

Bryant adds for Lakers.
9:00 PM12 days ago

2Q 11:13

Lee adds for Suns.
8:55 PM12 days ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
8:50 PM12 days ago

1Q 0.0

The first period ends.
8:45 PM12 days ago

1Q 21.9

Biyombo adds for Suns.
8:40 PM12 days ago

1Q 02:14

Booker adds for Suns.
8:35 PM12 days ago

1Q 02:55

Davis adds for Lakers.
8:30 PM12 days ago

1Q 03:19

Davis scores for Lakers.
8:25 PM12 days ago

1Q 03:55

Davis adds for Lakers.
8:20 PM12 days ago

1Q 04:32

Payne adds for triple for Suns.
8:15 PM12 days ago

1Q 05:37

Westbrook adds for Lakers.
8:10 PM12 days ago

1Q 06:47

Booker adds for Suns.
8:05 PM12 days ago

1Q 07:47

Walker adds for Lakers.
8:00 PM12 days ago

1Q 10:12

Brown scores for Lakers.
7:55 PM12 days ago

1Q 10:12

Bridges shoots and scores three-pointer for Suns.
7:50 PM12 days ago

1Q 10:46

Walker scores for Lakers.
7:45 PM12 days ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game.
7:40 PM12 days ago

Phoenix Suns starting five

This is how the home team comes out:
Suns starting five/Image: Suns
Suns starting five/Image: Suns
7:35 PM12 days ago

Lakers starting lineup

This is how the visiting team comes out:
7:30 PM12 days ago

Lakers have a complicated road ahead

Lakers in tonight's game will be playing as visitors in a three-game series visiting their rivals, Suns is a tough opponent and the next two games will be against Spurs, a rival that at home can be difficult to beat even though they are second last in the conference.
7:25 PM12 days ago

This is how the home team arrived

So came the Suns:
7:20 PM12 days ago

Booker in his best season

Booker is living a great moment in his career and is translating it into great numbers, scoring per game 27.6 points, with 4.8 rebounds and 5.9 assists, currently Suns has the second best record in the conference and is shaping up as a serious contender.
7:15 PM12 days ago

Suns worn out

Phoenix Suns has two wins in the last three games, Sunday's win over Knicks drew attention for the distance in points between the two, in that game Paul and Shamet could not play due to injuries and for this Tuesday it is not known if they will be able to see action.
7:10 PM12 days ago

Lakers and their bad start

The Los Angeles team started the season as one of the worst offenses, but they were also one of the best defensively, although they went 0-5 and sank to the bottom of the conference.
7:05 PM12 days ago

We continue

Thanks for following the Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns game, tonight two good teams will face each other with the sole purpose of getting a victory, both with very different starts of the season will seek to defeat the opponent and complicate their season a little bit, in a great level both teams would fight the Playoffs. Stay tuned because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start of the game.
7:00 PM12 days ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns live, as well as the latest information from the Footprint Center. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns live online

The game will be televised on STAR +.
Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns can be tuned in from NBA League Pass live streams.
If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Watch out for this Suns player

Devin Booker, the young player from the University of Kentucky has become one of the most important players of the Phoenix Suns, last season he showed his worth and now in a new season with the team practically the same, he will look to improve his numbers of the regular season in which he averaged: 26.8 points, 5.0 rebounds and 4.8 assists, Booker and the Suns are favorites to obtain a place in the Playoffs and this time to be able to be champions.
6:45 PM12 days ago

Watch out for this Lakers player

LeBron James, one of the best players in the NBA in recent years, is not having a good time with the Lakers team, although they were recently champions, James has not had a great roster available due to injuries of teammates and low performance, the King has been in charge of putting the team on his shoulders, but his effort has not been translated into good results, now with a small positive streak the NBA star must give his best version to not break the streak.
6:40 PM12 days ago

Suns all-star quintet

Paul, Booker, Bridges, Johnson, Ayton.
6:35 PM12 days ago

Lakers all-star roster

Beverley, Reaves, James, Davis, Jones.
6:30 PM12 days ago

Face to face

Lakers and Suns faced each other in a four-game series, it was the Phoenix team the winner of the series by winning all four clashes, the previous season was very contrasting for these two, as it would enter the Playoffs looking to get the title and another could not get a place in the Play-in, for this season things seem to be being very similar and Suns come out as favorites against Lakers.
6:25 PM12 days ago

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns are looking for the NBA title and are doing everything in their hands to get it, last season the team led their conference with a 64-18 record, it was Mavericks who ended the dream of playing the finals, now the team with the same hunger to win will be looking for the championship and their effort is being noticed game by game, they are currently second in the Western conference with a 10-6 record, It is in this conference where several favorite teams had a bad start and now they are looking to improve their numbers, if Suns can continue adding victories against the other favorites it would mean that they would be in the Playoffs at a great level, it is still too early in the season to know how the regular season will end, but it looks good for Suns, the last match ended in a victory against Knicks by a score of 116-95.
6:20 PM12 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are still unable to show the potential that was believed they could reach since last season, the negative results have been constant since last season, Lakers have a great roster with names like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but with them it has not been enough to make the team transcend, this due to the constant injuries of key players, the low level of some others has also been a factor mainly last season, For this season the team had a very bad start that has made them be in the last positions, currently they have a record of 5-10, in the last week the team has had a slight improvement and has managed to make a streak of three consecutive victories, the last game was against Spurs in a 123-92 victory, little by little they begin to recover the level and if they continue like this, it is a matter of weeks to see them again in the top.
Lakers in last duel/Image: Lakers.
Lakers in last duel/Image: Lakers.
6:15 PM12 days ago

Two different realities

The NBA begins to divide the candidates of the contenders, the weeks advance and a bad start does not spare any team, this Tuesday we will see Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns, two teams that always have the requirement to qualify for the Playoffs, currently going through very different moments and only one of them has a clear chance to fight for the NBA title.
6:10 PM12 days ago


Good morning to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns game, corresponding to the NBA 2022. The match will take place at the Footprint Center, at 21:00.