Highlights: Portland Trail Blazers 112-118 Golden State Warriors in NBA
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12:31 AMa month ago


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In a game where they fell behind most of the time, but managed to turn it around in the end, the Warriors beat the Trail Blazers 118-112!
12:23 AMa month ago


With DiVicenzo's dunk, the Warriors turn the game around and manage to stay ahead on the scoreboard winning 114-110!
12:19 AMa month ago


And the Warriors manage to pull back and the huge lead has dropped to one point, with the Trail Blazers winning 110 to 109!
12:10 AMa month ago


Both teams are over 100 points, and the Trail Blazers are leading 105-100 in the middle of the final quarter!
11:57 PMa month ago

Last quarter starts

The final quarter begins with the Warriors narrowing the lead to five points, now at 96 to 91!
11:54 PMa month ago

End of 3rd Q

Eight points ahead and the Trail Blazers go on to beat the Warriors 96-88 At the end of the third quarter!
11:45 PMa month ago


And the Trail Blazers' lead is increasing, reaching nine points, with 92 to 83 on the scoreboard!
11:36 PMa month ago


And the Trail Blazers manage to get ahead on the scoreboard and go 75-72, winning the game at the moment!
11:27 PMa month ago


And the ball is flying into the second half of the match, with the Warriors trying the pressure and already getting two points from Kaly Tomphson!
11:12 PMa month ago


The Warriors keep winning, with the score at 60-56, but close the first half with final minutes being pressured and seeing the lead diminish considerably!
11:03 PMa month ago


The lead is slowly decreasing and at the moment the Warriors win 56 to 47.
10:41 PMa month ago

Second quarter starts

In this beginning of the second quarter the Trail Blazers will try to react, decreasing the lead and going to 41-29 on the scoreboard for the Warriors.
10:36 PMa month ago

End of 1st Q!

It's an overwhelming first half by the Warriors, who close with a 41-25 win and, in the last second, TY Jerome hitting a basket from mid-court!
10:31 PMa month ago


It's a first quarter so far with a sky-high lead for the Warriors, who go on to beat the Trail Blazers 35-20!
10:27 PMa month ago


The advantage for the Warriors is increasing, reaching 13 points, with the score already at 24 to 11!
10:14 PMa month ago


And the Warriors started hungry! The start of the game already shows the score 9-0 to the Warriors!
10:07 PMa month ago

Teams on the court!

The players take to the court to start the match!
9:21 PMa month ago


Now we start another broadcast of the NBA! Today we go Warriors X Trail Blazers!
9:21 PMa month ago

Tune in here Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors Live Score

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Chase Center

The Chase Center will host the game, being in San Francisco, California, home of the Golden State Warriors, with a capacity of 18,000 fans.
9:06 PMa month ago

Injury Report - Trail Blazers

On the Trail Blazers side, Justise Winslow, Gary Payton, Greg Brown and Keon Johnson are out, plus Jusurf Nurkic being scheduled as day-to-day.
9:01 PMa month ago

Injury Report - Warriors

For this match the Warriors will be without Stephen Curry, JaMychal Green and Andrew Wiggins, as well as having Donte DiVicenzo and Draymond Green as day-to-day.
8:56 PMa month ago

Western Conference - Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers, who are also in the Western Conference, above the Jazz and Warriors, staying below the Kings, who are 18-15, the Suns and the Mavericks, who are 20-16 and the Clippers, who are 21-16 on the season.
8:51 PMa month ago

Western Conference - Warriors

The Warriors are in the 10th position, with 18 wins and 18 losses, staying below the Jazz, who are 19-18 and just below the Trail Blazers, but also staying above the Timberwolves, who are 16-19, the Thunder, 15-20 and the Lakers, who are 14-21.
8:46 PMa month ago

Last Matches: Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers come into this game on a two wins and three losses. The streak opened with a win over the Rockets on Saturday (17), by 107-95. After that, on Monday (19), the loss came to the Thunder, by 123 to 121. On Wednesday (21), again to the Thunder, the loss was by 101 to 98. On Friday (23), the loss was by 120 to 107, to the Nuggets and, finally, the victory came again, now over the Hornets, by 124 to 113.
8:41 PMa month ago

Last Matches: Warriors

The Golden State Warriors come into this one on a three-game winning streak. The losses came first, starting on Tuesday (20), by 132 to 94 to the Knicks. After that, on Wednesday (21), the loss was 143-113 to the Nets. The wins came again, starting on Sunday (25), over the Grizzlies, by 123 to 109. After that, on Wednesday (28), the victory was over the Hornets, by 110 to 105. Finally, the victory over the Jazz was by 112 to 107 last Wednesday (29).
8:36 PMa month ago

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