Highlights: Bucks 95-111 Heat in NBA 2022-2023
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Game is Over

The game ends, thanks for joining us in the broadcast of the Milwaukee Bucks 95-111 Miami Heat game, we are waiting for you at VAVEL for more broadcasts.
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4Q | 2:44

Milwaukee withdraws its starters and it will be a victory for the Heat.
3:08 PM19 days ago

Stealing the points!

Victor Oladipo with the robbery and the escape to the other area for the basket:
3:07 PM19 days ago

4Q | 5:06

Miami manages to put 8 more points and goes away by 14, it could be everything for the Bucks starters.
2:58 PM19 days ago

4Q | 9:38

Strong start to the game for both teams, the Heat are still 6 points behind and the Bucks will press until the end.
2:46 PM19 days ago

4Q | 12:00

Start the last quarter.
2:43 PM19 days ago

Bye to the third

The third quarter ends with a difference of 6 for those from Miami.
2:39 PM19 days ago

3Q | 3:09

7-0 run for Miami and they move away again on the scoreboard.
2:33 PM19 days ago

Long shot!

Grayson Allen with the triple to bring the Bucks closer on the scoreboard:
2:32 PM19 days ago

3Q | 6:10

Milwaukee playing better and getting closer little by little on the scoreboard. the comeback can come.
2:22 PM19 days ago

3Q | 8:50

The Bucks cut the difference to 5 points and force the Heat to time out.
2:17 PM19 days ago

3Q | 12:00

The third quarter begins.
2:15 PM19 days ago


We're going into halftime with an 8 lead for the Heat.
2:02 PM19 days ago

2Q | 2:14

The Bucks try to come back with an unleashed Grayson Allen.
1:51 PM19 days ago

2Q | 5:03

Timeout for the Bucks, a difference of 14 for Miami, which is comfortably ahead on the scoreboard before the break.
1:42 PM19 days ago

2Q | 9:18

Best restart for the Heat who are already 10 points away and still at the forefront of the game.
1:38 PM19 days ago

2Q | 12:00

Start the second quarter.
1:38 PM19 days ago

End of the first

The first quarter ends with an advantage of 8 for the Heat.
1:37 PM19 days ago

1Q | 1:08

The Bucks begin to regulate, but the game continues to be a favorite for those from Miami.
1:27 PM19 days ago

From deep!

Gabe Vincent leading the Heat with multiple 3-pointers so that these are in front of the scoring:
1:26 PM19 days ago

1Q | 5:17

Best perimeter game for the Heat who are already coming up hard looking to secure the early win.
1:18 PM19 days ago

1Q | 8:39

Best start for the Heat who take an early lead of 9 points and begin to separate strongly on the scoreboard.
1:12 PM19 days ago

1Q | 12:00

Start the game at the Miami-Dade Arena.
1:00 PM19 days ago

About to start

We are a few minutes away from the start of the presentation of the game and the previous protocols of the NBA.
12:45 PM19 days ago

Heat starting 5!

These are the 5 starting for the Heat for today's game:
12:39 PM19 days ago

Injury Report

The casualties for this match are as follows:
Heat: Kyle Lowry and Tyler Hero
Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kris Middleton and Serge Ibaka
12:39 PM19 days ago

Last lineups!

In the last game, this is how both teams lined up:
Heat: Jimmy Butler, Max Struss, Gabe Vincent, Haywood Highsmith and Bam Adebayo
Bucks: Grayson Allen, Jrue Holiday, Patrick Connaughton, Khris Middleton, Brook Lopez and Giannis Antetoukounmpo.
12:27 PM19 days ago


James Capers (#19), Curtis Blair (#74) and Scott Wall (#31) are the designated referees for the game between Bucks and Heat, corresponding to the 2022-2023 NBA Regular Season.
12:26 PM19 days ago

Heating up!

The Miami team arrived at their stadium for this afternoon's game:
12:19 PM19 days ago

The Bucks appeared!

Those from Milwaukee are already in the vicinity of the Miami-Dade Arena for today's game:
12:10 PM19 days ago

Last duel!

The last time the Bucks and Heat saw each other was during this regular season when Miami won at home by a score of 108-102. Gabe Vincent was the player of the game with 28 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assists.
12:07 PM19 days ago

Head to head

A close match between the two teams awaits us, here we share the latest results of both teams.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
12:02 PM19 days ago

Here we go!

We're just under an hour before the Bucks vs. Heat game kicks off at FTX Arena. Both quintets will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.
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Stay with us to follow the Bucks vs Heat live of the NBA Regular Season 2022-2023!

In a few moments we will share the starting lineups for the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat live for the 2022-2023 NBA Regular Season, in addition to the latest information coming from the FTX Arena. Do not lose detail of the game with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where and how to watch Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat online and live in the Regular Season NBA 2022-2023?

This is the start time of the Bucks vs Heat game in various countries:
Argentina: 16 hours in NBA League Pass
Bolivia: 14 hours in NBA League Pass
Brazil: 15 hours in NBA League Pass
Chile: 15 hours in NBA League Pass
Colombia: 13 hours in NBA League Pass
Ecuador: 13 hours in NBA League Pass
USA (ET): 13 hours on NBATV
Spain: 19 hours in NBA League Pass
Mexico: 12 hours on NBATV, NBA League Pass
Paraguay: 15 hours in NBA League Pass
Peru: 13 hours in NBA League Pass
Uruguay: 15 hours in NBA League Pass
Venezuela: 14 hours in NBA League Pass

If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.

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Jimmy Butler, a must see player!

The Miami forward is the top figure of the Heat and finished the season as the team's offensive leader as the best scorer and best assister with an average of 21.4 points, 5.9 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game. The Heat star is back on the court and is taking advantage of the team's great moment to be at the top of the Eastern Conference and, after being considered one of the starters for the all-star game, he was regarded as one of the great players of the season and postseason for his good moment. Without a doubt, the point guard's connection with Tyler Hero, Bam Adebayo and Kyle Lowry is paying off for a team full of spotlights that hopes to get back into the conference finals.
Photo: Heat
Photo: Heat
7:45 AM19 days ago

How does the Heat get here?

The Miami team started this season after having reached the Eastern Conference Final with a team full of young promises and led by Jimmy Butler. The Heat ended a 53-29 losing streak to move into first place in the East and ahead of Boston, Philadelphia and Milwaukee. One of the factors that did the most damage to the team was Jimmy Butler's loss due to injury at the most important moments, the Heat star hurt his knee and missed some games but the squad surprised with the great performance of Tyler Hero, who won the best sixth man, Bam Adebayo, Víctor Oladipo and Kyle Lowry, who enjoyed their great moment and contributed to win more and more duels. For this season the great nucleus of young people was maintained and the team renewed players like Dewayne Dedmon, Caleb Martin and Victor Oladipo, in addition they only suffer few casualties, being Markieff Morris and PJ Tucker the most fundamental. The most notable addition was that of Nikola Jovic, who was selected in position 27 in the NBA draft. Miami's objective is to take advantage of the few movements of the squad to get back into the NBA final.
7:40 AM19 days ago

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a must see player!

The Bucks star finished the regular season on a high, leading the team with 29.0 points, 6.0 assists and 11.2 rebounds per game. Giannis cleared up the doubts that surrounded him, at this moment Antetokounmpo's main objective is to improve and expand his offensive tools with long-distance shots. Antetokounmpo was part of the EuroBasket and has shown that he is in great physical condition, in the European competition he was eliminated in the quarterfinals with the Greece team. With the addition of Serge Ibaka, the Milwaukee forward returned to his usual position and we will see more and more of him, the Greek Freak is running to be one of the MVP candidates for the 2022-2023 season.
Photo: Bucks
Photo: Bucks
7:35 AM19 days ago

How does the Bucks arrive?

The Milwaukee team finished the regular season with a record of 51 wins and 31 losses to finish in third place behind only the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. The Bucks were eliminated in the Eastern Conference semifinals against Boston in 7 games. Those led by coach Budenholzer did not make many changes to the squad and they only wait for Joe Ingles to return from his injury to add his long-distance talent in this new season. Those from Milwaukee are running to be one of the candidates to fight for the championship of their Conference and with the talent of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Jru Holidey and Brook López they will try to finish at the top of the table. The Bucks are one of the candidates to finish at the top of the Eastern Conference and seek the NBA championship.
7:30 AM19 days ago

Where's the game?

The FTX Arena located in the city of Miami will host this regular season duel between two teams that seek to continue their path within the 2022-2023 NBA regular season in their respective conference. This stadium has a capacity for 21,000 fans and was inaugurated in 1999.
Photo: NBA
Photo: NBA
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Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat game, corresponding to the 2022-2023 NBA Regular Season. The meeting will take place at the FTX Arena, at 12 o'clock.