Highlights: Los Angeles Lakers 121-112 Portland Trail Blazers in NBA
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11:32 PM16 days ago


I would like to thank you here for listening to this NBA match. Have a good night and see you next time!
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The Lakers were ahead almost all of the first quarter, then turned around and went on to win the game 121-112!
11:14 PM16 days ago


The Lakers turn the match! Now the advantage of the team from LA is four points, winning by 107 to 103!
11:10 PM16 days ago


The Lakers tie the game! Now the match is 100-100 and the Lakers want the turnaround!
11:03 PM16 days ago

Last quarter starts

And the final quarter begins, with the Trail Blazers maintaining their lead and winning 97 to 92!
10:57 PM16 days ago

End of 3rd Q

The Lakers manage to cut the game's score to five down and go into a promising final quarter, with the Trail Blazers winning 91-86!
10:44 PM16 days ago


LeBron is back on the court and will try to narrow the score, which is 83 to 74 for the Trail Blazers!
10:29 PM16 days ago


The second half begins and already has the Trail Blazers just holding the lead, winning 78-53.
10:09 PM16 days ago


And at the end of the first half, the Trail Blazers went on a rampage, with 71 to 46 on the scoreboard!
10:06 PM16 days ago


The Lakers are trying to reduce the Trail Blazers' lead, but it remains at 14 points, now at 60 to 46!
10:01 PM16 days ago


The Lakers have sunk in the match and see the Blazers play the lead to 14 points, going 56 to 42 at the moment!
9:51 PM16 days ago


And with a beautiful basket of three the Trail Blazers stay ahead on the scoreboard for the first time in the game, winning 39-38!
9:44 PM16 days ago

Second quarter starts

The second quarter begins and the Trail Blazers are down again, losing for the moment by 35 to 31!
9:39 PM16 days ago

End of 1st Q

With a seven-point lead, the Lakers close out the first quarter by beating the Trail Blazers 33-26!
9:36 PM16 days ago


The Trail Blazers have pulled back on the scoreboard and already see the lead at only four points, with the Lakers winning 28-24!
9:25 PM16 days ago


The Lakers start the game well, but see the Trail Blazers not let the lead increase, winning at the moment by 22 to 14!
9:15 PM16 days ago


The ball is flying for the match between Lakers and Trail Blazers, with a LeBron dunk already!
9:06 PM16 days ago

Teams on the court!

The teams take to the court to start the match!
8:39 PM16 days ago

Lakers' starting five!

These are the starting five of the Lakers match!
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We now begin the broadcast of another NBA match here on VAVEL. Today it's Trail Blazers vs. Lakers!
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Tune in here Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles LakersLive Score

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Moda Center

The game will be at the Moda Center, which used to be known as the Rose Garden Arena, which is in Portland, Oregon, with a capacity of 19,000 fans for basketball games, and is home to the Trail Blazers.
8:03 PM16 days ago

Darvin Ham

Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham talked about injuries and how they have hindered the season, "It's tough because we have this big collage of games It sucks to miss these close games. I still feel with all my heart that at some point we're going to break through to the end." In my opinion, we are competing at a very high level. We have guys that we are trying to mix and match due to injuries. Trying to figure out what collection of players down the stretch you can go is a challenge, but the guys are doing their part, they are trying to step up and make plays. I love the way we compete. We come down in stretches and fight hard to get back in the game and give ourselves a chance to win. That's all you can ask for: to be competitive and to be together."
7:58 PM16 days ago

Chauncey Billups

Trail Blazers head coach Chauncey Billups talked about Gary Payton, who had a great performance in the win over the Dallas Mavericks, "Defensively, he's just disruptive. You know, he's disruptive, he's like a mosquito. He just sticks to you all the time and he's got great hands and he's physical, he's smart and he's smart how he guards defensively. And so, he just has an impact and he's one of those guys that, the way he plays, he makes all the other four guys level. And offensively, he's just smart. He's a good screener - very good screener - and then when he gets the ball, because we have guys that need to be corralled, he's really a good screener from there. You see him, he just takes the ball and whips it so fast before the defense can turn, he sneaks behind the defense, plays in that Dunkirk spot for a little guy. He's very unique, what he brings from an offensive standpoint. So, he was just being GP, you know. The reason we covet him so much is because we know he can impact our games."
7:53 PM16 days ago

Injury Report

The Trail Blazers will be unable to use the injured Justise Winslow, as well as having Gary Payton listed as day-to-day. For this matchup the Lakers will be without the injured Lonnie Walker, Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves, in addition to seeing Lebron James listed as day-to-day, and could sit out the matchup.
7:48 PM16 days ago

Western Conference

Lakers and Trail Blazers are close in the standings. Playing in the Western Conference, the situation, from bottom to top of the table, is as follows: the bottom is the Rockets, 10-36, below the Spurs, 14-32. The Lakers are 13th, with 21 wins and 25 losses, just below the Trail Blazers, who have 21 wins and 24 losses in the standings. The Thunder come above at 22-24, with the Suns in 10th place, 23-24 on the season, behind the Jazz, 24-25, and the Clippers and Timberwolves, both 24-24.
7:43 PM16 days ago

Last Matches: Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers, on the other side, come into the game with three losses and two wins as well. The streak started with defeat to the Mavericks, by 119 to 115 in overtime, playing on Friday (13). On Sunday (15) the loss was to the 76ers, by 113 to 112. On Tuesday (17) the victory happened again, now over the Rockets, by 140 to 132. On Thursday (19), the defeat came to the Kings, by 116 to 111 and, finally, last Saturday (21), the victory was over the Grizzlies, by 122 to 121.
7:38 PM16 days ago

Last Matches: Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers come to this match with two wins and three losses in the last games they played. The sequence began with defeat, on Friday (13), to the Cavaliers by 119 to 113. On Saturday (14) the Trail Blazers beat the Mavericks by 136 to 119. On Sunday (15), the new victory came once again over the Mavericks, now by 140 to 123. On Tuesday (17) the defeat came again, now to the Nuggets by 122 to 113 and, finally, the defeat on Friday (20), was by 105 to 95 to the 76ers.
7:33 PM16 days ago

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