Highlights: Boston Celtics 95-98 Miami Heat in NBA
Photo: Miami Heat


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Thank you here for your viewing of yet another NBA match. Have a good night, and see you next time!
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Bam Adebayo hit another basket from two and put the Heat ahead late in the game with 20 seconds on the clock, then the Heat earned a foul, hit one of two free throws, putting them three points ahead with 0.6 on the clock, winning the game 98-95!
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And the Heat are ahead, now with a five-point lead and trying to increase it, winning by 92 to 87!
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Bam Adebayo continues to put on a show, scoring two more points to tie the game at 87-87!
9:32 PM8 days ago

Last quarter starts

And the last quarter begins with the Celtics increasing their lead over the Heat, now winning by 10 points, with 87 to 77 on the scoreboard!
9:32 PM8 days ago

End of 3rd Q

We close the third quarter with the Celtics beating the Heat by 82 to 75!
9:09 PM8 days ago


Boston continues winning and with some tranquility, by 71 to 62!
8:55 PM8 days ago


The second half begins and the Celtics already play the lead on the scoreboard to 13 points, winning by 63 to 50!
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At the end of the first half, the Celtics were inspired and opened up an eight-point lead, their largest lead of the game so far, 58 to 50!
8:18 PM8 days ago


The Heat went on to win in the middle of the second quarter by 44 to 39, in a very competitive game and with a show by Bam Adebayo!
8:12 PM8 days ago

Second quarter starts

The Celtics started the second quarter by going ahead on the scoreboard, but the Heat are back in front in this beginning of the second quarter, with a 35-33 victory!
8:05 PM8 days ago

End of 1st Q

The first quarter ends with the Heat winning by two points, 32 to 30!
7:53 PM8 days ago


In a hotly contested game, the Celtics are currently winning 22-18!
7:42 PM8 days ago


It's a close and tight game so far, with the Heat winning 10-7!
7:35 PM8 days ago


And the ball is flying for Celtics and Heat, with Celtics coming out ahead with a two-point basket!
7:28 PM8 days ago

Teams on the court!

The teams appear on the court to start the match!
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Players numbers


Jayson Tatum: 31

Jimmy Butler:  21.6 


Adebayo: 10.1

Jayson Tatum: 8.4


Smart: 7.2

Lowry: 5.4


Al Horford: 0.97

Adebayo: 0.84

7:20 PM8 days ago



Heat: 108.6

Celtics: 118.1


Heat: 41.4

Celtics: 44.5


Heat: 23.5

Celtics: 26.7


Heat: 8.5

Celtics: 6.5


Heat: 3

Celtics: 5.4


Heat: 13

Celtics: 13



Heat: 45.5

Celtics: 47.5


Heat: 33.5

Celtics: 37.2


Heat: 82.7

Celtics: 83

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How and where to watch the Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat match live?

If you want to directly stream it: NBA League Pass

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What time is Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat of 24th January 2023 in several countries:

Argentina 9:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Bolivia 8:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Brazil 9:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Chile 8:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Colombia 7:30  pm: NBA League Pass

Ecuador 7:30  pm:NBA League Pass

USA 7:30 pm ET: NBA League Pass

Spain 1:30 am: NBA League Pass

Mexico 7:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Paraguay 8:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Peru 7:30  pm: NBA League Pass

Uruguay 9:30  pm: NBA League Pass

Venezuela 8:30  pm: NBA League Pass

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What they say

Bam Adebayo: "When we stop and run in transition, we are a tough team to beat. Obviously, it's history there from before we were here.  Some people still carry that weight, and it's one of those things that you just have to inherit. Some people just don't understand it, don't get it. But when the Celtics come in, we always try to make it a dogfight. It's one of the two teams in the conference that I feel like we see each other every year in the playoffs. I feel like we always see each other So for us, in trying to make this push and our playoff run, we have to go through them. So we're expecting a dogfight, honestly."

Joe Mazzulla: "Rob (Robert Williams) hyper-extended his knee. It's nothing serious, just obviously as a precaution. He felt fine coming off the court. Smart, obviously you saw, sprained his ankle. X-rays came back negative, it's just a matter of how he is able to handle it on a day-to-day basis. That says a lot about our team (about the winning streak)." 

6:55 PM8 days ago
6:50 PM8 days ago

Probable Celtics lineup


Jaylen Brown

Al Horford



6:45 PM8 days ago

Celtics' situation

Joe Mazzulla will be without Danilo Gallinari, who suffered a knee injury, Marcus Smart with an ankle injury, and Malcolm Brogdon with personal problems. On the other hand, Robert Williams is doubtful because of a knee injury.
6:40 PM8 days ago

Celtics roster

F: Blake Griffin, Danilo Gallinari, Sam Hauser, Justin Jackson, Noah Vonleh, Grant Williams

F-G: Jayson Tatum

G: Malcolm Brogdon, JD Davison, Marcus Smart, Payton Pritchard, Derrick White

C-F: Al Horford, Luke Kornet, Robert Williams

Coach: Joe Mazzulla

6:35 PM8 days ago
Foto: Divulgação/Miami Het
Foto: Divulgação/Miami Heat
6:30 PM8 days ago

Probable Heat lineup


Jimmy Butler



Tyler Herro

6:25 PM8 days ago

Heat situation

Erik Spoelstra will be without Omer Faruk Yurtseven, with an ankle injury, Nikola Jovic, back problems, and Duncan Robinson, muscular.
6:20 PM8 days ago

Heat roster

F: Jimmy Butler, Jamal Cain, Udonis Haslem, Duncan Robinson, Caleb Martin, Nikola Jovic, Haywood Highsmith

C-F: Bam Adebayo

C: Dewayne Dedmon, Ömer Yurtseven

G: Tyler Herro, Gabe Vincent, Dru Smith, Victor Oladipo, Kyle Lowry, 

G-F: Max Strus

Coach: Erik Spoelstra

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The leader of the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics have not lost in nine games. The Celtics have 35 wins and 12 losses from 47 games played.
6:05 PM8 days ago

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The Miami Heat overcame a loss to the Dallas Mavericks by beating the New Orleans Pelicans and climbed to sixth place in the Eastern Conference. In 48 games, the Heat total 26 wins and 22 losses.
5:55 PM9 days ago

Eye on the game

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat live this Tuesday (24), at the FTX Arena at 7:30 pm ET, for the NBA.
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