Resume and Highlights: Los Angeles Clippers 133-115 Los Angeles Lakers in NBA 2023
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Thank you for following the Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers, tonight we saw a great matchup with two teams looking for the victory. Be sure to visit so you don't miss everything you need to know before the start of the game.
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4Q 0.0

Game ends with victory for Clippers.
12:21 AM8 days ago

4Q 01:17

Mann scores for Clippers.
12:20 AM8 days ago

4Q 02:03

Pippen adds for Lakers.
12:18 AM8 days ago

4Q 02:40

Powell scores for Clippers.
12:16 AM8 days ago

4Q 03:08

Christie scores for Lakers.
12:16 AM8 days ago

4Q 03:54

George scores for Clippers.
12:14 AM8 days ago

4Q 04:42

Christie adds for Lakers.
12:13 AM8 days ago

4Q 05:06

Leonard scores for Clippers.
12:12 AM8 days ago

4Q 05:21

Jackson scores a triple. 
12:10 AM8 days ago

4Q 05:52

James adds for Lakers.
12:05 AM8 days ago

4Q 06:45

James shoots and scores a triple.
12:04 AM8 days ago

4Q 07:19

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
12:03 AM8 days ago

4Q 07:51

James scores for Lakers.
12:02 AM8 days ago

4Q 08:13

James adds for Lakers.
11:59 PM8 days ago

4Q 08:23

Jackson adds for Clippers.
11:58 PM8 days ago

4Q 09:14

Bryant scores a three-pointer.
11:58 PM8 days ago

4Q 09:53

James scores a triple.
11:57 PM8 days ago

4Q 10:16

James adds for Lakers.
11:55 PM8 days ago

4Q 10:55

Jackson shoots and scores a three-pointer.
11:54 PM8 days ago

4Q 11:10

Jackson scores for Clippers.
11:53 PM8 days ago

4Q 11:42

Zubac scores for Clippers.
11:52 PM8 days ago

4Q 12:00

The fourth period begins.
11:49 PM8 days ago

3Q 0.0

The third period ends.
11:46 PM8 days ago

3Q 02:19

Brown adds for Lakers.
11:45 PM8 days ago

3Q 02:36

Powell adds for Clippers.
11:40 PM8 days ago

3Q 03:13

Powell scores for Clippers.
11:39 PM8 days ago

3Q 03:44

Leonard adds for Clippers.
11:36 PM8 days ago

3Q 05:06

Leonard adds for Clippers.
11:35 PM8 days ago

3Q 05:30

Gabriel scores for Lakers.
11:34 PM8 days ago

3Q 06:04

James scores for Lakers.
11:33 PM8 days ago

3Q 06:56

Brown scores for Lakers.
11:28 PM8 days ago

3Q 07:27

James scores for Lakers.
11:28 PM8 days ago

3Q 08:17

George adds for Clippers.
11:27 PM8 days ago

3Q 09:02

George scores for Clippers.
11:26 PM8 days ago

3Q 09:25

James scores for Lakers.
11:25 PM8 days ago

3Q 10:15

Leonard scores for Clippers.
11:24 PM8 days ago

3Q 11:08

Bryant scores for Lakers.
11:23 PM8 days ago

3Q 11:49

James adds for Lakers.
11:23 PM8 days ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
11:07 PM8 days ago

2Q 0.0

The second period ends.
11:06 PM8 days ago

2Q 34.1

Powell adds for Clippers.
11:03 PM8 days ago

2Q 01:14

Powell scores for Clippers.
11:02 PM8 days ago

2Q 01:48

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
11:00 PM8 days ago

2Q 02:44

Leonard scores for Clippers.
10:58 PM8 days ago

2Q 04:14

Powell scores for Clippers.
10:56 PM8 days ago

2Q 05:10

Jackson scores a triple.
10:55 PM8 days ago

2Q 05:44

Bryant adds for Lakers.
10:54 PM8 days ago

2Q 06:08

Mann scores for Clippers.
10:49 PM8 days ago

2Q 06:53

Bryant scores for Lakers.
10:48 PM8 days ago

2Q 08:18

Schroder adds three-pointer for Lakers.
10:44 PM8 days ago

2Q 08:32

Mann shoots and scores a triple.
10:44 PM8 days ago

2Q 08:50

Zubac scores for Clippers.
10:42 PM8 days ago

2Q 09:46

James scores for Lakers.
10:42 PM8 days ago

2Q 10:02

James scores for Lakers.
10:41 PM8 days ago

2Q 10:28

Batum adds for Clippers.
10:40 PM8 days ago

2Q 11:18

Jackson scores for Clippers.
10:39 PM8 days ago

2Q 11:44

James scores for Lakers.
10:36 PM8 days ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
10:35 PM8 days ago

1Q 0.0

The first period ends.
10:34 PM8 days ago

1Q 3.1

Gabriel scores for Lakers.
10:34 PM8 days ago

1Q 39.2

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
10:33 PM8 days ago

1Q 47.0

Jackson scores for Clippers.
10:32 PM8 days ago

1Q 01:02

Gabriel scores for Lakers.
10:31 PM8 days ago

1Q 01:38

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
10:29 PM8 days ago

1Q 02:37

Covington scores for Clippers.
10:29 PM8 days ago

1Q 02:53

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
10:28 PM8 days ago

1Q 03:03

Morris scores for Clippers.
10:27 PM8 days ago

1Q 03:36

Gabriel scores for Lakers.
10:27 PM8 days ago

1Q 03:59

Leonard scores for Clippers.
10:21 PM8 days ago

1Q 04:43

Schroder scores for Lakers.
10:20 PM8 days ago

1Q 05:41

Schroder scores for Lakers.
10:19 PM8 days ago

1Q 06:30

George adds for Clippers.
10:19 PM8 days ago

1Q 07:16

Bryat scores for Lakers.
10:18 PM8 days ago

1Q 07:32

Leonard scores for Clippers.
10:17 PM8 days ago

1Q 08:03

George adds for Clippers.
10:16 PM8 days ago

1Q 08:38

Brown scores for Clippers.
10:16 PM8 days ago

1Q 08:50

George scores for Clippers.
10:15 PM8 days ago

1Q 09:00

James adds for Lakers.
10:10 PM8 days ago

1Q 10:11

George scores for Clippers.
10:10 PM8 days ago

1Q 10:36

Morris adds for Clippers.
10:08 PM8 days ago

1Q 11:40

Leonard scores for Clippers.
10:08 PM8 days ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game.
9:50 PM8 days ago

Clippers starting five

This is how the visiting team comes out:
9:45 PM8 days ago

Lakers starting lineup

This is how the home team comes out:
9:40 PM8 days ago

The Clippers duo

Clippers have an extraordinary duo in Leonard and George, both with good physical condition become very dangerous against any team and as they are getting into a rhythm they make them even more difficult to nullify, the Lakers defense will have a great job to stop them on the internet.
9:35 PM8 days ago

Clippers already on site

So comes the other home team:
9:30 PM8 days ago

Leonard is coming back

Kawhi Leonard, a very talented player who so far had not been able to play a full season with the Clippers, seems to be recovered and has played eight of the last eleven games, which means that the physical problems are gone and can make the team a very dangerous one.
9:25 PM8 days ago

The last confrontation

Clippers maintain a long streak of dominating Lakers, the last meeting Clippers won with 13 points of difference, with this they accumulate nine consecutive victories without response from Lakers.
9:20 PM8 days ago

Lakers averaging well despite problems

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a 6-4 streak and this is a record to celebrate, as the team has played without important pieces such as Walker and Davis, Lebron, Westbrook and Schroder have stepped up for the team and have done well so far.
9:15 PM8 days ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers game, tonight we expect a great duel with both Los Angeles teams, both want to be in the Playoffs and a victory tonight would be very useful to the winner.
9:10 PM8 days ago

Stay tuned to follow the Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers live on TV

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Where and how to watch Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.
Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers can be tuned in from the live streams of STAR+ and NBA App.
If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Watch out for this Lakers player

LeBron James, small forward. Experienced multi NBA champion player, he is still a very dangerous player on the court, in good shape the King can be able to raise the level of the team and add important victories, this season has gone through injuries that have depleted the team, however he always comes back to improve his numbers, currently averages: 29.8 points, 8.5 rebounds and 6.9 assists.
8:55 PM8 days ago

Watch out for this Clippers player

Kawhi Leonard, forward. A very talented player champion with the Raptors, he came to the Clippers team with high expectations, to bad luck injuries have made him miss full seasons, currently the player is having more activity, placing as the second best scorer of the team in the season, his quality is more than proven and facing the end of the regular season, this player will be very important, currently averages: 20.5 points, 6.1 rebounds and 3.8 assists.
8:50 PM8 days ago

Lakers all-star roster

Beverley, Reaves, James, Davis, Jones.
8:45 PM8 days ago

Clippers All-Star Team

Jackson, George, Leonard, Morris, Zubac.
8:40 PM8 days ago

Face to face

Last season Clippers and Lakers played a four-game series, these duels are very intense, to the bad fortune of Lakers, Clippers swept the series in three spectacular duels with minimum difference, and for the fourth game Clippers swept the scoreboard, for this season they have already faced each other twice and the results have been the same, with Clippers winning both games, in this third duel the series can be defined with one game left.
8:35 PM8 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers close to Play-In

Lakers seems to see the light after a lousy start of the season, the team that added ten consecutive losses seems to be getting back on track and although they still do not reach the Play-In, the team seems that in the coming weeks they will be on their way to the Playoffs, the team from Los Angeles, after its recent championship number 17, seems to have lost its way after failing to qualify the previous season, injuries have not let the team show its full potential and that is reflected in its twelfth position, consecutive victories is what Lakers need to have hope to be in Playoffs, the quality of the team is more than demonstrated and that is why the fans are still confident, Lakers have two consecutive victories being the last one against Blazers, Lakers have a small advantage playing as home team, but in the end Clippers know the court so well that this is left aside.
8:30 PM8 days ago

Clippers are going through a great moment

Clippers is a very competitive team and this season is doing very well, the team has in its head to qualify directly to the Playoffs and so far they are meeting that goal, the irregularity has been a constant in the western conference teams and the teams have very similar records and there is still not a big difference between the leaders and the bottom, Clippers know that only they can make the team climb positions and that is by accumulating victories, currently they are in the sixth position with a 25-24 record, consecutive victories are enough to have a rise in the table, Clippers currently occupies the sixth position and maintains a streak of two consecutive victories, the last victory was against Mavericks in a duel that ended 98-112, this Tuesday they will give everything to get the win.
Clippers at play/Image: LAClippers
Clippers at play/Image: LAClippers
8:25 PM8 days ago

Intense duel in Los Angeles

The NBA continues to advance at a great pace and now brings us a great showdown at the Arena, this is the Clippers vs Lakers, the two city teams will meet again in what is expected to be a great duel, Clippers has had a great season, while Lakers is still out of Playoff positions, beating the city rival always looks better and that is why the duel will be one of the best of the week.
8:20 PM8 days ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers game, corresponding to the NBA 2023. The match will take place at Arena at 10:00 pm ET.