Resume and Highlights: Los Angeles Lakers 121-125 Boston Celtics in NBA 2023


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Thank you for watching the Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics, tonight was a great show at the TD Garden, the home team got a great victory. Be sure to visit so you don't miss everything you need to know before the start of the game.
11:29 PM3 days ago

1TE 0.0

Game ends with victory for Celtics in overtime.
11:26 PM3 days ago

1TE 2.0

Davis shoots and scores a triple.
11:25 PM3 days ago

1TE 26.1

Schroder scores for Lakers.
11:24 PM3 days ago

1TE 37.1

James scores for Lakers.
11:23 PM3 days ago

1TE 50.1

Brown adds for Celtics.
11:20 PM3 days ago

1TE 1:57

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
11:17 PM3 days ago

1TE 2:32

Tatum adds for Celtics.
11:16 PM3 days ago

1TE 2:47

James adds for Lakers.
11:15 PM3 days ago

1TE 3:13

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
11:11 PM3 days ago

1TE 4:08

Brown adds for Celtics.
11:10 PM3 days ago

1TE 4:43

James scores for Lakers.
11:09 PM3 days ago

1TE 4:52

Brown adds for Celtics.
11:09 PM3 days ago

1TE 5:00

Overtime begins.
11:05 PM3 days ago

4Q 0.0

The game ends and there will be extra time.
11:02 PM3 days ago

4Q 4.0

Brown scores for Celtics.
11:00 PM3 days ago

4Q 18.1

Beverley scores for Lakers.
10:54 PM3 days ago

4Q 01:51

Brown scores for Celtics.
10:53 PM3 days ago

4Q 02:56

James shoots and scores a triple.
10:44 PM3 days ago

4Q 04:20

Horford anota triple.
10:38 PM3 days ago

4Q 06:20

Davis adds for Lakers.
10:37 PM3 days ago

4Q 06:40

Brown scores for Celtics.
10:34 PM3 days ago

4Q 07:26

Schroder scores for Lakers.
10:31 PM3 days ago

4Q 08:38

White shoots and scores a triple.
10:30 PM3 days ago

4Q 09:31

James shoots and scores a triple.
10:29 PM3 days ago

4Q 10:00

James scores for Lakers.
10:28 PM3 days ago

4Q 10:24

Beverley adds for Lakers.
10:28 PM3 days ago

4Q 10:49

Tatum adds for Celtics.
10:25 PM3 days ago

4Q 12:00

The fourth period begins.
10:23 PM3 days ago

3Q 0.0

The third period ends.
10:19 PM3 days ago

3Q 01:46

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
10:18 PM3 days ago

3Q 02:32

White adds for Celtics.
10:14 PM3 days ago

3Q 03:05

Tatum scores for Celtics.
10:13 PM3 days ago

3Q 04:26

Tatum scores for Celtics.
10:09 PM3 days ago

3Q 06:25

Westbrook anota para Lakers.
10:06 PM3 days ago

3Q 08:04

James scores for Lakers.
10:02 PM3 days ago

3Q 08:32

James shoots and scores a triple.
10:01 PM3 days ago

3Q 09:00

Beverley shoots and scores a triple.
10:01 PM3 days ago

3Q 09:39

James shoots and scores a triple.
10:00 PM3 days ago

3Q 09:48

Brown scores for Celtics.
9:59 PM3 days ago

3Q 10:06

Brown scores for Lakers.
9:59 PM3 days ago

3Q 10:33

White scores for Celtics.
9:58 PM3 days ago

3Q 11:04

Brown scores for Celtics.
9:57 PM3 days ago

3Q 11:36

Horford scores for Celtics.
9:56 PM3 days ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
9:40 PM3 days ago

2Q 0.0

The second period ends.
9:39 PM3 days ago

2Q 13.0

James scores for Lakers.
9:36 PM3 days ago

2Q 01:27

Westbrook scores for Lakers.
9:34 PM3 days ago

2Q 02:06

Davis adds for Lakers.
9:34 PM3 days ago

2Q 02:39

White adds for Celtics.
9:31 PM3 days ago

2Q 04:15

Tatum adds for Celtics.
9:29 PM3 days ago

2Q 04:41

Walker shoots and scores a triple.
9:29 PM3 days ago

2Q 04:58

Brown scores for Celtics.
9:26 PM3 days ago

2Q 06:25

Bryant scores for Lakers.
9:22 PM3 days ago

2Q 06:45

Walker adds for Lakers.
9:20 PM3 days ago

2Q 08:24

Hachimura scores for Lakers.
9:14 PM3 days ago

2Q 10:29

Tatum scores for Celtics.
9:13 PM3 days ago

2Q 11:25

Brogdon adds for Celtics.
9:11 PM3 days ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
9:08 PM3 days ago

1Q 0.0

The first period ends.
9:08 PM3 days ago

1Q 8.1

Davis adds for Lakers.
9:07 PM3 days ago

1Q 43.1

Brown adds for Celtics.
9:06 PM3 days ago

1Q 01:18

Davis scores for Lakers.
9:05 PM3 days ago

1Q 01:54

Hachimura scores for Lakers.
9:01 PM3 days ago

1Q 02:27

Walker scores for Lakers.
8:59 PM3 days ago

1Q 04:08

Williams shoots and scores a triple.
8:57 PM3 days ago

1Q 04:50

Lakers score with James.
8:57 PM3 days ago

1Q 04:59

Williams scores for Celtics.
8:56 PM3 days ago

1Q 05:40

Brown hits a free throw.
8:48 PM3 days ago

1Q 07:08

James shoots and scores three-pointer.
8:48 PM3 days ago

1Q 07:31

Brown scores for Celtics.
8:47 PM3 days ago

1Q 08:11

White scores for Celtics.
8:47 PM3 days ago

1Q 08:26

Schroder adds for Lakers.
8:46 PM3 days ago

1Q 09:14

Tatum hits double free throw.
8:45 PM3 days ago

1Q 10:10

Tatum adds for Celtics.
8:44 PM3 days ago

1Q 11:40

Beverley scores for Lakers.
8:42 PM3 days ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game.
8:20 PM3 days ago

Lakers starting lineup

This is how the visiting team comes out:
8:15 PM3 days ago

Celtics starting five

This is how the home team comes out:
8:10 PM3 days ago

Hachimura to Lakers

Rui Hachimura came to the Los Angeles team in exchange for Nunn and three second-round picks for Wizards, Lakers wants to upgrade and is starting to move pieces.
8:05 PM3 days ago

Celtics already at home

Thus came the home team:
8:00 PM3 days ago

Boston offensive downgrade

Boston Celtics had the best offense in the months of October and November, when December and January arrived, the average dropped to the 22nd ranked offense.
7:55 PM3 days ago

Davis returned

Anthony Davis is back on the court and against the Spurs he scored 21 points in 26 minutes played, it is expected that with his return, Lakers can take a place in the Playoffs.
7:50 PM3 days ago

Celtics lost in New York

Boston Celtics just lost to Knicks, the New York team had a better three-point shot and that was the difference to give the Celtics their third consecutive loss.
7:45 PM3 days ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics, tonight we are expecting a great duel between the two most popular teams in the NBA. Stay tuned because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start of the game.
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Stay tuned for live coverage of Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics live, as well as the latest information from the TD Garden. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.
Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics can be tuned in from the live streams of STAR+ and NBA App.
If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Watch out for this Celtics player

Jayson Tatum, small forward. With only 24 years old this player is enhancing the Celtics level to such a degree that they have already played in the finals, Tatum's contribution is essential for the Celtics to have a great season, not for nothing they are in first place, the quality of the player is more than proven and this season he averages: 31.0 points, 8.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists.
7:25 PM3 days ago

Watch out for this Lakers player

LeBron James, small forward. Experienced multi NBA champion player, he is still a very dangerous player on the court, in good shape the King can be able to raise the level of the team and add important victories, this season has gone through injuries that have diminished the team, however he always comes back to improve his numbers, currently averages: 29.9 points, 8.5 rebounds and 7.0 assists.
7:20 PM3 days ago

Celtics All-Star Team

Smart, White, Brown, Tatum, Horford.
7:15 PM3 days ago

Lakers all-star roster

Beverley, Reaves, James, Davis, Jones.
7:10 PM3 days ago

Face to face

Last season Celtics and Lakers faced each other in a two-game series, the Boston team took the first victory with a score of 108-130, for the second meeting Lakers won 102-117, for this season the first meeting was won by Celtics with a close score of 122-118, it will be interesting to see how Lakers answer and that the series is at stake.
7:05 PM3 days ago

Celtics are slowing down the accelerator

Boston Celtics have the NBA championship as their only goal this season, the team already knew what it was to play in the finals last season when the Warriors won the championship, Celtics being equal to the Lakers with 17 championships wants to stand out having the 18th in their cabinets, Celtics have the necessary tools to return to the finals, the team's performance has been extraordinary maintaining the first position in the Eastern Conference with a 35-14 record, Celtics entered a negative streak accumulating two consecutive losses, this is not surprising, since having had a great start the players begin to reflect fatigue and therefore come the injuries, Celtics lost to Magic and Heat, prior to the duel against Lakers they faced Knicks on Thursday in a duel that won the New York Knicks.
7:00 PM3 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers continue with complications

Lakers can't find a way to turn around the bad start of the season and is still close to a Play-In spot, the ten consecutive losses at the beginning of the season still continue to weigh heavily and this has not allowed the team to get closer to a Playoffs spot, Lakers when it seems that entered a good winning streak, enters a negative slump that does not let them be in the Playoffs zone, Lakers recently took the NBA championship, Injuries have been a headache for the team, since last season they have pursued several players and this season James and Davis have missed several games due to injury, the team has had to give confidence to young players to try to rescue results, Lakers is located thirteenth place with a record of 23-26, after losing to Clippers, the team managed to beat Spurs.
Lakers in last game/Image: Lakers
Lakers in last game/Image: Lakers
6:55 PM3 days ago

NBA's top champions face off

When Lakers and Celtics meet on the court is because there will be a great show in the NBA, being two of the most popular and winningest teams, there is no way to miss this show, in the current season the teams spend very different moments in their conferences, one keeps the first place, while another does not reach the Play-In, when they face all this is forgotten and just waiting for the great show.
6:50 PM3 days ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics game, corresponding to the NBA 2023. The match will take place at the TD Garden at 8:30 pm ET.